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Catalog ID: VR83708
csc101_datasheet_us_ver2.pdf signal Compact Signal Calibrator CSC101 Current loop calibrator With its robust custom housing the CSC101 is ideal for
Catalog ID: LS83709
ctc-calibrator-new-generation-datasheet-us-1611.pdf CTC Series Compact Temperature Calibrator Save Time Save Money Best in class industrial calibrator External
Catalog ID: VR83708
csc101_datasheet_us_ver2.pdf signal Compact Signal Calibrator CSC101 Current loop calibrator With its robust custom housing the CSC101 is ideal for
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Catalog ID: VA83730
reference-temperature-calibrator-156_157-datasheet-v2-us.pdf temperature Best d ry-bloc ks on the marke t Reference Temperature Calibrator Model RTC-156 & RTC-157 High accuracy Down to 0
Catalog ID: QN83733
reference-temperature-calibrator-700-datasheet-v2-us.pdf Best d ry- on the block temperature marke t Reference Temperature Calibrator RTC-700 High accuracy Down to 0.11°C using
Catalog ID: UP83731
reference-temperature-calibrator-158_250-datasheet-v3-us.pdf temperature Reference Temperature Calibrator RTC-158 & RTC-250 High accuracy Down to 0.04
Catalog ID: QF83728
professional-temperature-calibrator-155_350_660-data-sheet-us.pdf temperature Intuitiv e and fast ca libratio n Professional Temperature Calibrator PTC-155 PTC-350 & PTC-660 High accuracy Down to
Catalog ID: AW83732
reference-temperature-calibrator-159-datasheet-v2-us.pdf temperature Reference Temperature Calibrator RTC-159 Ultra Cooler Widest temperature range As low From
Catalog ID: KJ4201
Brand: Fluke
717_Series_Pressure_Calibrator.pdf Fluke Pressure Calibrators Technical Data Fluke 718 Pressure Calibrator The complete solution to pressure calibration The Fluke 718 pressure
Catalog ID: JA83712
digital-pressure-calibrator-30series-brochure-us.pdf 30 Series Compact Pressure Calibrator Widest Range Smallest Size With This Pocket Sized Crystal You
Catalog ID: MR83721
industrial-temperature-calibrators-data-sheet-us.pdf temperature Industrial Temperature Calibrator ITC-155/320/650 Wide temperature range ITC-155 -23
Catalog ID: VV83703
CPF Series Advanced Pressure Module Expand Your Multi-Purpose Signal Calibrator Now Measure Pressure Crystal APM offers seamless integration T with JOFRA calibrators HE CRYSTAL APM CPF SERIES pressure module with integrated CPF
Catalog ID: OM83720
hpc600_datasheet_us_ver2.pdf pressure Handheld Pressure Calibrator HPC600 Electri to 20 b c pump Pressure ranges ar electrical pressure and vacuum pump. Complete 4-20 mA loop calibrator The JOFRA HPC600 calibrator features a built-in electrical pump
Catalog ID: MF83718
easy-temperature-calibrators-data-sheet-us.pdf temperature Easy Temperature Calibrator ETC-series Temperature ranges ETC-125 A -10 to 125
Catalog ID: TC83724
milliamp-calibrator-macal-data-sheet-us.pdf signal milliAmp Calibrator mAcal Sources and measures current Allows for calibration of transmitters
Catalog ID: FD83729
temperature-callibrator-125-data-sheet-us.pdf temperature Professional Temperature Calibrator PTC-125 Cooler Wide temperature range Intuitiv From -90 to market Intelligent reference sensor communication The professional dry-block temperature calibrator the JOFRA PTC- JOFRA reference sensors are supplied with 125
Catalog ID: AF83722
marine-temperature-calibrators-data-sheet-us.pdf MTC Series Marine Temperature Calibrator Save Time Save Money Up to 3 Year Calibration Interval
Catalog ID: BB83727
pressure-calibrator-nvision-lab-brochure-us.pdf nVision Lab Reference Recorder Your 01 . 4314.B 2014 Crystal Engineering Corporation product_id: BB83727 supplier: Tomas Cuerda, Inc. brand: AMETEK Test and Calibration doctype: catalog docname
Catalog ID: CE4203
Brand: Fluke
725Ex_Multifunction_Calibrator.pdf Fluke 725Ex Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Process Calibrator Simply powerful intrinsic safe calibration tool Technical Data The new Fluke 725Ex Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Process Calibrator is powerful yet easy-to-use. Combined with one of
Catalog ID: FQ11476
Brand: Tel-Tru
DTTT_Model512.pdf TEL-TRU MANUFACTURING COMPANY MODEL 512 RTD CALIBRATOR FEATURES: Simulate/Read RTD sensors Calibrate/Read directly in temperature protected to 60V DESCRIPTION: The Tel-Tru Model 512 RTD Calibrator provides direct temperature calibration to all types of instruments such
Catalog ID: QC83706
amc910_datasheet_us_ver2.pdf signal Advanced Multi-purpose Calibrator AMC910 Superior calibration accuracy to 0.003% of reading 0 range and type Isolated measurement channel The AMC910 multi-purpose calibrator is the right solution for high preci- Two voltage ranges
Catalog ID: RN11450
Brand: Tel-Tru
CT401.pdf TEL-TRU MANUFACTURING COMPANY CHECK-TEMP CALIBRATORS f y H ow impli S erify Yo u V Accuracy at Your Critical Control Point TEL-TRU CHECK-TEMP CALIBRATORS: Fast Easy-to-Use and Accurate HACCP - Food Safety The
Catalog ID: KF83725
multifunction-signal-calilbrator-400-data-sheet-us.pdf Advanced Signal Calibrator ASC-400 User friendly and innovative Advanced Simplicity Optimal read 20 VDC Frequency 0.05 to 10 000 Hz signal calibrator that provides Pulse train out-put Resistance 5 to 4000
Catalog ID: EO4202
Brand: Fluke
718Ex_Pressure_Calibrator.pdf Intrinsically Safe Fluke 718Ex 30G and 100G Pressure Calibrators Pump Up the Pressure Technical Data The new Fluke 718Ex Intrinsically Safe Pressure Calibrator is a powerful new intrinsically safe self contained pressure calibration
Catalog ID: FU11478
Brand: Tel-Tru
TEL-TRU MANUFACTURING COMPANY MODEL 530 4-20 mA LOOP CALIBRATOR FEATURES: 4 to 20 mA Loop Functions Source and Read INFORMATION/OPTIONS: TRANSMITTER SPECIFICATIONS: MODEL 530 - 4-20 milliamp loop calibrator Loop compliance voltage 24 Volts Order Code: Model 530 1200
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