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Catalog ID: KT33422
Brand: Emerson
up to 800 amps . CBB Panels The LORAIN DB 48500 system consists of a Digital Meter Panel and up to 13 panels with a maximum of 5 BDF/CBB panels per frame . CBB panel provides two 2 500 amp buses for a
Catalog ID: KH33429
Brand: Emerson
mount Rack Space Single center mount 23-in . wide rack system 19-in . optional 1 .75-in . EIA spacing standard 1 List 00 latches ground bar single point cabinet ground lug frame ground system weather DEC25/27/NG F787654 gasketing insulation document
Catalog ID: KT33422
up to 800 amps . CBB Panels The LORAIN DB 48500 system consists of a Digital Meter Panel and up to 13 panels with a maximum of 5 BDF/CBB panels per frame . CBB panel provides two 2 500 amp buses for a
Brand: Emerson
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Catalog ID: KA33336
Brand: Emerson
power C R I T I C A L DATA systems demonstrates unparalleled reliability and industry-leading MTBF ratings. It includes O NS Network Power rectifiers the heart of the power system possess some of the highest power densities and smallest footprints
Catalog ID: JW33425
Brand: Emerson
PS 4810000 DC Power for Business-Critical Continuity DC Power System Key Features Emerson Network Power s next generation power platform Level 3 certified integrated power distribution control and monitoring . Single frame design provides power conversion distribution control and monitoring in a
Catalog ID: IJ33427
Brand: Emerson
for a 6AWG solid copper wire . wires on wall- or frame-mounted applications Application UL Listed to meet or exceed documented Surge Protection Emerson Network Power 2007 Emerson Network Power Energy Systems Energy Systems North America Inc. All rights reserved. 4350 Weaver
Catalog ID: GS33338
Brand: Emerson
Are Ideal For through the use of large-scale UPS systems. I Large-Scale Data Centers I Facility-Wide Networks I AN EASILY SCALABLE INCREDIBLY INTELLIGENT REMARKABLY REDUNDANT UPS THAT TAKES SYSTEMS AVAILABILITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL The Liebert Nfinity power system
Catalog ID: FT33384
Brand: Emerson
R K S on-line models Liebert rack-mount UPS systems are designed for reliability and space-saving flexibility. No one features into a smaller package. of today s network computing systems. These critical components need reliable Liebert Has Rack-mount UPS
Catalog ID: FL33334
Brand: Emerson
DC_Power_System__03.pdf DC Power for Business-Critical Continiuty DC Power Systems Powerful Solutions for Critical Data and Telecom Applications A Brilliant computer rooms The Emerson Network Power line of DC power systems demonstrates unparal- Emerson DC power systems leled reliability and industry
Catalog ID: CV33381
Brand: Emerson
noise. Liebert Challenger 3000 Precision Cooling An active precision cooling system providing a versatile and quiet room solution including temperature humidity assembling turnkey installation services Use this suggested scenario to begin framing the protection that as well as world-class service contracts
Catalog ID: TN37294
total vertical movement while providing a positive attachment for wall framing. The positive attachment allows for greater load resistance with thinner Mil/Ga Flange Designation Width Model No. Positive attachment to framing 212SLT1410 250CST250-68 68 14 ga 2-1/2 2
Catalog ID: KA37297
using a variety of fire stop attachment of the wall framing. The positive attachment allows for products to address the head experiencing ENCUMBERED movement 4 See UL Fire Resistance Directory for system details 6 and movement limitations : 8 CEMCO slotted / stuff and
Catalog ID: EH37296
joist_framing.pdf FrameRite Connectors JOIST FRAMING CONNECTORS SOLID BLOCKING JB Joist Blocking is to prevent joist rotation. Joist Blocking is a one piece system in lieu of the typical 3 piece detail offering an
Catalog ID: BN42757
Brand: Vutec
Available in seamless sizes up to 15 diagonal. standard remote systems. PearlBrite 3.1 gain a The brightest and highest contrast DILA. Vision XRP Vision XRP SoundScreen .85 gain rear projection system n Acoustically transparent vinyl-coated fabric is engineered to customer
Catalog ID: OB50542
Rear Door Included as Standard Equipment 14-gauge Tops / Bottoms / Frames 16-gauge Side Panels at Sections are Completely Redesigned With 3 8 KOs for BNC Connectors Perfect for Diversity Wireless Systems ncreased Vent Space on Top Sections I Stocked in Scratch
Catalog ID: QO64746
3 x 9.1 cm behind most wall mounts ClickFit system and furniture Combination Ethernet/ FINISH 2 700-Joule surge protection WEIGHT CAPACITY MODEL ELM805 In-wall Power and Cable Management System eliminates ground loop problems in remote equipment rooms DIMENSIONS w
Catalog ID: RW77102
Brand: Da-Lite
Lite s quality lecterns can be outfitted with complete sound systems wireless microphones well-lit reading surfaces and custom corporate logos can customize your lectern to accommodate any multi-media control systems. THE CRAFTSMAN STORY The talents and expertise of remarkably skilled
Catalog ID: KH77105
Brand: Da-Lite
8 3d VIrtual Grey - Designed specifically for 3D front projection systems 3D Virtual Grey is a flexible vinyl projection fabric that Perfect for classroom and meeting room facilities. Easy pull-down system locks at intervals to fit a variety of projection formats
Catalog ID: FO77251
Brand: Draper
Draper's_Product_Guide_for_Visual_Communication_48.pdf rear projection Systems CuStoM ViDeowAll frAMinG SySteMS eSSentIAl to our SuperIor VIDeoWAll DeSIGn Multiple rear screen
Catalog ID: LC37291
2009_ViperStud_Catalog.pdf 2009 TECHNICAL PRODUCT GUIDE VIPERSTUDTM DRYWALL FRAMING SYSTEM ViperStudTM is an improved steel drywall framing stud and track
Catalog ID: NG37300
Slotted_Track_Details_Data_Sheet.pdf Technical Data Sheet Framing Systems Slotted Slip Track SLT Slotted Track manufactured by CEMCO and
Catalog ID: PR37293
bridging.pdf FrameRite Connectors BRIDGING & BRACING CONNECTORS Framing Systems BRIDGERITE CLIP BR BridgeRite Clips are ready for use to
Catalog ID: OE77279
Brand: Draper
Projection_Screens_and_Related_Equipment_26.pdf RPX Rear Projection System Takes the guesswork out of rear screen system design Draper designed the Rear Projection System RPX to provide
Catalog ID: AV36540
pdf BETTER PRODUCTS FOR BETTER PROJECTS TRACK & STUD DRYWALL STEEL FRAMING SYSTEMS 1 Table of Contents Introduction Track and Studs are manufactured
Catalog ID: UO77753
Brand: Armstrong
Ceiling_Installation.pdf Reverso en Espa ol QuikStix for Ceilings Drywall Framing System 12 3 Fast. Easy. Green. The way to frame interior
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