Tomas Cuerda, Inc. Technical Service Department provides calibration service for vast variety Electronic instruments. Our standards provide high quality measurements with low uncertainty values. Calibration methods are NIST traceable. Environmental conditions in the laboratory are monitored and controlled. Tomas Cuerda, Inc. metrology staff has received training in Electronic calibrations procedures and has extensive experience in the field.

AC/DC Ammeter
AC/DC Power Supply
Auto Loop Calibrators
Bailey Calibrator
Capacitor Analyzer
Clamp On Volt-Amp Ohmmeter Digital
Clamp On Volt-Amp Ohmmeter Mechanical
DC Voltage Standards
Digital Tachometer
Frequency Counter
Kelvin Bridge Meter
Multivolt Potentiometer
pH Tester/Electronic (Analog)
pH Tester/Electronic (Digital)
Resistor Standard
Ronan Calibrator
Sound Level Meter
Digital Multimeters
Resistor Box (Decade Box)
RTD Calibrator
Data Logger
Frequency Calibrator
Frequency Generator
Hand Tachometer
Power Supply
Voltage Analyzer
RLC Meter
Digital Stroboscope
Fluke 744 Process Calibrator
mA Calibrator
Transconductance Amplifier