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Catalog ID: SD43704
Brand: Proco
pdf â?¢ Style 520 SERIES 500 non - metallic flexible fan connectors The PROCO Series 520 , Series 530 , and Series 540 non - metallic connectors are designed to match inlet and outlet flanges of most
Catalog ID: GN81976
piece body - seat design is extremely simple and economical ; Change connector is recommended . however , this configuration is generally considered not fullyseat shut ) eventually drops , and the trap Universal Quick - Change connector is recommended . re - opens . When condensate enters the trap , it
Catalog ID: SD43704
pdf â?¢ Style 520 SERIES 500 non - metallic flexible fan connectors The PROCO Series 520 , Series 530 , and Series 540 non - metallic connectors are designed to match inlet and outlet flanges of most
Brand: Proco
Size: 6 Pages ( 439 kb )
Catalog ID: BN43702
Brand: Proco
BN43702.pdf The PROCO Series 315 Rubber Connector is designed for supply / distribution pipeline service or to connect Products is a member of the Rubber Expansion Joint Division , Fluid Sealing Association . When you need an engineered rubber solution to
Catalog ID: OL30860
with any existing rescue tools O All Champion Power Tools : Fluid Pressures : 5,000 or 10,000 compatible with any system . T Fluid Type : Phosphate Ester , Mineral Oil or Ethylene Glycol Safety Factor
Catalog ID: BJ86866
Brand: Burkert
VALVES VALVES UIDICS TICS OW OID OID SS B rkert Fluid Control Systems OFL FL NEUMA Christian - B rkert - Stra eWelcome to the Fascinating B rkert Product Program World of Fluid Control Systems Measurement and control : When it comes to working
Catalog ID: GC46152
Brand: Nortrax
GC46152.pdf a - tyPe cOnnectOR fOR lenGthwise b - tyPe cOnnectOR fOR cOnntiOns widthwise cOnntiOns year Warranty RecOmmended use Wet , oily
Catalog ID: VR43701
Brand: Proco
VR43701.pdf â?¢ SERIES 300 flanged rubber pipe connectors PROCO Series 300 Rubber Pipe is designed for tough demanding 300 Rubber Pipe is constructed with Absorbs Pipe - Wall and Fluid - Borne Noise . The PROCO quiet - operating Series 300 is a
Catalog ID: TJ51243
Brand: Metraflex
Vendor: Universal
TJ51243.pdf Search RUBBER EXPANSION JOINTS AND PUMP CONNECTORS Metrasphere Can your engineered pipe system stand the pressure ? Protect reduce noise and vibration , with Metrasphere . Our Metrasphere joint / flexible connector handles up to 225 PSI at 170 ° F and can
Catalog ID: BA86849
Brand: Burkert
rkert stands for quality and competence in the sector of fluid technology . Our products are used wherever fluids and gases need to be measured controlled and regulated . B
Catalog ID: UF477
Brand: IFC
Catalog ID: DM26024
O R P O R A T E D THERMAL FLUIDS VALVE The SVF Series E8 three - piece ball valve features blended seat material making it ideal for use in thermal fluid applications . The " Therma - Safe " extension stem is compatible with insulated
Catalog ID: DL53917
Brand: NIBCO
Vendor: Universal
Installation and Maintenance Instructions which will float in water or fluids of greater density . See the Components of Valve True Union e.g . , bleach , concentrated sulfuric or nitric acids ) . flanging end connectors , never make the joint to the end connectors while they
Catalog ID: UP43718
Brand: Proco
Rubber Eccentric Reducer Expansion Joint , often Absorbs Pipe - Wall And Fluid - Borne Noise . The PROCO quiet - operating Series RE - 221 called transitioning two different flange sizes . Eccentric Reducer Expansion Joints section . Fluid - borne noise is absorbed by the volumetric expansion ( breathing ) of
Catalog ID: VN46151
Brand: Nortrax
VN46151.pdf cOnnectOR attachable RamP year Warranty RecOmmended use Wet , oily / greasy areas ¼ â?? provide a cleaner and healthier work environment E Connector â?¢ Made of tough nitrile rubber compound , designed to yield
Catalog ID: JR51231
Brand: Metraflex
Vendor: Universal
JR51231.pdf Search RUBBER EXPANSION JOINTS AND PUMP CONNECTORS The DoubleSphere The DoubleSphere is a Metrasphere with greater compression plate steel flanges grip the sealing area and provide a fluid tight connection . All flanges are tapped or drilled to mate
Catalog ID: CF86794
Brand: TLV
TRAPS FX1 Maintain the proper temperature of oils and other fluids in supply piping and heating tanl s . Benefits What is the adjustable set temperature 2 . Saves steam by heating the fluid to the optimum is held back in the piping allowing
Catalog ID: JK78380
JK78380.pdf Sizes:Body Materials:Bonnet Materials:End Connectors:Diaphragms:Operator:Specifications1 / 2 " â?? 2 " PVC , CPVC , PP and 1 / 2 " through 1 " . PTFE encapsulated FKM or FKM end connector O - ring sealsOptions â?¢ Pneumatic or electric actuation Diaphragm ValvesType
Catalog ID: DO25586
Brand: Spears
chemical and water treatment applications . Weir - type design eliminates entrapped fluids in valve and is excellent for handling liquids with suspended solids , viscous fluids and slurries . Available in PVC , CPVC and Glass Filled Polypropylene
Catalog ID: KB86825
Brand: Burkert
Quick Adapter for valve terminals and automation systems B rkert Fluid Control Systems USA Sales Office West Coast 2572 White Road stainless steel push - in Material of pneumatic connections for AirLINE connectors for hygienic applications . Installation and commissioning are reduced Quick adapter
Catalog ID: PE24487
Brand: Chemtrol
with floater PP ball . Then install valve upside down for fluid to lift ball into seat . â?¢ For foot valve , replace Black PP Nat . PP Red PVDF Nat . PVDF 2 . End Connector â?? Socket ( 2 required ) PVC CPVC Black PP Nat . PP
Catalog ID: PM43717
Brand: Proco
element to transition from one pipe size to another . Con - Fluid - borne noise is absorbed by the volumetric expansion ( breathing ) of the connector . centric in design , each flange - end shares the same common
Catalog ID: WA78403
Bonnet Materials : PVC , CPVC : IPS Soc . or Thr'd End Connectors : PP , PVDF : IPS & Metric ( DIN ) Socket , Threaded , Butt EPDM and with â?¢ Uniquely designed body and bonnet together 25 End Connector 2 PVC , CPVC , PP , PVDF diaphragms of new sealing designs
Catalog ID: IL86834
Brand: Burkert
Liquids up to 36 l / h Version / 894551 B rkert Fluid Control Systems Christian - B rkert - Stra e 13 - 17 74653 LFC complements the company s portfolio of compact and integrated fluid control devices and shares a platform with the market leading
Catalog ID: GQ86830
Brand: Burkert
08 / 2017 Version Diaphragm competence for hygienic applications B rkert Fluid Control Systems Christian - B rkert - Strasse 13 - 17 74653 Ingelfingen it possible to mirror important processes such as CIP Diaphragm Connector ID number ID number Cleaning in Place and SIP Sterilis
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