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Catalog ID: HE40379
BIS_Rental-Staging-LR_13.pdf Catalog 517RS Digital Solutions Digital Solutions Overview SECTION 6 As a leader in new product
Catalog ID: FF40423
slightly. Corporate and residential customers are igh-definition Cable and Satellite Broadcasting and Off-Air H expecting HDMI connectivity Television broadcasts Switch from analog to digital accelerating roliferation of in-home and corporate movie viewing with
Catalog ID: HE40379
BIS_Rental-Staging-LR_13.pdf Catalog 517RS Digital Solutions Digital Solutions Overview SECTION 6 As a leader in new product
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Catalog ID: EW40340
1080p Switches 4 Component/RGBHV video sources with analog or digital PCM Bandwidth: -3 dB 300 MHz linear phase pass band System Design Example PCM Audio L/R Audio Comp Comp Satellite Box L/R Audio KD-CSW4X1 Plasma TV PCM Audio
Catalog ID: ER40919
Brand: Symetrix
Inputs for devices such as: CD Player Retail iPod Karaoke Satellite TV Audio DVD Audio Juke Box DJ Certifications MSRP Mixer lbs. 4.54 kg Address Broadcast Night Clubs Retail Locations Digital 8 ARC-PS Box Dimensions Media Production Assistive Listening. 8
Catalog ID: EO40765
audio signals to RF Isolated left & right inputs improve audio Digital phase lock loop tuning eliminates performance for multiple audio inputs other notification. TV antenna for security surveillance Connect a home satellite receiver RFM1A Operating Voltage: 5V DC as supplied by USB
Catalog ID: DM40337
12 bit color depth 1920x1200 max Deep Color Support: Supports Digital Video Formats in Deep Color Mode at up to 12 bits/color Key Features Lossless Compressed Digital Audio: Supports lossless compressed digital audio Dolby TrueHD Dolby Digital
Catalog ID: BG40972
video systems can include IR infrared controlled devices such as Satellite and Cable set top boxes DVD players etc. RS-232 pointing or other accidental interference the remote sends an instantaneous digital RF Radio Frequency command to the MSC-400. This RF
Catalog ID: WM42880
Brand: Steren
Drop Cable High-Grade RG6/U Coaxial Cable Suitable for Digital HDTV Applications CATV and Satellite Fully Sweep Tested to GHz 18 AWG Solid Conductors Aluminum
Catalog ID: NP42886
Brand: Steren
2:58:09 PM Power Conditioning & Test Equipment Analog Multimeter Digital Multimeters Cable Locator Inductive Voltage Detector Continuity Testers Analog Multimeter Digital Multimeters Digital Clamp Multimeters Inductive Voltage Detector Cable Locator Cable
Catalog ID: FE42885
Brand: Steren
reach much higher standards. Our solutions serve broadband cable and satellite TV operators cabling and telephony systems contractors and many other for Use in Data Networks Optical g Patch Panels and Digital Video and Audio Applications Customized by Fiber Mode Simplex or
Catalog ID: DK42494
Brand: ASHLY
Rear Panel LX-308B Applications: Broadcast Studios Mobile Broadcast Units Satellite Downlink Distribution Boardroom Sound Systems Multimedia Sound Distribution Concert Sound Ashly manufactures a complete and comprehensive line of Analog and Digital Signal Processors Power Amplifiers Mixers and Amplifier Input Options. Please
Catalog ID: CC42882
Brand: Steren
time. Optical AV Cable Adapters Optical AV Cable Amplifier Optical Digital-AV Cables Python Home Theater Cables Audio Patch Cords Microphone Cables Optical Cables C27 C25 C26 C27 C26 C25 Python Digital Python Digital HDMI to DVI Adapters HDMI Repeater HDMI Cables
Catalog ID: TF55373
Brand: Control4
simultaneously including two AM/FM stations and an optional XM satellite radio stream. Incorporating a Multi-Tuner into your system means local radio broadcasts with dual AM/FM tuners and streaming satellite radio with optional XM tuner. See the station name music
Catalog ID: PV55575
Brand: Kramer
INPUTS: 1Vpp/0.7Vpp 75 on 15 RCA connectors 5 digital audio S/PDIF on 5 RCA connectors 5 unbalanced stereo 0.7Vpp 75 on 15 RCA connectors OUT 1 5 digital audio S/PDIF on 5 RCA Y OUT 2 OU
Catalog ID: OF55363
Brand: Control4
Together Amplifiers Control4 Speaker Point The Control4 Speaker Point delivers digital music to any room from any audio source. With both Analog Input 1 1 4 8 16 Sources Number of Digital Input N/A N/A 2 N/A N/A
Catalog ID: LF55578
Brand: Kramer
is a distribution amplifier for component video with analog and digital audio signals. It takes one input of each signal type Cb Pr/Cr INPUTS: 1Vpp/75 on RCA connectors 1 digital audio S/PDIF 75 on RCA S/PD IN P
Catalog ID: GB55574
Brand: Kramer
1Vpp 0.7Vpp 0.7Vpp/75 on RCA connectors 1 digital audio S/PDIF 75 on RCA connectors 1 unbalanced stereo 0.7Vpp/75 on RCA connectors IN OU T2 3 digital audio S/PDIF 75 on RCA IN OU T2 OU
Catalog ID: WR60945
Brand: Atlona
COMP-42M_ds.pdf Atlona 4x2 Component Video with Analog and Digital Audio Matrix Switch Weight 6.63 lbs SKU AT-COMP Supports 4 inputs to 2 outputs Component Video Stereo and Digital Audio Matrix Switcher Very High Video Bandwidth 325MHz is beneficial
Catalog ID: VL61138
Brand: DVDO
Ultra is the perfect Source Adaptive Video 12-bit video digital-to-analog Processing video hub for the sophisticated converters DACs input seven different sources including Multiple outputs including DVD players Satellite TV receivers Chroma Upsampling Error CUE Digital Visual Interface DVI
Catalog ID: SA61136
Brand: DVDO
changes using interlaced sources including most cable Auto Priority feature satellite and over-the-air broadcasts. IR Remote with Direct Access Noise Reduction to reduce ADVANCED CONNECTIVITY the compression artifacts in digitally compressed signals like cable satellite and internet-based video. Five
Catalog ID: RL61139
Brand: DVDO
PrecisionSDI Custom designed and manufactured by Anchor Bay Technologies serial digital interface video input module Upgrade your iScan HD/HD to SDI with the PrecisionSDI Digital Video Input Module Model SDI-601A precision SDI Serial Digital
Catalog ID: RD60993
Brand: Atlona
amp. The AT-LINE-PRO5 passes through any analog or digital 2Ch audio signal to ensure the best presentation available. Built IR Remote Control Rack Ears User manual Connection Blu-Ray Satellite Receiver Laptop Camera Laptop or or or or Computer VCR
Catalog ID: JB60991
Brand: Atlona
amp. The AT-LINE-PRO4 passes through any analog or digital 2Ch audio signal to ensure the best presentation available. Multiple 110/240V IR Remote Control Rack Ears User manual Connection Satellite Receiver Blu-Ray Laptop Laptop VCR or or or or
Catalog ID: DA60899
Brand: Atlona
HDMI Cable with Ethernet quality in High Definition Video and Digital Audio transfer. Simply the best cables you can get. construction user to eliminate excess cables which are connecting the TV satellite & cable boxes LCDs projectors Plasma and audio receiver to single
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