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Catalog ID: KL3057
OTHER HIGH-PERFORMANCE TOOLS FOR AUDIO PROFESSIONALS CONTENTS 2 SHOTGUN MICROPHONES AT4071a Line gradient Condenser Microphone 5 AT4073a Line gradient Condenser Microphone 5 AT897 Line gradient
Catalog ID: JR3167
wireless_accessory_ss.pdf Wireless Essentials Accessory Microphones and Input Cables For all Audio-Technica UniPak Wireless Systems WIRELESS CLIP-ON INSTRUMENT MICROPHONES WIRELESS LAVALIER MICROPHONES ATM35cW Cardioid Condenser Wireless Instrument Microphone AT829cW
Catalog ID: KL3057
OTHER HIGH-PERFORMANCE TOOLS FOR AUDIO PROFESSIONALS CONTENTS 2 SHOTGUN MICROPHONES AT4071a Line gradient Condenser Microphone 5 AT4073a Line gradient Condenser Microphone 5 AT897 Line gradient
Size: 20 Pages ( 2460 kb )
Catalog ID: IW70245
Brand: Calrad
catalog61web_s_010.pdf CALRAD 10 Series - Microphone & Audio Accessories 10-58 10-60 10-97 VIDEO MICROPHONE UNIVERSAL CLAMP- CAMERA CLIP HOLDER TYPE MICROPHONE MICROPHONE Tie Clip
Catalog ID: FU3061
Proven And most of all Professional Including PROPOINT installed - sound microphones Contents VOCAL MICROPHONES PRO 31 & PRO 31QTR 4 PRO 41 5 PRO 61
Catalog ID: PI70240
Brand: Calrad
catalog61web_s_005.pdf CALRAD 10 Series - Microphones & Accessories 10-19 DESKTOP 10-37 USB PC MICROPHONE MICROPHONE BASE Calrads new professional podcasting PC microphone is easy
Catalog ID: MN3054
0305_0844_06_atm_brochure.pdf MICROPHONES Handheld ATM27HE Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone 0 30 330 300 60 90 270 240 120 150
Catalog ID: KR77396
EV_Mic_Catalog_2014_web_12.pdf Wireless Microphones WIRELESS MICROPHONES RE97Tx MICRO-HEADWORN CONDENSER MICROPHONE The RE97Tx is an ultra
Catalog ID: HB77582
Brand: Gator
TECHNOLOGY-2014-LR_21.pdf MICROPHONE WATERPROOF MICROPHONE CASES Black waterproof injection molded case with foam insert to
Catalog ID: ER77391
Catalog ID: HH3155
es943c_ss.pdf ES943C CARDIOID CONDENSER CLIP-ON/LAVALIER MICROPHONE DESCRIPTION The microphone shall offer outstanding rejection of radio frequency The ES943C is
Catalog ID: DF3156
es961rc_ss.pdf ES961RC CARDIOID CONDENSER BOUNDARY MICROPHONE WITH LOCAL OR REMOTE SWITCHING DESCRIPTION For applications that require the microphone to remain active or always The ES961RC is a wide
Catalog ID: BM3059
0309_2132_00_es_brochure.pdf contractor - exclusive microphones ES961 ES961RC ES945 ES947 shown ES961W ES945W shown ES947W Boundary Installation flexibility Engineered Sound boundary microphones offer outstanding speech The housing of the ES961 ES961W and
Catalog ID: LE3066
0345_0838_00_40series.pdf PRECISION STUDIO MICROPHONES PRECISION STUDIO MICROPHONES A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE Start with cutting-edge transducer design
Catalog ID: SC5877
Brand: Shure
us_pro_brochure_mics_sm.pdf SM Microphones Legendary Performance SM Microphones 827 Shure 2/17/05 10:16 AM Page 2
Catalog ID: WW40680
AudioCat09web_18.pdf Microphones & Accessories Professional Condenser Microphone Handheld Dynamic Microphone Back Electret Condenser Sensitivity:-45dB 3dB Uni
Catalog ID: NO77581
Brand: Gator
TECHNOLOGY-2014-LR_20.pdf MICROPHONE G-TOUR M15 MICROPHONE CASE Gator s G-Tour M15 microphone case is where
Catalog ID: JA85051
Brand: Bogen
MICb.pdf Bogen Microphones High-Quality Sound Design High-Quality Microphones Innovative Solutions for Demanding Applications Bogen s microphone models are
Catalog ID: TU77583
Brand: Gator
TECHNOLOGY-2014-LR_22.pdf MICROPHONE WIRED MICROPHONE BAGS GM-4 Features: Adjustable shoulder GM-12B strap and
Catalog ID: HJ5876
Brand: Shure
us_pro_brochure_mics_pg_wired.pdf Performance Gear Microphones offer a complete set of vocal instrument and drum mics of the performance and construction details of other legendary Shure microphones. Plug in. Play out. Application-specific microphones Models designed for
Catalog ID: RT5886
Brand: Shure
pdf PGX Wireless Easy-to-choose easy-to-use wireless microphone systems for superior live sound. PGX Wireless PGX Wireless systems uncompromising wireless technology quick and easy setup and legendary Shure microphones in eight different systems PGX Wireless provides Unplugged. worry-free
Catalog ID: MI3064
0343_2104_00_30ser.pdf AT3032 Omni Condenser Microphone AT3031 Cardioid Condenser Microphone AT3035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Flat extended frequency response High SPL
Catalog ID: DA70244
Brand: Calrad
catalog61web_s_009.pdf CALRAD 10 Series - Microphone Accessories 10-65 HIGH TENSION 5/8 thread 3 10-83 /8" dia. 2 PIN .36 MICROPHONE CLAMP ELECTRET CONDENSER Used to clamp microphones to tables or
Catalog ID: GG6140
TOA_2007_Audio_Catalog_14.pdf WIRELESS MICROPHONE SYSTEMS 5000 SERIES - NEW WIRELESS MICROPHONE SYSTEMS Handheld lapel and headset microphone systems 10 hours continuous
Catalog ID: KJ3166
handheld models the UniPoint line of miniature condenser installed-sound microphones offers an innovation for every acoustical challenge. New UniPoint features a tight 90 pickup pattern. PivotPoint . Rotating connector on boundary microphones changes the cable exit point no tools needed. The new
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