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Catalog ID: NL31798
Bell & Gossett Series 1510 Centrifugal Pumps Technical Bulletin For hydronic heating and cooling systems industrial pressure boosting and general pumping applications provided as standard with an integral- assured while piping and motor remain undisturbed. Extended ly cast volute foot located directly beneath
Catalog ID: ND31794
Series 80 In-Line Mounted Centrifugal Pumps Applications Advantages Hydronic Heating Close Coupled & Cooling Systems Space Saving Industrial Process Long Life needed. 250 and 300 working pressure designs. CONVENIENT TO INSTALL MOTOR BRACKET In-line mounting eliminates the need for special pads
Catalog ID: NL31798
Bell & Gossett Series 1510 Centrifugal Pumps Technical Bulletin For hydronic heating and cooling systems industrial pressure boosting and general pumping applications provided as standard with an integral- assured while piping and motor remain undisturbed. Extended ly cast volute foot located directly beneath
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Catalog ID: MS31851
D-118B Bell & Gossett Packaged Systems For: Variable Speed Pumping Heat Transfer Pressure Boosting True Unit Responsibility And Optimized Performance From layout requires. Ideal for existing building using existing pumps and motors or new buildings where access to mechanical room is limited
Catalog ID: JO31767
On closed systems cooling is accomplished by inserting a small heat exchanger in the flush line to cool the seal flushing liquid
Catalog ID: ET31801
cast iron volute construction for 175 PSI seal face lubrication heat dissipation and debris working pressure. removal without vulnerable external flush to be used for construction purposes unless certified. 1Varies with motor manufacturer. PUMP DIMENSIONS FIGURE 2 INCHES MM SIZE OF PUMP
Catalog ID: DM31853
Catalog ID: PD32869
Brand: MTH
winding. When the rotor is perfectly centered in Sealless Canned Motor Pumps Simply change the bearings during the stator the magnetic the operation. True secondary con- Because these units have no motor magnetic elds induces a voltage tainment design makes it virtually
Catalog ID: LQ33918
three Full operating basic sections: steam pressure from finned tube heat transfer section a cold start in less steam flash circulating temperature water from the steam flash drum assembly to the heat transfer core assembly. Btu is transferred from the exhaust to
Catalog ID: SG34364
Brand: Grundfos
saving pump solutions. Sanitary Pressure boosting Industrial Cooling and air Heating and hot Dosing/Disinfection Environmental Sewage and Domestic water Groundwater and multi- ing systems for lubricants and cooling and air heating systems cooling and heating contaminated of applications in compact systems
Catalog ID: RO34362
Brand: Grundfos
and technology that support sustain- ability. For example: Permanent-magnet motors ECM Technology reduce energy consumption by up to 78% over smallest improvement in efficiency can translate to sizeable savings. ML motors for centrifugal pump applications are designed and manufactured by Grundfos
Catalog ID: JL34369
Car wash Greenhouses Paint systems Humidi ers Process/Plant Water Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning HVAC Boiler feed Heat exchangers Cooling towers and systems Chillers CAR WASH REVERSE OSMOSIS
Catalog ID: NP39645
Brand: Belden
optical fiber structured cabling systems systems enclosures racks wireless mobility exchanges and cable and racks patch cord/ cable management management accessories FiberExpress optical fiber cables patch units climate monitors adaptive enclosure heat panels adapters and patch cords containment systems - Optimax field connectors
Catalog ID: OF44662
cat_gas_diesel_cogen.pdf Exhaust Steam Generator Series ESG1 Heat Recovery Silencer U-Tube Heat Recovery Heat Recovery Silencer Radial Series HRSR Series UTR Axial
Catalog ID: TB46917
b1600IEC.pdf Bulletin 1600IEC PERMANENT MAGNET DIRECT CURRENT MOTORS & GEARMOTORS IEC Frames NEMA Frames Small Frames LEESON Your Complete Source For Quality DC Motors And More Today s LEESON offers one of the industry
Catalog ID: MK46914
Brand: Danfoss
range of products Pressure transmitters temperature sensors switches industrial valves motor starters and contactors and electronic components and subsystems. Take control Danfoss innovations are proven daily in our ARI-certified laboratories. Motor Controls Sensors and Transmitters Valves Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers MCX
Catalog ID: KO46942
Brand: US Motors
pds200-199.pdf Product Data Sheet Horizontal A.C. Motors Open Dripproof Energy & Premium Efficient Open Dripproof Energy Efficient Premium 1800 1200 rpm 200 208-230/460 & 575 volt ALLGUARD Motor Quality System Emerson Motor Company 2003 All Rights Reserved Product
Catalog ID: HU46961
Brand: US Motors
pds524-197.pdf Product Data Sheet Vertical A.C. Motors TEFC & Explosionproof Solid Shaft In Line Pump Totally Enclosed & Explosionproof 575 volt Explosionproof meets UL Class 1 Group D Emerson Motor Company 2003 All Rights Reserved Product Overview The Solid Shaft
Catalog ID: DP46540
Brand: Baldor
CA501_s3_24.pdf Severe Duty Motors Information General 661XL / IEEE 841 5 thru 75 Hp NEMA Volts Applications: Petroleum chemical and other industries with belt driven heat exchangers requiring premium efficient motors designed to API 661 standards
Catalog ID: CD46946
Brand: US Motors
pds220-187.pdf Horizontal TITAN A.C. Motors Totally Enclosed Tube Cooled 400 thru 2000 HP Three phase 60 hertz Product Overview The TOTALLY ENCLOSED TUBE COOLED TITAN motor type JT has a cast iron and heavy fabricated steel
Catalog ID: BI47128
Brand: KSB
KRT40-700.pdf Waste Water Submersible Motor Pumps KRT 40 to 700 02 Features KRT Submersible motor pumps for Versatile Applications Fields of application: KRT submersible motor
Catalog ID: SF48157
to include custom Gasketed Extended Coil Connections and Drain fan motor drive and vibration isolation mounted and fac- Pan Connections that re providing est efficiency at a reasonable first cost basis. heated or cooled air to the intended space and not to
Catalog ID: NI47884
probe controller. When hot gases or vapors are handled the heat transfer to the SIMPLEX UNIT MULTI JET NOZZLE NOZZLE BODY one moving part the centrifugal pump impeller directly coupled to motor shaft . . . no close tolerances . . . no wear adjustments . . . no pistons . . . no
Catalog ID: NE47886
Condensate Transfer Equipment CONDENSATE RETURN UNITS BOILER FEED UNITS VACUUM HEATING UNITS LOW NPSH PUMPS INDUSTRIAL VACUUM UNITS points. larger on request Series CMHD units include cylindrical Vacuum Heating and Industrial/Clinical Vacuum Units Series VCD or VCDS not
Catalog ID: JF47906
thought. They sit in buildings all over the world transferring heat from fuel to water allowing us to warm our buildings one place to another. We ve used them for space heating since before the United States Civil War in 1861. Even
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