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Catalog ID: JB50533
Atlas_Catalog_2011_s_83.pdf PS24-2R PS24-50A PS24-075 PS24-20 Power Supply Units Regulated DC Power Supply with Heavy-Duty DC Power
Catalog ID: VK50534
206 RPM-4 PSR-212 DC Relay Packs Zone Page Powered Relay Packs RPM/RLM Series PSR Series Modular chassis with individual plug-in relays provide DPDT relay with internal 24VDC power supply is available configuration and expansion flexibility for application with
Catalog ID: JB50533
Atlas_Catalog_2011_s_83.pdf PS24-2R PS24-50A PS24-075 PS24-20 Power Supply Units Regulated DC Power Supply with Heavy-Duty DC Power
Size: 1 Pages ( 101 kb )
Catalog ID: HB50510
pdf 75 Years of Excellence CP400 / CP700 Commercial Duty Stereo Power Amplifiers Professional grade audio power amplifiers specifically 400 Watts and 700 Watts Versions designed for
Catalog ID: TT50453
Receiver/Amplifier two IR Receiver Domes with Cables echargeable Batteries Power Supplies four Atlas Sound SD72W Loudspeakers four 81-8 Tile Bridges
Catalog ID: WC50434
Atlas Sound CE Series. A Surface-mounting control unit includes power supply four 3 4" cable access holes and ports for installation
Catalog ID: QP50525
US Keyboard 1024 x 768 Resolution X x X Resolution Power Supply: 100VAC / 240VAC Auto Switch Power Supply: 100VAC / 240VAC Auto Switch
Catalog ID: SG50431
systems the AA-PPRC comes with its own 12VDC external power supply and is ready for immediate mounting and use. Utilizing standard
Catalog ID: RK50505
A / V component Series repeater four F-1 flashers and power supply from multiple room locations. The M-1A repeater will Model
Catalog ID: IH50538
protect my I need a way to both distribute clean power equipment against monitor my electrical damaging power surges system and eliminate to my system. and spikes. interference
Catalog ID: VL50537
control selection for microphone only or the overall system level. Power Indicator LED Green On Red Low Battery ON / OFF Switch in the classroom. 1 Mute LED 10 Line Output 7 Power Supply Input Allows integration of additional external Displays system mute
Catalog ID: RI50501
distortion-free music reproduction for commercial positive off and full-power pass through at the maximum distributed systems or Whole House than indiscriminately active when the audio system is Loudspeaker Pairs. powered on. Simply touching the switch accesses audio. A modest sized
Catalog ID: BQ50435
Channel for use with Paging Input UL / ULC Listed External Power Supply ASP-MG24 represents the latest technology in digital signal processing
Catalog ID: WK50506
Page Relay Controller Normally Open and Normally Closed Relay Outputs Power rating of 350 W / Channel 70.7V High Level Audio 4" 114mm Length: 4 1 2" 114mm 12VDC UL Listed Power Supply Included AA-PPRC The A A-PPRC Priority Page
Catalog ID: VL50532
drivers and sensitive electronic equipment. The Sequential Switch System applies power to system components in desired time-delay sequence to minimize electronic systems/controls and any signal chain that requires sequential power up and power down. System is comprised of a six
Catalog ID: QJ50452
needed saving valuable space in the classroom. Features Mute LED Power Supply Input Line Output Displays system mute status System includes 120V
Catalog ID: RT50450
to Atlas Sound IP Speaker and zone controller end points powered by AF compliant POE eploy rapidly - Utilizing an existing data network D switches or local DC power . This software / hardware connecting your facilities and adding paging text
Catalog ID: OE50511
from an efficient rail tracking Class A /B & switch mode power supply technology. Strategy Series Amplifiers Other innovative features include an accessory
Catalog ID: LM50540
from the efficient rail tracking Class AB and switch mode power supply echnology. t The PA702 includes a host of other innovative
Catalog ID: IH50529
Atlas_Catalog_2011_s_79.pdf AP-C15D Rack Mount Power Conditioner 0 Total Outlets Are Provided 1 Switched Rear Panel LED Lamp Optional AP-GNL18 The AP-C15D offers intelligent power management control along with noise filtering and spike/surge protection
Catalog ID: MD50477
conductor CAT5 wire to distribute audio infrared status and system power to the A-Bus in-wall controller / amplifier. A-Bus system. The hub is responsible for distributing audio signal system power and status indication to A-Bus power modules installed in
Catalog ID: JC50523
knob channel audible monitoring level control and headphone jacks. External power supply is UL Listed. Unit weight is 7lbs 3.2kg . Rack
Catalog ID: WC50541
3 4 MPT tubing / suspension hardware. Available at most electrical supply outlets hree different 8 loudspeaker options match T performance of NOT AVAILABLE DIRECT FROM ATLAS SOUND. Available from any electrical supply warehouse. SHHF3/4 Steel City Hands-Free Swivel Hanger System
Catalog ID: QH50517
an off setting are provided. environments or with masking systems powered by VARIZONE Performance-Line Programmable Amplifier EZ hang brackets simplify two efficient wide range 2" x 4" speakers that are powered by an internal 12W amplifier. Selectable white and pink analog
Catalog ID: NH50530
Atlas_Catalog_2011_s_80.pdf 75 Years of Excellence Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit AP-S15 AP-S15L 9 Total Outlets 9 Mounted XLR Connector for 12VDC LED Lamp R The Atlas Power AP-S15 Power Conditioner offers pike Suppression up to 6000V
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