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Catalog ID: OE83601
Brand: Ametek PMT
_5.pdf High Purity Products Model 1535 HIGH PURITY PRESSURE GAUGES Application Model 1535 pressure gauges are designed and manufactured for ultra-high purity gas distribution
Catalog ID: UN81003
Gauges-with-Brass-Internals.pdf PG - 8 Product Data PROCESS GAUGES SOLFRUNT 4-1/2" Model 1980 Gauges with Brass Internals DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS The Model 1980 4-1
Catalog ID: OE83601
_5.pdf High Purity Products Model 1535 HIGH PURITY PRESSURE GAUGES Application Model 1535 pressure gauges are designed and manufactured for ultra-high purity gas distribution
Brand: Ametek PMT
Size: 1 Pages ( 476 kb )
Catalog ID: UH80984
with-Brass-Internals.pdf LFG - 5 Product Data LIQUID FILLED GAUGES Models 1555 1558 1559 1-1/2" 2" and 2-1/2" Low Cost Utility Gauges SST Case with Brass Internals DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS U.S. Gauge
Catalog ID: QQ81008
Models-1903-and-1933.pdf PG - 4 Product Data PROCESS GAUGES SOLFRUNT 4-1/2" Models 1903 and 1933 DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS The Models 1903 and 1933 4-1/2" process gauges are SIZES: 4-1/2" designed for process applications that
Catalog ID: KF81010
Models-1901-1903-1931.pdf PG - 22 Product Data PROCESS GAUGES SOLFRUNT 6" Models 1901 1903 1931 DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS Series 1900 6" SOLFRUNT gauges are used where SIZES: 6" the distance between operator and
Catalog ID: DO80983
Stainless-Steel-Gauges.pdf LFG - 1 Product Data LIQUID FILLED GAUGES Models 1550/1553 2-1/2" 63mm and 4" 100mm All Stainless Steel Gauges DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS The Model 1550 and 1553 are 2-1
Catalog ID: CR81002
1929-Low-Pressure-Gauges.pdf PG - 6 Product Data PROCESS GAUGES SOLFRUNT 4-1/2" Model 1929 Low Pressure Gauges DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS Designed for pressure measurements as low as a
Catalog ID: TC80812
APOLLO_BACKFLOW_VALVE_103_14.pdf BACKFLOW PREVENTION CATALOG Accessories Backflow Preventers DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE GAUGE TEST KITS The Apollo Backflow Preventer Test Kits are compact lightweight and portable testing devices. They come equipped with a gauge hoses with integral filters and all required adapter fittings. Also
Catalog ID: TA77752
Brand: Armstrong
cApz QSUTC - 5.0mm 2.5mm 6.5mm Uptight Clip SCALE: 1:1 0.197" 0.099" 0.256" ARBRKT PreludeMetAlWorKS cApz perforAtion optionS DetAil 0.217" Actual 1:1 scale shown 5.5mm 106 1. Optima White Capz NOTE: MetalWorks
Catalog ID: TD2136
Brand: Winters
PaperMachine.pdf Paper Machine Gauge NEW Hinged Ring Case for Easy Recalibration Designed to Fit Specifications 3.5 90mm aluminum dial Dial: Winters Paper Machine Gauge features a heavy with black markings duty steel case with
Catalog ID: RW2122
Brand: Winters
Dial: dial with black and red markings The Winters Contractor gauge is designed 304 stainless steel Case: specifically for heating ventilation conditioning and plumbing applications. This 304 stainless steel Ring: durable gauge is ideal for service on air oil Aluminum anodized black
Catalog ID: QH2143
Brand: Winters
Sprinkler 1p.pdf Sprinkler Description Winters Sprinkler Gauges are listed by Underwriter s Laboratories ULC of Canada for systems. It also has a Canadian Registration Number . Each precision gauge is individually tested inspected and guaranteed to meet the CRN
Catalog ID: IQ2107
Brand: Winters
Accuracy 4 100mm bottom connection Description Winters 3A designated Sanitary Gauges are designed to meet the special requirements of the dairy piece stainless steel construction ensures an extended service life. The gauges are glycerin filled to reduce internal wear due to pulsation
Catalog ID: ID2109
Brand: Winters
to order: Specify product code Description PRODUCT CODES Winters Ammonia Gauges are widely used in the PREMIUM refrigeration industry where they P1751 2.5 63mm Back CB P1752 P1753 Winters Ammonia Gauges are available in Premium 4 100mm Bottom P1705 P1706 Series
Catalog ID: GP2138
Brand: Winters
Specifications Dial: 41/2 115mm white aluminum with Winters Receiver Gauge works in association black and red markings with an electronic is to Solid Wall: 304 stainless steel be indicated. The gauge indicates pressure Lens: Acrylic temperature or flow that can be
Catalog ID: FB2125
Brand: Winters
Blister Packaging 90 140 80 Available 70 150 50 60 Gauge 40 30 20 10 160 0 20 21/2 63mm : plastic colour coded blue for Winters Freon Gauges are designed for use on all low pressure and red
Catalog ID: BC2106
Brand: Winters
Hinged Case Back Connection Description The Winters 300 Series pressure gauge was originally designed and manufactured to conform to NATO s level quality has been maintained through the years as this gauge has become a durable all purpose premium gauge. Available with
Catalog ID: OM10455
Brand: Winters
ProductCatalog_2006-170_29.pdf Electrical Contact Pressure Gauge Pressure Switches Description Specifications Dial: 6 150mm white aluminum dial Winters Electrical Contact Pressure Gauge is suitable with black and red markings for any application
Catalog ID: ON11465
Brand: Tel-Tru
32.pdf MODEL 32 1.5% ALL STAINLESS STEEL PRESSURE GAUGES - DRY OR LIQUID FILLED Corrosion resistant gauge for general service applications. SPECIFICATIONS: Dial Size: 2-1/2
Catalog ID: US32450
Brand: Winters
Full_Product_Catalogue_2009s_099.pdf PPG 3A Pharmaceutical Sanitary Gauge Description & Features: 0.75% full scale accuracy Built to withstand the harshest of sanitary applications Food
Catalog ID: UH32470
Brand: Winters
hvac_catalogue_08s2_13.pdf PEM Economy Gauge Description & Features: Most economical all-purpose pressure gauge 1.5" 40mm to 4" 100mm sizes Friction bezel rings
Catalog ID: TV32514
Brand: Winters
hvac_catalogue_08s_65.pdf PDT Differential Gauge Description & Features: Brass or stainless steel wetted parts Both conventional and balanced scale available CRN registered 5 year warranty Applications: Single pointer to
Catalog ID: TV32460
Brand: Winters
Full_Product_Catalogue_2009s_119.pdf PCG Compressed Gas Gauge Description & Features: Economical 2" 50mm gauge with built-in safety features Safety blowout back steel case
Catalog ID: TP32506
Brand: Winters
Includes two thermometers for high or low temperature tests Pressure gauge includes secondary adjustable 1 set pointer to assist the operator in pressure test evaluations Hardened stainless steel gauge adaptor probe for test plug insertion 2 Eliminates the need
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