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Catalog ID: LD23343
Brand: Baldor
â?¢ DC injection braking â?¢ Service factor - 1.0 â?¢ Digital display for fault conditions from control â?¢ 2 analog meter outputs â?¢ Duty - continuous â?¢ Linear heat sink thermal sensor
Catalog ID: EK23423
Brand: Baldor
of 200 % . Separate accel / decel rates and Han controlled reversing . Digital operator control and display on the 15J and rotary dlin microprocessor controlled operating Conditions â?¢ Selectable automatic restart at â?¢ Digital speed control B PWM output â?¢ Input voltage momentary power
Catalog ID: LD23343
â?¢ DC injection braking â?¢ Service factor - 1.0 â?¢ Digital display for fault conditions from control â?¢ 2 analog meter outputs â?¢ Duty - continuous â?¢ Linear heat sink thermal sen
Brand: Baldor
Size: 1 Pages ( 77 kb )
Catalog ID: DM24049
Brand: Liebert
unmatched by any UPS in the industry . Current The all - digital ActiveStar controls are DSP - based and feature unique , patent - pending controls . These controls are there is no system - level LCD panel or static bypass necessary for large - scale power systems , but
Catalog ID: CL24002
Brand: Liebert
Challenger is a self - contained system.The status and control panel is on the â?? I need a cooling source I an air delivery system capable of 1800 - 3000 auge steel panels . g C.F.M . Because most computer rooms use a
Catalog ID: CA23452
Brand: Baldor
function controls . It is ideal for applications â?¢ Two analog meter outputs â?¢ Two - and three - input PID process control â?¢ Digital display for fault conditions with real - where multiple motors are
Catalog ID: ML28225
is pleased to present the PMD580 , a single rack - space digital recorder that adds advanced network control , automatic archiving , and high transfer . With high resolution , 24 - bit recording , professional analog and digital I / O hardware , RS232 control , and a myriad of other
Catalog ID: IS28228
PMD661 provides the audio precision of 24 - bit , 96 kHz digital recording . Its exceptional resolution and �le - based architecture makes for meetings , conferences , legal proceedings and podcasts . The ergonomic control panel , one - touch transport system and large , bright OLED display make
Catalog ID: RC28301
Brand: ASHLY
Functions â?¢ Third Party Control Friendly â?¢ Input and output metering viewable in dBu â?¢ Multi - level Security â?¢ Five year warranty â?¢ Safety / Compliance : ( cTUVus , FCC , CE pending ) , RoHS Rear panel : â?¢ 10 / 100 Ethernet port â?¢ RS - 232 Port â
Catalog ID: GB30926
11 : 11 AM Page 216 T Insight Portable Flow & Pressure Meter N Use the new Insight Portable Flow Tester to determine nozzles , pumpers or hydrants . All Insight Portable Flow UTester series meters incorporate a new processor Flow Tube Q that allows for
Catalog ID: BU30951
switch , automatic condensate drain , high - temperature T shutdown , hourmeter , gauge panel , UL approved electrical system and a Bauer P series purifier features a Honda engine , a pressure shutdown switch , and hour meter . Suitable for use with a maximum of a 2 cylinder
Catalog ID: BN31251
Brand: Shure
BN31251.pdf DP11EQ Digital Signal Processor Specification Sheet DP11EQ DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR The Shure Model DP11EQ is a single - channel
Catalog ID: AD30691
nozzle with stream straightener and a quick - connect injector and metering valve for ® The SHO - FLOW water flow indica - adding cleaning behind a nozzle or on the outlet of a pump panel to quickly determine 1 the flow present in the hose
Catalog ID: WH31783
UL & cUL listed . retrofitted by simply replacing the existing starter panel The Bell & Gossett Technologic 502 is designed with cus - with drives . Fewer hydraulic conditions such as pump flow surges , hunting , panels also means less interconnecting field wiring for and system over
Catalog ID: VS31854
system design . systems demand more than a simple pump staging panel . Modern facilities Our worldwide representative network require advanced energy savings to be loaded and saved . 4 - 20mA analog signals and digital also available : These field values are permanently outputs . Serial communication
Catalog ID: UD31870
Pressure Booster â?¢ ( 4 â?? 6 ) Pump Systems Microprocessor Control Panel â?¢ Audile Alarm â?¢ Exclusive Bell & Gossett design â?¢ Flow be provided with current limit circuitry â?¢ Start / Stop â?? Digital Input to provide short circuit protection and safeguard against â
Catalog ID: SB31846
CONTROLLER PRODUCT DATA BULLETIN TECHNOLOGIC 350 CONSTANT SPEED PUMP CONTROL PANEL FOR CLOSED LOOP APPLICATIONS STANDARD FEATURES â?¢ Controls up to and Amp Transducer with On - Board Calibration â?¢ Elapsed Time Meters â?¢ NEMA 12 Rated Enclosure â?¢ Virtual H - O - A
Catalog ID: QR31755
4 - 20mA Input AI # 2 , 4 - 20mA Input Optional Flow Meter , 4 - 20mA Input AI # 1 , 4 - 20mA Output ( Field Selectable Output Speed Signal Start Signal AFD Run Feedback For Individual panel dimensional Input Power information , see Bulletin D - 153G Packaged Systems
Catalog ID: PU31265
Brand: Shure
belt or guitar strap MONITOR FEATURES 5 6 P4HW TOP PANEL 1 4 MIX EQ LIM dB 3 7 8 9 each function , as follows : Symbol Function Status Indication Input Level Meter â?¢ Signal present ( â?¢ ) Nominal ( â?¢ ) ) 6 dB below clipping
Catalog ID: PN31752
Excellence Packaged Systems Group User - Friendly Operator Interface Microprocessor Control Panel â?¢ User Selectable Pump Staging Methods : â?¢ Exclusive Bell & Gossett Clock â?¢ Scheduled Start / Stop of System â?¢ Elapsed Time Meters â?¢ Suction and Discharge Pressure Displays â?¢ Virtual H - O
Catalog ID: KQ31757
Valve Positioner â?? Electric or Pneumatic â?¢ Zonesav Insertion Flow Meter with Pulse and 4 - 20ma output â?¢ H 20 " Digital and Analog Logic Input Modules for â?¢ W 16 " Expanded
Catalog ID: FN31750
4 - 6 Pumps Packages Optional Packaged Systems Group Microprocessor Control Panel User - Friendly Operator Interface â?¢ Exclusive Bell & Gossett Design â Clock â?¢ Scheduled Start / Stop of System â?¢ Elapsed Time Meters â?¢ Suction and Discharge Pressure Displays â?¢ Virtual H - O
Catalog ID: DU31855
Electric or Pneumatic â?¢ Variable / Volume Primary â?¢ Insertion Flow Meter with Pulse Two Way or Three Way Control Valve Applications and 4 - 20ma output â?¢ Digital and Analog Logic Input Modules for Expanded I / O Points
Catalog ID: CT31756
4 Enclosure â?¢ Manual System Control â?? Additional Analog and Digital Inputs & Outputs â?¢ Membrane switches with LED indications of â?? Flowmeter status of each switch â?? kW Meter with kW display â?¢ Four - line Twenty Character , Illuminated LCD
Catalog ID: BC31754
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