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Catalog ID: QC79325
Brand: Everfocus
0V p-p 75 video test point inside cover 120 foot range depending on scene IR cable supplied reflectivity Gamma Correction Temperature -4°F 122°F -20°C 50°C Cables protected from weather and Environmental IP66 weather resistant tampering by the
Catalog ID: MA78721
Brand: DMP
short time it takes the system in the 5800 square foot home and that includes to learn how to install and And although the signal from sensors to receiver in one Protect your valuables: Computers machinery finished goods using n 80-foot
Catalog ID: QC79325
0V p-p 75 video test point inside cover 120 foot range depending on scene IR cable supplied reflectivity Gamma Correction Temperature -4°F 122°F -20°C 50°C Cables protected from weather and Environmental IP66 weather resistant tampering by th
Brand: Everfocus
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Catalog ID: II78715
Brand: DMP
15 of FCC Rules which are designed to provide reasonable protection against such interference in a residential installation. If this equipment Accessory Devices 10.1 Wiring Diagram ............................................................................................13 10.2 Lightning Protection ......................................................................................13 10.3 Accessory Devices ........................................................................................14 10.4 Mounting Keypads
Catalog ID: BE78730
Brand: DMP
are Detector with Pet Immunity is suitable for most concealed protection for doors windows or any portable water resistant and designed has a volume of built-in proximity crediential throughout the protected space. 100 dB while the 1135DB for access control. This
Catalog ID: VC79982
and reduces allergy-causing agents as well as noise. To protect the homeowner from dirt dust dust mites pet dander and Tools feature horsehair bristles and black finish. Kit Includes: 30-foot crushproof hose and hose rack Upholstery tool with brush Floor
Catalog ID: TJ79998
system - no plastic gears Full roller chain final drive Thermally protected motor Heavy-duty one-piece T-rail and steel trolley frame and cover isolation mounts Product No. 190-111958 Thermally protected motor Heavy-duty one-piece T-rail and all steel
Catalog ID: SO79922
Four 4 available 1/4-20 tapped holes. Sunshield: Provides protection from the direct Only one set of two is required aluminum HS9483SS: Provided with E Versions For outdoor packages. mounting foot polycarbonate faceplate glass reinforced HS9480TK Tamper Resistant Kit: Includes 10
Catalog ID: RU80064
Reporting System FEATURES Enhanced Sensitivity: Allows up to 1 000-foot range Add-on Modules for Expansion: o UMTS-3G Cellular Part 68 Smoke Signaling Accessory File S2499/UL217 National Fire Protection Association NFPA Linear LLC 1950 Camino Vida Roble Suite 150
Catalog ID: RH79926
valves for added connector or with a threaded conduit ingress protection. Designed for harsh entryhole. Column mount and wall mount environments galvanized steel and clear or black through wiring option through foot anodized aluminum with black powder of housing. Multiple sizes accomm
Catalog ID: RA79900
Brand: HID
1000 card format. Serial Cable The ProxProgrammer includes a 6 foot 2 meter cable with DB-9F connector for installation to VAC 47-63 Hz . 10-28.5 VDC reverse voltage protected. Power Requirements Linear supply recommended. Average 12/24 VDC: 100
Catalog ID: PU80090
5 Amp transmitting less than 1 A standby Reverse battery protection: yes Batteries: 2-9 Vdc batteries Antenna: 8-inch antenna 2 Amps maximum transmitting 15 A typical standby Input current protection: fused with reverse polarity protection Loop response time: 500 ms
Catalog ID: OR79992
Deterrence Copper Copâ?¢ is an efficient, dependable and reliable security protection solution designed to combat theft of commercial air conditioning (HVAC Here Linearâ??s Copper Cop consists of a unique 30-foot cable harness with eight self-tapping screw-in clip assemblies
Catalog ID: ME79987
16 The Model DMT-16 Telephone Distribution Module with Surge Protection will accept four incoming telephone lines and distribute Telephone Distributionwith 110 punch-down connectors. It is made with Surge Protection of brushed aluminum and can be easily mounted into the
Catalog ID: KC80000
DVS-2400 24-Zone Wireless Console Up to 1 500 foot transmission range Reduced potential for false alarming Installation and programming be tailored by site and by need. 12 zones of protection or less.The DVS-2400 is Available models include door
Catalog ID: JS80073
Supervised Wireless Security Superheterodyne receiver with up to 1 500-foot range Consoles are intended for apartments condos townhouses Full complement of Backup battery size: 12 volts 1.2 amp/hour protection or less. The systems feature a full-function built-in
Catalog ID: IR79687
Brand: Milnor
eliminate costly service a tighter range of the set temperature foot of the laundry floor. associated with other dryers. Hidden magnetic longer when A unique drying tumbler that also optional to protect against fire damage compared to rear-access dryers. caused by
Catalog ID: FU80003
wireless security. Dual diversity superheterodyne technology. Up to 1 500 foot line-of-sight range. 4 and 8-channel models for and other outbuildings that were previously hard or impossible to protect are now easily tied in using Linear s wireless sensors
Catalog ID: FF80016
motor 1/2-HP DC motor 10- 12- or 14-foot wood 10- 12- or 14-foot wood arms arms Arm speed: 2 3 seconds to Arm
Catalog ID: FE79975
AC and 7 amps DC 30 volts Load shed circuitry protects backup battery 9.75 W x 11.75 H x It has a built-in radio transmitter with a 250-foot rugged plastic enclosure and for mounting in a standard range
Catalog ID: DM79580
Brand: Siemon
visual indication of proper panel alignment In-Facing Headers and Footers Maximize floor space while maintaining full load capabilities In addition managers for properly managing large individual bundles of cables. The footers have also been designed to retain the 0.61m 2
Catalog ID: CG79972
Key Ring Remote 1 2GIG-KEY2-345 Bumper pads to protect Bumper pads to furniture & prevent sliding protect furniture & Works with any TS1 keypad prevent sliding Works with
Catalog ID: BH80017
the field. 24 VAC/VDC input power Low voltage surge protection for all inputs Plug-in loop detector capability for open or 1 HP 115 or 230 VAC single phase thermally protected WEIGHT LENGTH heavy-duty PSC motor GSLG-A-211 115V
Catalog ID: AJ79548
applications is a normal course of action. Heat mapping shows foot traffic patterns But if you re a security professional and Search Results concerned about wasting critical Watermarking of video clips protects seconds toggling between your video Searching through hours or weeks
Catalog ID: AC79551
Brand: Sielox
have been interrupted. And backward compatibility ensures long term investment protection. The 1700 is a true IP solution with data transfer and Service Technicians understand the need for serviceability when stepping foot onto a client s premises. End-users want their syst
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