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Hot Patch™ heats the repair mix from cool temperatures to a workable temp in half an hour - the time it takes to drive to the job site.

The Hot Patch™ heater unit is customized to fit your one-ton truck bed - the truck can still be used as a utility size dump truck, is cost effective and does not drastically change the function of the utility dump box.

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This product is a green product as it uses the excess heat produced by the engine to heat the patch mix as opposed to using outside heat sources such as LP gas and diesel fuel. This product is useful for municipalities, street and water departments, and county highway departments. It is also useful for parks departments, landscapers, and farmers. The hydraulic platform can lift over 800 pounds making it useful for lifting anything from trees to refrigerators and even deer carcasses. Hot Patch™ is extremely versatile and is the only product of its kind on the market.

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The RP005 from Schwarze Industries, Inc. is the most efficient, consistent and versatile velocity fill patch system available. It's also the safest way to perform road patching maintenance because it requires only one operator who works from the driver's position in the cab. Schwarze Industries is the World leader in the manufacturing of a wide variety of power sweepers including regenerative air mechanical broom high efficiency environmental sweepers and parking area sweepers

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Rehabilitación de Pavimento 

Pulverize Over 4,000 Square Feet of Asphalt Per Hour!

How it Works

Asphalt Zipper® attachments turn your loader into a high-powered reclamation machine. They are the portable and affordable alternatives to larger, more expensive asphalt reclamation machines.

Longer Lasting Road Repairs Are as Simple as 1-2-3

(Full-Depth Reclamation)

Pulverize asphalt with a predetermined portion of the base.

Grade and reshape the crown of the road.

Compact, compact, compact with sufficient moisture. Thereafter it can be paved or sealed.

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Asphalt Zipper

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