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Catalog ID: BU64261
p10_brochure.pdf Record to and Playback from standard SD or SDHC Memory Cards. Solid state reliability inch color LCD display Eliminates the need for an external monitor Press visual pads to trigger video clips Up to 864
Catalog ID: IG79294
Brand: Everfocus
G-Sensor SmartPhone Hard Drive Extreme Camera Power Power Small Monitor Small Monitor Shock & Vibration Temperatures Provided 10V-32VDC Friendly Friendly -40 F
Catalog ID: BU64261
p10_brochure.pdf Record to and Playback from standard SD or SDHC Memory Cards. Solid state reliability inch color LCD display Eliminates the need for an external monitor Press visual pads to trigger video clips Up to 864
Size: 1 Pages ( 468 kb )
Catalog ID: FV78829
Brand: RBH
RBH_Solutions_Gaming.pdf RBH Access Solutions Gaming Industry: Security Management Control Monitor Secure Securing acceSS to the Site Monitor eVent alarMS and playback Video Making sure that only the
Catalog ID: ME85128
16-Channel preview smoothly view the region over stream one monitoring point of 16-Channel preview Decoding a. 16-Channel normal speed a. 4CIF 2M 25pfs Performance playback mainly smoothly. b. Control Client 16-Window Division for b
Catalog ID: OF34720
Brand: AverMedia
NET series Hybrid DVRs Supports single dual triple and quadruple monitor s Supports monitor resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 Simultaneously displays 64 channels
Catalog ID: KF22092
Brand: AverMedia
D1 Real-Time recording rate MPEG4 hardware compression Hybrid Spot-Monitor and Dual-Monitor output Instant playback when triggered by AVerMedia's new FaceFinder
Catalog ID: DS34719
Brand: AverMedia
DVRs/NVRs Supports entire suite of AVerMedia DVRs/NVRs Live Monitoring of 320 cameras at one time Customizable GUI with drag Advanced alarm center with multiple operator tools Remote and live playback of monitored footage Full control of remote DVRs for configuration
Catalog ID: IW43075
Brand: Shure
Headphones Professional Studio Headphones High Quality Sound and Comfort Accurate Monitoring for Recording and Playback Reproducing full bass with detailed highs the SRH240 Tuned to
Catalog ID: RT79244
Brand: Everfocus
DVR Specifications Item Model Name ECOR960 16F2 Features recording and playback 16 CH WD1 WD1 capability provides higher resolution 960x576 / System access Audio Input / Output 16 / 1 Line level Multiple Main Monitors: Separately configured HDMI or VGA 1080p Main monitor outputs Display
Catalog ID: NU78830
Brand: RBH
RBH_Solutions_Museums.pdf RBH Access Solutions Museums: Security & Asset Management Control Monitor Secure Securing acceSS to the Site Monitor PriceLeSS inVentorY Making sure that only the authorized personnel have
Catalog ID: KK79342
Brand: Everfocus
Name PARAGON960 X4 16 CH WD1 real-time recording and playback Number of Channels 16 CH WD1 capability provides higher resolution 400 PAL CIF H.264 compression format for enhanced recording Playback Rate/ 480 NTSC/400 PAL WD1 480 NTSC/400 PAL
Catalog ID: SB64263
pr1000hd_brochure.pdf Multi-Format Video Presenter Multi-Format Realtime Video Playback The next generation HD version of the popular EDIROL PR can be directly captured and played seamlessly. Color/Audio control Playback Transport control speed and Progress bar Palettes switch Transition DVI
Catalog ID: CG76427
Brand: Yamaha
com for details. FLAC or WAV 192kHz / 24-bit audio playback 4K Ultra HD Pass-through and Upscaling, Yamaha video processing microphone that captures even more precise acoustic data. Loudness frequency Playback bandwidth of a 44.1/48 kHz signal (such as
Catalog ID: UI79308
Brand: Everfocus
HDcctv DVR HDcctv Camera Video Inputs 4 BNC connectors Recording & Playback Max 120FPS 1080p - 30 NTSC / 25 PAL per channel Rate Dual Streaming On demand reduced bandwidth control for live and playback over the network Pentaplex Operation Simultaneous Live Recording Playback Archive
Catalog ID: OD79292
Brand: Everfocus
EMV200_Datasheet.pdf Analog Solutions EMV200 GUI Small Monitor 2 Channel Compact Portable DVR PDA/ Shock & Vibration SmartPhone Friendly Resistant SD Embedded Card GPS Slot Power Small Monitor 10V-36VDC Friendly Specifications Channels 2 All CIF NTSC / PAL
Catalog ID: NT79341
Brand: Everfocus
In x 32 on BNC 32CH WD1 real-time recording & playback Video Out HDMI x 1 / VGA x 1 / CVBS x PAL 800fps WD1 H.264 compression format for enhancing recording Playback Rate/Resolution NTSC 960fps WD1 PAL 800fps WD1 capacity and
Catalog ID: RS79515
Brand: Pelco
Surveillance Professionals Optional Endura Mapping Interface Provides Editing and Alarm Monitoring/Management Tools EnduraView Technology Mitigates CPU Processing Requirements Support for Provides Full Management Capability for all Components Audio Streaming and Playback Powerful Scripting Engine to Automate Virtual Matrix Functionality Zone of
Catalog ID: BJ6258
Brand: Telex
TelexRadioDispatchCatalog_08.pdf NETWORK RECORDER Network Recorder Network Recorder: The recorder monitors your radio network for The Telex Network Recorder allows you to monitor and record audio for any channel in real time. Plus
Catalog ID: KR22093
Brand: AverMedia
Proactive alerts for abnormal temperatures on front panel Supports dual monitor for independent live view playback or map Supports multiple channel display on spot monitors including
Catalog ID: FU37880
SJE-Rhombus_Catalog_101.pdf HOME PROTECTION PRODUCTS Easy-to-install home monitoring products that provide notification of conditions such as threatening liquid of 10 attempts for each telephone number. The Home Temperature Monitor switch provides a means to monitor environmental temperature. When used
Catalog ID: AK76884
20131021_dn700c_lit_final.pdf Audio Recording & Playback CD USB iPod DLNA DN-700C Network CD / Media Player and high-quality audio at the touch of DLNA Supports Playback of CD-DA WAV a button. Complete with a front
Catalog ID: OE85436
Brand: Aiphone
JF Series DESCRIPTION: FEATURES: The JF-2HD is the sub monitor for the JF Series video Hands free audio communication entry a built in picture memory feature All Call between inside monitors that is set to record automatically when the visitor calls
Catalog ID: LU85965
Brand: Alber
compatible - iOS Android Supports new and legacy Alb r battery monitoring platforms Monitoring Lithium Product Description Supports Cellcorder CVR and Ion Batteries Hydrometer
Catalog ID: WD78812
Brand: Opthellios
System Network-enabled multi-site perimeter security integration Simultaneous site monitoring and control from multiple client workstations Automated perimeter alarm handling and provides alarm notifications and Live map displays for each monitored site automatic alarm handling. Multi-camera live security videos with
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