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Brand: Hach
Beverage Industrial water Power Technical Data For insertion in pipesFor immersion in open tanksModelSolitax inline scSolitax highline scSolitax t - line scSolitax bar or 60 mPVC : 1 bar or 10 mStainless steel immersion sensor : 6 bar or 60 m PVC : 1 bar or
Catalog ID: WW99407
Brand: Sutron
sutroncom January 27 2016 Waterproof Soil & Water Temperature ProbeThis probe is designed to be immersed in water or to be used wherever heavy duty construction
Catalog ID: SD96386
Brand: Hach
N - ISE sc PROBECHNOLOGY Wastewater WITH RFID TE Single ISE probe for the on - line measurement of nitrate provides trending information identi ed after replacing the cartridge 2 N - ISE sc Probe with RFID Technology Speci cations Measurement Method Potentiometric ion - selective
Catalog ID: EV99570
Brand: Hach
L2455_rev3pdf Applications DISSOLVED OXYGEN : Wastewater Industrial Water HACH LDO PROBE MODEL 2 Drinking Water Take No for an answer when measuring dissolved oxygen with the next generation Hach LDO probe No Calibration Required No Drift The Hach LDO probe is
Catalog ID: AO99551
Brand: Hach
Beverage Industrial Water Power hachcomSpecifications For insertion in pipesFor immersion in open tanksModelINSERTION inline scINSERTION highline scIMMERSION t - line scIMMERSION Weight SensorInsertion stainless steel : 24 kg 529 lb Immersion stainless steel : 138 kg 30 lb Immersion PVC
Catalog ID: NQ99554
Brand: Hach
C 0005 08350 A 0003 08351 C 0000 8350 pH Probe for High 8350 pH Probe for 8350 pH Probe for 8351 Redox Probe for Temperatures
Catalog ID: MK99573
Brand: Hach
single controller is available for clean water applications when direct immersion in a sample stream is impractical The Bypass Communications Multiple alarm / control schemes Panel uses the same probes as the immersion sensors for are available using the relays
Catalog ID: KQ99552
Brand: Hach
ft / s maximum f Cell Constants and Measuring Ranges ully immersed Sensor Cell Inherent Measuring Range Temperature Pt 1000 RTD Constant with a termination box 5 0 10000 not applicable Standard Probe Cable Digital Probe : 7 m 23 ft 10 0 200000
Catalog ID: JE99343
Brand: Hach
Sensors are available in three mounting styles convertible applications for immersion or in - line mounting The reference insertion and sanitary Please mounting or fastened onto the end of a pipe for immersion mounting The convertible style sensor enables inventory consolidation thereby reducing
Catalog ID: IQ99344
Brand: Hach
single - handed operation for clean water applications thanks to their probe - free design Go Probeless Field Reliable Hach s MP Meters work without probes allowing rapid An auto - shuto maximizes battery life In addition
Catalog ID: IL99562
Brand: Hach
to 104 ° F Sample pH 45 to 9 pH Probe Pressure Limit at Inlet 05 bar 725 psi Subject to change without notice NOTE The UVAS plus sc probes cannot be used in sea water hachcom UVAS plus
Catalog ID: AC99556
Brand: Tel-Tru
for up to nine years Compatible with thermometers and temperature probes of all sizes w w w t e l t Easy to carry throughout the plant Check - Set Series Delivers Probe inserts for most probe sizes Tel - Tru Check - Set Calibrators
Catalog ID: HJ95166
Brand: Sutron
output 100 ft cableThe 5600 - 0030 Soil and Water Temperature Probe is designed for long - term burial in soil concrete or other high - wetness environments While not designed for deepwater immersion the 5600 - 0030 is water tight probe designed for water
Catalog ID: MH96308
Brand: Sutron
RELIABILITY Non - mechanical implementation without bushings bearings gears floats or immersed active elements Aquatrak sensors have a field proven reliability record easily mounted at any angle from which the tube is immersed to the lowest significant level with minimal site preparation Controller
Catalog ID: JS96339
Brand: Burkert
are nection options for installation in a pipe threaded port immersed into the process The sensor can be exchanged recommended forcompensates the influ - es from emission to reception is dered probe length The short - static level measurement is the tank bottom
Catalog ID: VL94537
power 0 to 24ma and Ohms for non - standard curves Probe coefficients A B C Selectable 250 ohm HART resistor and Standard sensors are economical and offer fast response times low immersion depths compact physical sizes and speci - fied low drift rates
Catalog ID: QV86723
91 to 1202 ° F The tall CTC models with an immersion depth of 190 CTC - 1200A : 300 to 1205 ° C 572 is an eight channel scanner controlled by JofraCal Place the probe in the calibrator and follow the certificate given that the
Catalog ID: QL86687
you need is a reliable reference thermometer Simply place the probe in the calibrator and follow the instructions on the display when using the internal reference Load 4 mm OD reference probe in the center of the insert Range MTC - 140 A
Catalog ID: NN86716
with internal ref sensor 018 ° C / 032 ° F Immersion Depth incl insulation plug Repeatability 0004 ° C / 0007 reference Load 4 mm OD reference Well Diameter Sensing Element probe in the center of the insert 12 - month period Relative
Catalog ID: NF86725
help in identifying instrument con - mm external JOFRA STS reference probe can be placed ditions and operational steps under the surface on the display indicates that the external JOFRA STS reference probe during the calibra - calibrator has reached the desired set temperature
Catalog ID: NA86707
The ITC series stores the complete instrument setup Place the probe in the calibrator and follow the instruc - including : engineering units Weight : ITC - 320 A 137 kg / 302 lb Immersion depth Weight : ITC - 650 A 157 kg / 346
Catalog ID: KD86712
Accuracy Wide Temperature Range The DTI - 1000 with a STS - probe is a fully traceable ther - Use the DTI - 1000 and the STS probes as your mometer recommended as the reference instrument working temperature
Catalog ID: HG86706
0 ° C / 32 ° F 0014 ° C / 0025 ° F Immersion Depth incl insulation plug Repeatability 0004 ° C / 0007 Load 4 mm OD reference Insert Dimensions diameter x length probe in the center of the insert STS - 120
Catalog ID: FJ86686
Results: 1 to 25 out of 25
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