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Catalog ID: JI30821
Brand: Cordova
Monarch_Sheet_email.pdf Amazingly Comfortable Hand Protection with CE Level 5/ANSI Seamless Shells Made with TAEK
Catalog ID: RF30259
Disasters_Preparedness_split_01.pdf Hand Protection Worknit HD Gloves Viton Glove Nitrile coated Worknit HD gloves
Catalog ID: JI30821
Monarch_Sheet_email.pdf Amazingly Comfortable Hand Protection with CE Level 5/ANSI Seamless Shells Made with TAEK
Brand: Cordova
Size: 1 Pages ( 422 kb )
Catalog ID: NC30237
2008_Focus_Catalog_split_18.pdf Hand Protection NITRI-KNIT SUPPORTED NITRILE GLOVES High nitrile content offers superior
Catalog ID: QO30336
pdf ECO KNIT GLOVES Economical general purpose gloves for basic hand protection. FEATURES AND BENEFITS 4 hand sizes available. Reversible design can
Catalog ID: MH30239
2008_Focus_Catalog_split_20.pdf Hand Protection NORTHFLEX RED FOAMED PVC PALM COATED GLOVE NorthFlex Red and
Catalog ID: NO30820
Brand: Cordova
15 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis. Hand protection made with HPPE is lightweight, comfortable, abrasion resistant and cut
Catalog ID: TV30345
cut resistant glove that offers a great compromise between mechanical protection and wearer comfort. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Seamless Dyneema liner is Suited to applications requiring a moderate to high level of protection from cut hazards combined with a high degree of dexterity
Catalog ID: HE30325
with a snug knit-wrist and provide minimal resistance to hand movement for exceptional wearer comfort. Foamed PVC coatings are soft Red-X features an extended knuckle coating for additional wearer protection. The back of the glove is un-coated for ventilation
Catalog ID: NM30347
NITRILE PALM COATED ARAMID/STEEL GLOVES Provides heavy duty mechanical protection without the bulk and restriction of movement that you might form-fitting and comfortable and provides surprisingly little resistance to hand movement. The foamed nitrile coating provides impressive grip on wet
Catalog ID: GJ30349
construction provides superior comfort no seams for chafing and less hand fatigue. Machine washable or dry cleanable. Permits easy recycling for offers economical alternative. Puts Kevlar on outside for cut/slash protection and cotton/polyester on inside for worker comfort. 52/6647
Catalog ID: WF30346
2 performance. The liner conforms to the shape of the hand and provides minimal resistance to hand movement thus greatly reducing fatigue. Textured nitrile coating gives impressive
Catalog ID: HC30348
grip and longer life. Seamless liner offers superior comfort lessens hand fatigue and does not irritate hands. 100% Kevlar liner provides protection against cuts snags and slashes
Catalog ID: FJ30350
for cut resistance. Seamless construction provides superior comfort and lessens hand fatigue. Unique nitrile coating process allows gloves to be fully Pairs STAINLESS STEEL MESH GLOVES Provide the highest level of protection from cut hazards. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Meets the requirements of
Catalog ID: UW30238
GLOVES 3M Thinsulate liner provides warmth waterproof vinyl liner prevents hands from getting wet. Extended knitwrist provides additional protection along arm. Also available in women s size. PART DESCRIPTION
Catalog ID: VK30825
Brand: Cordova
a ^ - - -;vista _ If-or tough job, you need the protection shield of a TaekiSTM heavy knit. Will work just greral free A heavyweight design, this glove pr-otecFs UV resistance hands from the sharp edges of metals, Wapble ceramics, gloss, and
Catalog ID: LE30824
Brand: Cordova
Pages_from_Complete_Taeki5_Brochure_2.pdf Taeki5 M The Ultimate Total Protection. Mediumwe ght Taeki m Seamless Gloves High abrasion resistance High from -1,- ce 100% Taekir yarn. Ideal for providing cut protection in arenas involving aulo ossel-nbly and sheet metal assembly
Catalog ID: JF30297
KITS The Beamguard system is a cost effective way to protect your workers when they are working in an area where 42 107 cm in height which also serves as a hand grab to steady the worker when they need to travel
Catalog ID: CO30338
GRIP N DOUBLE NITRILE COATED GLOVES Heavier shell gives additional protection without sacrificing comfort and dexterity. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Nitrile palm and longer life. Seamless construction provides superior comfort and lessens hand fatigue. Blended cotton/polyester knit shell absorbs perspiration. Can be
Catalog ID: BQ30329
Gloves NLS SERIES SUPPORTED PVC GLOVES WITH ATTACHED SLEEVES Chemical protection for lower and upper arms. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Rough finish provides superior grip. Curved hand design provides maximum comfort. Extended sleeve provides arm protection. Available
Catalog ID: VB30233
INTERLOCK GLOVES PART DESCRIPTION BNI243/APM Butyl and neoprene curved hand Ultimate hazmat protection. North Safety Products has design smooth finish 14" length created
Catalog ID: RT30248
style connectors connect in a single action but require two hands for disconnect providing additional protection for wearer. PART CLASS D RING FP81F/1DBA Fall Arrest
Catalog ID: NE30256
shells extend service life. Soft comfortable lining traps warmth for protection over a wide range of temperatures. Adding UltraWarm Hothands heatpacks two heatpacks. PART DESCRIPTION SWTN6BK Turtleneck warmer black ULTRAWARM HOT HANDS ULTRAWARM HOTHANDS heatpacks use air activated natural ingredients to heat
Catalog ID: EQ30234
of an incident need the contents of these kits to protect themselves from various hazards and contaminants which may be encountered 2 pr Butyl Gloves B131/8 B131/9 B131/10 Hand 1 pr 11 mil Reusable Nitrile Gloves LA102G/8 LA102G
Catalog ID: WV30333
cold. PVC coating extends to the knuckles to provide liquid protection. Coating is foamed to give excellent dry and wet grip unsurpassed. Two stage coating is impermeable to liquids so that hands remain dry. Lightweight 13 gauge seamless nylon liner and a
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