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Montequin dryers are built upon the principle of large capacity and swift production at an affordable price. With full capacity tumblers and various door and tilt configurations, you are assured the ability to dry fast and efficiently without the large price tag. We offer a unique design for demanding applications.
American Dryer Corp.


Heating Products
With minimal footprints and flexible configurations, our range of vertical and horizontal steam boilers offer the most complete solutions for virtually every type of industrial application.

Thermal fluid heaters are ideal for pharmaceutical processing applications. The heater systems and temperature control units (TCU) may be used for batch or continuous processes. These single fluid systems may be designed to heat and/or cool single or multiple reactor systems (reactors can be glass lined or half pipe).

These systems often include controls suitable for a Class I Div 2 area classification, and can provide repeatable process results with +/-2ºF temperature control. Tight temperature control and consistent results are required for FDA validation and that's what makes our systems a valuable part of your processing applications.

Fulton has been a premier provider of high-pressure steam boilers for the dry cleaning and industrial laundry markets for over sixty years – and there are many boilers from those early days of production that are still in use today! Our durable and simple vertical design is a perfect fit for small family-operated laundry dry cleaners and large industrial/commercial laundries alike.

Large industrial laundries also utilize Fulton thermal fluid heaters to provide heat to the ironers, heated rolls, hot water storage tanks, and to provide steam using an unfired steam generator. Large industrial laundries are common in healthcare facilities, resorts, high-end hotels, and prisons.

Superior Boiler Works Inc.

Rheem Water Heater
Hamilton Engineering


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