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Catalog ID: HG25552
mended. However due to varying conditions encountered in usage from plant to plant the data should be considered as a recommendation and not
Catalog ID: WU62678
Brand: Apollo
Vendor: Universal
s headquarters is based in Matthews North Carolina with manufacturing plants and foundries located in Pageland and Conway South Carolina. Conbraco control products will deliver long term performance advantages. All Conbraco plants are registered to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. The Conbraco
Catalog ID: HG25552
mended. However due to varying conditions encountered in usage from plant to plant the data should be considered as a recommendation and not
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Catalog ID: JL80898
Brand: Hach
costs of chemical additives employ a chlorine chlorine dioxide or ozone strategy to prevent such as disinfectants. ORP monitors the effectiveness TOC and Spectral Absorption Coefficient SAC may be used. wastewater plant s energy costs precise monitoring and control These offer quicker
Catalog ID: QN30702
bias woven single jacket 100% all polyester. Tube: Extruded TPU ozone and age resistant. Hose Bowl Weight Proof Service Burst Size NYLON 6.6 Tube: EPDM rubber lined for the best ozone resistance. Hose Weight Annual Service Hose Size Size 50 Coupled
Catalog ID: BS77645
Brand: Armstrong
MJ 9.9 Global Warming Potential kgCO2 equivalent 0.83 Ozone Depletion kg CFC- 11 equivalent 1.98E-08 Acidification Potential 0.55 0.04 0.24 -6% kg CO2 equivalent Ozone Depletion 1.98E-08 1.98E-08 2.45E-15
Catalog ID: SG34364
Brand: Grundfos
kg/h utility water water conditioning food 40 10 500 Ozone 8 - 525 lb/day and beverage and plant processes. Hydrogen peroxide Chlorite - chlorine generation: 0 0 0 features
Catalog ID: PJ80899
Brand: Hach
Vicinal Diketones Brix Brix O2 Oxygen CO2 Carbon Dioxide O3 Ozone Clr Color 3 Hach lab instruments are designed to help and easy-to-use analytical products. Chemical reagents include chlorine ozone CO2 O2 alkalinity hardness and many more. Formulated to minimize
Catalog ID: AQ86008
Brand: Amercable
ASTM B-33: Standard Specification for Tinned Soft oil flame ozone alkali and acids. n Extremely flexible stranding used for or for Electrical Purposes n ASTM D-2802: Standard Specification for Ozone- increased flexibility and ease of installa- tion n Dual Rated
Catalog ID: MP85706
refrigerant with zero ODP compressor for the ease of servicing Ozone Depletion Potential Evaporator Substantially reduced operating sound level especially at Flow Switch Status Remote understands the arising focus on chiller plant Start/Stop Command Status performance and optimization. Several solutions as
Catalog ID: ON80896
Brand: Hach
Since this process constitutes control. roughly 70% of the wastewater plant s energy costs precise monitoring and control of oxygen enables TOC Analyzer UVAS sc Sensor I I I I I Ozone ORBISPHERE C1100 Ozone Sensor I I I I I I
Catalog ID: VU83161
Brand: Ansul
is safe for occupied spaces. at design concentration n Zero ozone layer depletion The agent has zero ozone depletion potential an atmospheric lifetime of just five days and
Catalog ID: NB85703
with R410a refrigerant the environment friendly refrigerant with zero ODP Ozone Depletion Potential Units are rated and certified with AHRI standard hostile environment of the understands the arising focus on chiller plant HVAC/R industry. The Micro-Mag provides flexibility performance and
Catalog ID: IF24014
Brand: Liebert
carrying cords for Liebert belts are machined oil heat and ozone resistance. added flexibility. matched and tagged as a set for Power Systems Embedded Computing Embedded Power Integrated Cabinet Solutions Outside Plant Power Switching & Control Precision Cooling Services Site Monitoring Surge Protection
Catalog ID: TO36838
Brand: Gerflor
calcium and zinc they trigger chemical reactions that reduce the ozone based stabilisers which have a limited impact on layer essential on health and the environment. VOC emissions - St Paul manufacturing plant - Production site Nr1 within Gerflor in tonnes 1400 Phtalates usage
Catalog ID: WM45692
Brand: Kidde Fire
No corrosion or scaling. Resistant to heat fuels chemicals UV ozone weathering hydrolysis and microbiological attack. Static Discharge Wires Four equally construction comprising a circular woven high tenacity polyester Refineries & Chemical Plants reinforcement totally encapsulated in Pipeline Bypass a tough elastomeric polyurethane
Catalog ID: JE83613
minimize operating cost. The integrated dryer R410A efficient element. reduces ozone depletion and protects the environment. Maximum Low noise emission suitable needs. air can account for more than 40% of a plant s total electricity bill. To cut your energy costs Atlas
Catalog ID: RQ3198
Brand: Belden
Fiber Size Standards Type Grade Length Rate Loose Tube & Outside Plant Cables Black Compliance m Gb Industrial Tray Cables Orange Tightfibers are available upon request. Used in most current cable plants but not recommended for future installations 4 Brown 10 Violet
Catalog ID: WP3192
Brand: Belden
installations cUL Type OFC FT4 Flame Resistance UL 1666 Manufacturing plants Plenum Mining operations UL Type OFCP Telecommunications and data trunk 455-41 2000 N/cm resistant. Also available for outside plant. Loose tube design Impact Resistance EIA-455-25 2000 Impacts
Catalog ID: WH30227
5500 SERIES The 5500 Series is ideal for subcontractors and plant visitors. The soft elastomeric facepiece material is ECONOMY N95 DUST a list of cartridges and filters . vapors acid gases and ozone. PART DESCRIPTION PACKAGING 8140P95 Deluxe P95 10 per box 5400
Catalog ID: WM84795
Brand: Burkert
di fluoride VDF resistance to the influences of temperature and ozone as well as its general as one of their monomers and caustic solutions with oxidants. They are and vegetable oils plant and animal fats aromatic or aliphatic hydrocarbons halogenated not suitable
Catalog ID: KL80920
Brand: Hach
UVAS sc Sensor I I I I I I I Ozone ORBISPHERE C1100 Ozone Sensor I I I I I I I I I
Catalog ID: CB24022
Brand: Liebert
switchgear and cellular communications facilities. Industrial control rooms and process plant areas. UPS and battery rooms. Medical applications including high-sensitivity have been optimized to operate with green refrigerant R407C Zero Ozone Depletion Potential . This is Liebert s first product optimized in
Catalog ID: KU43715
Brand: Proco
HVAC Underground Steel Tanks Pulp & Paper Power Generation Coal Preparation Plants S I Z I N G TA B L E which are resistant to sunlight and hole it passes through. ozone. All bolts and nuts are plated with an anti-corrosive
Catalog ID: FG39633
Brand: Belden
Type Jacket Color 1 Blue 7 Red Loose Tube & Outside Plant Cables Black 2 Orange 8 Black Industrial Tray Cables Orange TIA/EIA 598-B See page 39 Rugged installations Manufacturing plants Jacket Color Single-mode Yellow Mining operations 62.5/125
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