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Videos from Sewerin
How does the AQUAPHON® A 200 work?
How does the A 200 work with the COMBIPHON?
Videos from Hach
Optimize your WWTP with RTC for Nitrification and Nitrification/Denitrification.
Optimize your WWTP with RTC for Sludge Thickening.
Optimize your WWTP with RTC for Phosphorus Removal.
Hach Turbidity 360 Animation
Hach Turbidity Side By Side
Videos by Jordan Valve
The heart of many Jordan Valve control valve and regulators is a simple, by highly efficient, sliding gate seat design.This unique technology provides three significant benefits: higher capacity, straight through flow, and greater accuracy. In many ways, the sliding gate is superior to traditional trim designs and translates into greater value and improved performance.
Mark 80 Self Operated Temperature Regulator
Presure Regulators (PRVs) - Mark 60 Series Pressure Regulator with Sliding Gate Seats
How to Repair a Sliding Gate Control Valve - Jordan Valve Mark 70 Series Sliding Gate Control Valve
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Cla-Val 90-01 Pressure Reducing Valve 3D Animation
Cla-Val 90-01 Pressure Reducing Valve Set-Up Instructions
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What is the Maximum Flow Rate of a Mark 978 Control Valve?