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Catalog ID: FM85364
meter ribbon supply Healthcare Patient Safety n n Large LCD display with 6-button menus Compliance Labeling n n USB 2 card reader Tianjin TSC Auto ID Technology Co. Ltd. Bluetooth module serial interface Tel: 86 22 5981 6661 Regular cutter full
Catalog ID: EN85202
Brand: Mobotix
MX-B045-100-CS 39°-89° x 29°-65° Camera Module body lens can be ordered separately Image sensor with individual outdoor location you should only install white or silver-colored modules and frames. This product must not be installed within the
Catalog ID: FM85364
meter ribbon supply Healthcare Patient Safety n n Large LCD display with 6-button menus Compliance Labeling n n USB 2 card reader Tianjin TSC Auto ID Technology Co. Ltd. Bluetooth module serial interface Tel: 86 22 5981 6661 Regular cutter full
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Catalog ID: DU85377
Brand: Senstar
optic cables. The cables shall connect to a signal processing module that detects and locates attempted intrusions by analyzing the changes The system shall not require any active devices or processor modules to be installed outdoors. February 1 2017 Page 6 of
Catalog ID: DC85343
interface ASIA PACIFIC 128 x 64 pixels graphic type LCD display with back light Factory options TSC Auto ID Technology Co 100 Mbps E-mail: apac sales Peel-off module Dealer options Guillotine cutter full cut or partial cut CHINA
Catalog ID: CW85412
Brand: Aiphone
entry area when activated from the tenant station an audio module for communication a 170° angle of view Direct digit dialing alphabetical scrolling or jump PTZ camera module for video a 10-key keypad for direct scrolling by
Catalog ID: CV85270
Brand: RBH
and Powerful User Interface System Architecture Dynamic Interactive Interactive Status Display Reports Advanced Flexible Infrastructure Maps See live status of all to this feature it can also Modular Server Components automatic display on alarm mapping is enhanced by direct be quickly turned
Catalog ID: CN85182
Brand: Mobotix
2014 S15D: Modular PoE network camera with max. two sensor modules for concealed installation not included Manually adjustable dome mount with along three axes for wall ceiling and upright installation Sensor modules Thermal Day Night Night-LPF and PTMount-Thermal can up
Catalog ID: AU85346
Office or Home n n Office Mailing Optional front LCD display internal n Ethernet peel-off module cutter Shipping n module Bluetooth module and stand-alone keyboard
Catalog ID: WS85783
Brand: Cemline
State Operating Controller Cemline Model 2001 Solid State Steam Control Module incorporates operating and limit functions in one solid state controller on Cemline Unfired Steam Generators. The controller features a LED display of the pressure and on board setting of high and
Catalog ID: WI85886
with Canadian ICES-003 Up to seven CAN-A168EIO expansion modules can be connected BACnet Testing Laboratory BTL listed via standard inputs and 72 Accessories outputs . CAN-A168EIO I/O Expansion Module see the next page HPO-6700 series Output override boards
Catalog ID: WH86246
data Your Gateway of Measurement Technology Lufft I-BOX Software modules: App-Store ready-made or custom-built for you As data can be easily Network 10/100BaseT autosensing autocrossing stored displayed monitored and Connections 1 x network RJ45 integrated in customer
Catalog ID: VL85981
Brand: Alber
Hydrometer Data Upload DMA-35 data via IRDA no data module required Upload DMA-35N-CRT data via RS-232 cable data module required Color-coded out of tolerance indication based on user
Catalog ID: VD85758
Brand: Cemline
AB-1953 Lead-Free Control Valve components CEM-TROL Control Module 2 Standard Equipment Cemline Brazed Plate Heaters and Plate and complete and require only connection to services CEM-TROL Control Module and CEM-TROL Features Electronically Operated Control Valve Built in
Catalog ID: TB85851
Brand: Colmet
com Cartridge Batch Powder Booth Heavy Duty Bolted Construction Collector Module to Recirculate Clean Filtered Air Through the Booth Available in to be sealed with the provided caulk following assembly. Collector Module Recirculates clean filtered air into the booth and includes high
Catalog ID: SH85675
four programmable relay switches a large 6 digit LED dual display AC or DC power input and digital communication options the and 10V Inputs Pump Controller Large Dual-Line 6-Digit Display 0.60 & 0.46 NEMA 4X IP65 Front Universal 85
Catalog ID: RF85971
Brand: Alber
7x24 data collection analysis and remote alarm notification Real time display and data logging of individual cell voltages and string current BDS 256 XL system consists of: One CM XL8 Controller Module per 8 strings One or more Data Collection Modules per
Catalog ID: RC85774
Brand: Cemline
solenoid safety system with electronic limit control. CEM-TROL control module. Condensate Outlet 3 CEM-TROL Solid State Water Heater Controller Cemline CEM-TROL Solid State Water Heater Control Module incor- porates operating and limit functions in one solid state
Catalog ID: QC86024
Brand: Perma-Pipe
cable the system s soft- 2 line X 40 character display showing status date and time ware can incorporate short lengths GLS drawings tometry traces and can be interpreted by are displayed with GLSViewer. A GLS trained personnel who are familiar with
Catalog ID: PH85889
up trends schedules and alarms see below Internet browser accessibility modules Building Services Collects data from multiple BAS protocols stores trends interfaces with easy to use drag-and- action drop group displays Choose from four preset levels or create a custom level
Catalog ID: OL86019
foundation and Flexible Automation range of common click-in optional modules. Class leading automation drive providing the highest levels of universal diagnostics with Open loop AC drive with easy plain text display integrated PLC communication integration and safety inputs options Page 12
Catalog ID: OF85690
Brand: CPS Tools
mixture A2L refrigerants Six sensitivity Visual tachometer-like bar graph display levels with 8 high intensity LEDs automatically selected by Optimal leak-finding performance under a Bar graph instrument displays broad range of conditions relative leak size Meets or exceeds
Catalog ID: NJ85717
control arrangement. Solid State Motor Protection The motor winding protection module used in conjunction Positive Displacement Direct Connected with sensors embedded WVGA color System Control touch screen led back light graphical display and The unit may be started or stopped manually or
Catalog ID: NB85703
Suction gas cooled motor High EER Solid state motor protection module monitors motor winding temperature via embedded PTC sensors. This protects Step down transformer for control circuit Main power supply monitoring module OUVR giving protection on under or over voltage phase reversal
Catalog ID: MR85777
Brand: Cemline
solenoid safety system with electronic limit control. Cem-Trol control module Return to Boiler 3 Cem-Trol Solid State Water Heater Controller Cemline Cem-trol Solid State Water Heater Control Module incorpo- rates operating and limit functions in one solid sta
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