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Catalog ID: HJ32945 800 - 893 - 2321 Mentor II The Intelligent DC Drive DC drives are widely used in applications that require regeneration
Catalog ID: AW86016
AW86016.pdf Mentor MP High Performance DC Drive 25 A to 7030 A , 400 V / 575 V / 690
Catalog ID: HJ32945 800 - 893 - 2321 Mentor II The Intelligent DC Drive DC drives are widely used in applications that require regeneration
Size: 9 Pages ( 782 kb )
Catalog ID: KT32949
80 0 MOTOR 100 SPEED ( % ) RUN STOP JOG â?? Performance DC Drives Regenerative adjustable speed drives also known as four - quadrant drives
Catalog ID: QI32948
pdf 800 - 334 - 3040 Fincor Non - Regen Drives Non - regenerative drives are typically used on applications contact closure to initiate the
Catalog ID: DP32955
ST - Z Internal EZMotion Module The Digitax ST - Z ( EZMotion ) drive provides a very high level of control by allowing the has many powerful software features to help , programming this servo drive is easy ; in fact itâ??s meet the most demanding
Catalog ID: RK32953
800 - 893 - 2321 Unidrive C Free Standing Fully Engineered Cabinet Drives 150 hp to 1000 hp Unidrive SP Free Standing is a range of compact AC drives for high power motors . They inherit their reliability , Incomer or
Catalog ID: PI32950
Frame Size Supply Current Time - Holding Brake 2 2 mm DC ( A ) lb - in Nm ms lb - in - sec kg - cm xxx ( XEFTS - xxx and XEFCS - xxx ) . All of the servo drives offered by Control Techniques have a current limiting algorithm in
Catalog ID: NB32957
NB32957.pdf 800 - 893 - 2321 16 Amp Drive Epsilon EP Compact and Economical The Epsilon EP Series is digital servo There are five sizes of each Epsilon EP drive : 2.2 A , drive in the Control Techniques lineup . Designed
Catalog ID: ML32954
Safety Stop Stop conventional organizations , BGIA and TÃ?V . This drive SD K1 K1 . . . . . . Start Start exclusive feature of the Unidrive Solution to prevent the motor from being powered by the drive . multiple Fieldbus multiple Fieldbus capability modbus rtu port The Unidrive
Catalog ID: LU32958
Ready EP - IDN & EP - PDN Both the Indexer and Programmable drives have a DeviceNet option , EP which makes them a natural fit in any lon DeviceNet related motion application . psi The drives retain the same footprint E as the standard drive . Both
Catalog ID: KJ32946
800 - 893 - 2321 FM Controls for MDS and EN Series Drives FM controls are application modules that provide added functionality to EN Series and MDS Drives . These F modules mount directly to the front of any
Catalog ID: JS32944
893 - 2321 Comm Commander SX ande NEMA 4X Washdown Duty Drive r SX Dirt , dust , water , pollution â?? all environments that can mean additional cost whenever a variable speed drive is needed . From washdown food and drink applications to dust
Catalog ID: JM32943
users have come to expect from more powerful and flexible drives from Control Techniques . TyPICAL APPLICATIONS Mixer Conveyor â?¢ 0.3 â?¢ Easy commissioning pack allows OEMs fast commissioning of multiple drives 10 800 - 893 - 2321 SL FEATURE COMMANDER
Catalog ID: IR32941
download stored P20 rotor Flux control ( rFc ) parameters to a drive , or dozens of drives . This is a standard feature that With the Commander GP20
Catalog ID: HW32960
HW32960.pdf 800 - 893 - 2321 MDS Modular Drive System The Modular Drive System , MDS , is a powerful and cost - effective solution for
Catalog ID: HG32942
for 90 % of applications printed on the front of the drive , Commander SK ensures installation and commissioning are straight forward . However deliver benchmark functionality at no added cost to the base drive itself . Plug - in options , dynamic performance , PLC functionality and other
Catalog ID: CU32961
Modules FM control modules ( see FM Controls ) provide MDS - MD drive modules with â?? snap - on â?? functionality for Indexing ( FM need , based DS on the applications parameters and not the drive M â?? spec â?? . Now programmed using the new PowerTools
Catalog ID: BN32963
AC servo motor range matched for use with Control Techniques drives . FM is an acronym for Flexible Motor , designed to accommodate 250 500 750 1000 1500 0 2000 lb - in Techniques drives . MDS Digitax ST â?¢ High inertia versions are available to
Catalog ID: OL86019
OL86019.pdf Unidrive M : Drives for Industry AC and Servo Drive Family for Industrial Applications 0.25 kW - 2.8 MW
Catalog ID: NN86018
pdf Servo Solutions for Continuous and Pulse Duty Applications Servo drives , servo motors and geared servo motors Digitax ST | Unidrive M700 fm | Dynabloc hd Digitax ST is available in five variants : Drive features EtherCAT Plus EZ Motion Indexer Base â?? â?? â
Catalog ID: IO86020
identified within Industrial Automation . The Unidrive M100 is a value drive that provides class leading quality and performance for open loop the full Unidrive M family , please download the Unidrive M Drives for Industry brochure or the â?? Discover Unidrive M â
Catalog ID: HJ86022
HJ86022.pdf Unidrive M600 High performance drive for induction and sensorless permanent magnet motors 0.75 kW language LCD keypads available with up to Terminal cover for DC bus , braking 4 lines of text , for rapid set - up
Catalog ID: GA86015
AI - Back - up Adaptor and AI - Smart Adaptor allows the drive to use an SD card for parameter cloning and acts Easy - to - disconnect Useful parameter guide on internal EMC filter drive front panel User - friendly power connections Drive rated to IP21
Catalog ID: FP86017
FP86017.pdf Powerdrive F300 Fan , Pump and Compressor drive Optimum energy efficiency , flexible functionality and ease of use Powerdrive flexible functionality and ease of use Powerdrive F300 : Cabinet - mount drive solution End users , OEMs and integrators need to maximize energy
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