Hach SL1000: Fast Results and New Parameters
AUGUST, 2017
Hach SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer
NEW PARAMETERS! The following Phase II
chemkeys have been released: orthophosphate,
hardness, dissolved iron, and alkalinity.
QBD1200 Laboratory Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
AUGUST, 2017
QBD1200 has 95% less carryover.
Save 60% of your reagent costs.
Trust 2% standard deviation at 50 ppm
and 3% at 100 ppb.
Mark 96A Pressure Regulators from Steriflow
AUGUST, 2017
Mark 96A – Sanitary Air Loaded
pressure Regulators
Ideal choice for automating the SIP/CIP
process when the operating setpoint for
each operation is different
TU5 Turbidity by Hach
AUGUST, 2017
"The next standard in the evolution
of drinking water turbidity
Steam Traps by TLV
AUGUST, 2017
Automatic valves for the discharge of
condensate without discharging steam