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Limpieza de Calles y Aceras 

We provide a full range of sweepers suitable for specialist sectors ranging from high speed runway sweepers and fluid recovery to RTA specification sweepers. With a wide range of options available to enable the sweepers to do more than just sweep, including removing weeds, street washing and gully emptying, you can be assured of flexibility as well as performance, reliability and durability of your sweeper.

Schwarze A7000 sweeping dirt and gravel
Schwarze 7000 removing dirt and gravel which could get washed into the municipal storm drains.

Johnston CN101 Sub Compact Sweeper
The Johnston CN101 Sub Compact Sweeper is designed for use in confined spaces with low ground pressure requirements, this machine is ideal for the sweeping of urban and pedestrian areas. It combines high performance, low cost of ownership and outstanding operator comfort in an environmentally friendly package

Johnston Sweepers C201 Road Sweeper
Johnston Sweepers have just launched a revolutionary new compact Road sweeper.

Gator Getter
FAST SPEED HIGHWAY DEBRIS REMOVAL EQUIPMENT Gator Getter™ was designed to be used as fast speed highway debris removal equipment. This equipment works by scooping up debris as you are driving down the road. At regular speeds, it will push the item up and around the barrel to a collection tray which will hold it until emptied. The most important virtue will be the safety significance of not having personnel in the road to remove debris in a traffic stream, no road shut downs, no traffic slow downs.

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Limpieza de Playas 

Screened-clean beaches are the new standard in beach cleaning! For those who are serious about a safe and healthy beach, raking is simply not good enough. With Sweep and Vac you can aerate the sand and screen out dangerous debris hidden under the surface in addition to picking surface litter better than a surf rake – all in one efficient beach cleaning pass!

Cherrington Beach Cleaners Overview
All Cherrington Beach Cleaners are designed to "Lift and Screen" using easily interchangeable screens and an oscillating system to meet varying beach conditions. Everything larger than the screen hole size is screened from beach while the sand is aerated as it is returned immediately to the beach. Proven effective and efficient on landscape sites, horse tracks and gunnery ranges as well.

Cherrington Screeners for Tough Applications
Cherrington Screeners have a rugged design for handling the toughest beach challenges. Cherrington Screeners are built tough to handle sharp coral and rock collection without damage that other beach cleaners sustain in abusive applications.

Broyhill Load and Pack
Refuse collection vehicle for beaches and parks

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Limpieza de Interior 

Our state-of-the-art, full line of sweepers, scrubbers and combination sweeper/scrubbers and pressure washers will leave your industrial facility pristine and clean. With industrial grade equipment, now “clean” means so much more.

Mystic Washer
Video introduces the Mystic Washer and cites how it is changing the face of power washing, especially when it comes to cleaning flat surfaces like sidewalks, parking garages, driveways, theme park grounds, etc.

PowerBoss Admiral 40 Sweeper/Scrubber
The PowerBoss Admiral 42 is a best in class sweeper/scrubber that can Clean 75,347 sq. ft. (7,000 m2) per hour

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