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Catalog ID: WP40782
Brand: Firetide
HotPoint.pdf Reliable connectivity anywhere HotPoint 4500/4600 Wireless Access Points HotPoint Wireless Access Points building. Because the access points and
Catalog ID: GT79471
Brand: FireTide
FT_DSAP5000_rev-11714.pdf HotPoint 5000 Wireless Access Point Outdoor HotPoint 5200 Indoor HotPoint 5100 HotPoint 5000 Wireless Access
Catalog ID: WP40782
HotPoint.pdf Reliable connectivity anywhere HotPoint 4500/4600 Wireless Access Points HotPoint Wireless Access Points building. Because the access points and
Brand: Firetide
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Catalog ID: TL40780
Brand: Firetide
services management and control within an enter- plug and play access point configuration and prise deployment. Working in concert with zero-touch
Catalog ID: HW66515
6532 LESS IS MORE HIGH PERFORMANCE DUAL RADIO 802.11N ACCESS POINT Motorola s WiNG 5 WLAN AP 6532 solutions offer all
Catalog ID: LN66514
Catalog ID: LF66517
OF THE MODULAR AP 8132 3- spatial stream 3X3 MIMO Access Point Delivers maximum throughput to support virtually any enterprise application including
Catalog ID: DD40781
Brand: Firetide
Outdoor ises equipment CPE provides a secure and Mesh Node Access Point reliable solution for extending the reach of outdoor wireless mesh
Catalog ID: FI40786
Brand: Firetide
platform for configuring monitoring and managing HotPort mesh nodes HotPoint access points and HotCli- ent customer premises equipment CPE . Firetide Multi-Service
Catalog ID: AI40778
Brand: Firetide
mesh cles fork lifts and cranes backbone and Wi-Fi access services. Work- Mobile command centers for ing in concert with HotPort mesh nodes public safety first respond- and HotPoint access points and HotClient ers including police fire and customer premises
Catalog ID: IM66547
visibility of NX 9500 INTEGRATED the entire distributed deployment One point of configuration SERVICES PLATFORM WiNG 5 provides comprehensive management and multiple FOR THE PRIVATE CLOUD points of control for up to 10 000 multi-vendor network
Catalog ID: AA66549
such as approach to protect and secure data at every point in high performance 802.11n networks. Easy to deploy RFID RADIUS server and secure guest services such as secure guest access and locationing L2/L3 deployments access with a captive web
Catalog ID: JD40783
Brand: Firetide
nodes provide reliable You can extend your existing network HotPoint access points for wireless access Ethernet connectivity over a high-perfor- whether
Catalog ID: GP40779
Brand: Firetide
Reliable Connectivity Anywhere FWB-100 Firetide Wireless Bridge High-capacity Point-to-point Concurrent Voice Video Data Privacy and Security Firetide FWB-100
Catalog ID: LM40787
Brand: Firetide
of mounting locations visual and ground level assessments. infrastructure and access to the locations Digital photographic documentation Creation of a RF of concern replacement for a detailed engineering Testing for rogue access points and RF network physical limitations etc. on-site survey
Catalog ID: VJ79477
Brand: FireTide
for configuring monitoring and managing HotPort mesh nodes and HotPoint access points. Firetide Multi-Service Network The Firetide mesh system provides a
Catalog ID: BO66516
7181 an outdoor high performance multi-radio 802.11n mesh access point that delivers exceptional network capacity and performance. By embracing the
Catalog ID: RL79474
Brand: FireTide
without interfering with the data path. This eliminates any single points of network. The FMC 2000 maintains the failure in the management of the FMC 2000 is video cameras Wi-Fi access points dependable operation for both static and via Firetide s
Catalog ID: KB40784
Brand: Firetide
present a challenge. Wireless mesh is video surveillance and broadband access network devices or other networks to the the best choice wireless mesh. HotPort 6000-900 mesh it eliminates any single points of failure and formance and services into these difficult features
Catalog ID: WM66518
to deploy and manage with FEATURES wireless connectivity for printers point-of-sale enterprise functionality IEEE 802.11a/b/g and easily roam to Affordable connectivity for machinery to time clocks point-of-sale devices another access port or access point as
Catalog ID: DJ79473
Brand: FireTide
low-cost PTP connectivity. 5020-LNK Wireless Bridging High-capacity Point-to-Point and other accessories HotPort 5020-LNK is optimized to provide
Catalog ID: SA40785
Brand: Firetide
scale. antenna alignment tools for easier deploy- systems Wi-Fi access for mobile city workers ments and network management. Metro-scale possible high-bandwidth mobile appli- wide deployment. Advanced features like point to multi-point ad hoc wireless mesh cations including voice
Catalog ID: JQ40777
Brand: Firetide
It also provides distrib- Incorporating a Firetide HotPort wireless uted access to recorded video from mobile mesh node IP camera or employ a fully distributed wireless Eth- ernet switch infrastructure. Unlike point-to- point or point-to-multipoint networks every Firetide node
Catalog ID: NN79476
Brand: FireTide
Mbps. HotPort 5020-LNK: A rapid deployable easy-to-use point-to-point solution with 50 Mbps of actual usable throughput. Firetide Firetide
Catalog ID: DC79475
Brand: FireTide
backhaul Wi-Fi offload and broadband extension. HotPort 5020-LNK Point-to-Point Node Firetide HotPort 5020-LNK infrastructure nodes provide low-cost
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