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Catalog ID: RM71069
Brand: Isotech
of constant temperature within the furnace in which High-Temperature Fixed Points such as Aluminum Silver and Copper can be frozen and
Catalog ID: CE71072
Brand: Isotech
How To Order accredited calibration services using metal-carbon eutectic fixed point cells. Model Type: NPL Pt/Pd Thermocouple We are pleased
Catalog ID: RM71069
of constant temperature within the furnace in which High-Temperature Fixed Points such as Aluminum Silver and Copper can be frozen and
Brand: Isotech
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Catalog ID: PH28789
Brand: Isotech
Cat_Mercury_Cell.pdf The Isotech Mercury Cell -38.8344°C Uncertainty 0.000220°C g Rugged Stainless Steel Construction g 7N Pure g The Isotech Mercury Cell is constructed in a rugged sealed stainless steel enclosure allowing
Catalog ID: PD71055
Brand: Isotech
mercury_triple.pdf Apparatus Mercury Triple Point -36 to -42°C Purpose Designed for Isotech Mercury Cell g Outstanding Convenience and Safety g Liquid Free g The
Catalog ID: WB86445
Brand: Sutron
equivalents Blue Green Algae Low sensitivity: 150-2 000 000 cells/mL of 1 ppb rhodamine WT dye or 20 cells/mL fresh water or marine Med. sensitivity: 150-200 000
Catalog ID: GK86438
Brand: Sutron
equivalents Blue Green Algae Low sensitivity: 150-2 000 000 cells/mL of 1 ppb rhodamine WT dye or 20 cells/mL fresh water or marine Med. sensitivity: 150-200 000
Catalog ID: ER86449
Brand: Sutron
CSD up to 9.6 in most areas where a cell phone works Service kbps Plans: USA service provided by T-Mobile. SMS Point to Point mobile originated & terminated International service offered in 130
Catalog ID: EL86450
Brand: Sutron
MHz Transceiver Class 1 1W 1800/1900 MHz Features SMS Point to Point mobile originated and mobile terminated Concatenated SMS GPRS modems use
Catalog ID: IW86357
any classroom setting. TRIUMPH BOARD 6-touch inputs with IR cell LED Optical technology enables simultaneous collaboration between students using the whiteboards with a ceramic steel surface and slim design IR Cell LED optical technology Low glare porcelain enameled e3 steel surface
Catalog ID: NM85379
Brand: Senstar
9 2.10 Wearable Duress Transmitter Functionality ................................................................................ 9 2.11 Fixed Position Duress Transmitter Functionality ....................................................................... 10 2.12 Alarm Generation and shall consist of a lightweight wearable duress transmitter and a fixed position duress transmitter that communicate over radio frequency RF with
Catalog ID: GP85433
Brand: Aiphone
IP Addressable Intercoms & Emergency Stations MOBILE APP FOR PRIORITY CALL CELL PHONES & TABLETS QUEUING Identify visitors unlock doors make Emergency Stations HOMES Event logging Use a reliable router or WiFi access point to connect Review station event history an IX Series station
Catalog ID: CV85270
Brand: RBH
Infrastructure Maps See live status of all controllers devices access points Powerful report generating capability is built into AxiomV. AxiomV is designed to provide a scalable security apartments/suites alarm points outputs etc. From Database and history reports allow for thousands
Catalog ID: WG85584
Repeaters hazardous material complies with DOT-CFR Title 49 Wireless Fixed Wireline parts 171-189. Not restricted for water transport - Classified Ampere Hour Capacity 77°F 25°C Weight Weight Model Cells/Voltage Operating Time in hours to 1.75 Volts Per
Catalog ID: SW85555
Designed for UPS Standby Power Applications. feAtUReS & BenefitS APPLiCAtiOnS Proprietary Fixed Orifice Plate Pasting 10 year design life 25 C Data for consistent efficient gas recombination of up Network Operations Centers cell-to-cell performance higher to 99% and freedom from electrolyte
Catalog ID: MP85706
load efficiency heads for easy serviceability and improve efficiency Single point power termination for the ease of installation Rigid structural steel ANSI/AWWA C-606 regions. Standard with 1 thick closed cell insulation Standard relief valve s 3/4 19mm FPT Compressor
Catalog ID: MA85841
Brand: Clarcol
filters that can plug and become ineffective. Since the ESP cells are washable reusing the collection cells eliminates costly filter replacements and disposal which allows for a
Catalog ID: IV85557
Inserted Terminal Call Factory for Details MR12-150 FEATURES Proprietary Fixed Orifice Plate Pasting technology applying active material on both 10 Replacement for UPS12-140FR sides of the grid for consistent cell-to-cell Absorbent Glass Mat AGM technology for performance higher
Catalog ID: IU85718
baked finishing Suction and discharge service valves are provided Single point power connection for all models for the ease of servicing efficiency at off- Evaporator comes with 1 25mm thick closed cell design conditions. Vision 2020i adapts to any insulation abnormal operating
Catalog ID: IS85586
APPLICATIONS 6V 200 AH 20 HR RATE 6V 620 WATTS/CELL 15 MIN. RATE FEATURES 10 Year design life 25°C and highest current carrying efficiency. Flame retardant polypropylene case Proprietary Fixed Orifice Pasting and cover compliant with UL 1778 technology applying
Catalog ID: CN85585
vent for safety and long life Threaded copper alloy inserts. Fixed Wireless Thermally welded case-to-cover bond Multicell design for e re Ho ur Capacity to 1.75 Volts per Cell 77°F 25°C Discharge in hrs. 1.00 2
Catalog ID: AR85877
D. seamless copper tube on sizes 90 and 240. -Single point power connection. -Coil and drain pan assembly slides into cabinet FIBERGLASS B R-22 U SINGLE WAL 7/8" CLOSED CELL C R-NU22 D DOUBLE WALL D R-134A SPECIAL
Catalog ID: DA84402
extreme expansion contraction All stainless steel construction and vibration. The fixed-pin module acts as the vessel s Bolt-in-place module bolts directly to tank leg without requiring primary reference point enabling rotation. A single side- additional load buttons or mounting
Catalog ID: WM84596
Brand: Sewerin
150 Radio noise loggers 13 SePem 01 GSM Loggers with cell phone technology 14 Locating Products 15 About Us The Sewerin picked up as structure-borne noise even at distant contact points such as fittings. The vibrations are also transmitted up through
Catalog ID: JW83505
Brand: Raymond
lift gates Heavy duty cast aluminum handle Truck tie down points provide INTERRUPT resiliency than low carbon steel. and curbs means components are fully tucked within the handle as the down points increasing trains operators to travel with forks easy service.
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