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The Mystic Washer® is the best, most cost-effective pressure cleaning system in America – for flat and vertical surfaces

The Mystic Washer® is an extraordinary flat surface cleaner that's built in the USA to contractor-grade specifications. Plus, the Mystic Washer® also includes a 'no psi loss' wand attachment that allows fast and convenient washing of either flat or vertical surfaces.

Compared to other pressure washers, the Mystic Washer® is far more efficient and environmentally-friendly for cleaning flat surfaces. Plus, by turning one valve – and without shutting down the power source – the machine becomes a heavy-duty pressure wand system for use on vertical walls. Because there is no long pressure hose needed, you deliver rated pressure from both the wand and the flat surface cleaner!

It's a 4000-psi flat surface cleaner and a hand-wand all in one unit, and is as easy to run as connecting to a water source and starting the engine.

However, you can operate the Mystic Washer® with soap, as well as add an optional hot water and/or water reclamation system for use in environmentally-sensitive areas and where required.

The Mystic Washer® produces consistent quality and, at the same time, cuts cleaning time by as much as 60% to 80% compared to a standard pressure washer. It also eliminates operator fatigue. Payback for the machine does not take long, since you can out-bid competitors and still make more profit than ever before.

Another advantage of the Mystic Washer® is it may be operated during the day amidst pedestrians and onlookers. Theme parks operate their Mystic Washers whenever they have a beverage spill, weaving right in and around bystanders in lines. Cities can clean their sidewalks and pedestrian pathways in the daytime, during normal working hours. Whenever you need a wand, just turn a switch and activate the built-in, high-pressure wand cleaner.

The Mystic Washer® has been designed to clean flat, vertical and hard-to-reach areas. It is crafted with high quality materials, including stainless steel and aircraft aluminum. Operation is very user-friendly and requires only one person on the jobsite.

Mystic Washer
Video introduces the Mystic Washer and cites how it is changing the face of power washing, especially when it comes to cleaning flat surfaces like sidewalks, parking garages, driveways, theme park grounds, etc.

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Mystic Washer

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