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Catalog ID: NC40742
VIDEOCAT2010_4.pdf Video Digital Recorder VDR The missing link between VCRs and DVRs Finally display rate / 60 fps record rate 4 or 8 BNC camera inputs / 1 BNC video output Full stop / overwrite HDD record
Catalog ID: NB40748
VIDEOCAT2010_45.pdf Zoom & Traditional CCD Cameras See pg 22 See pg 28 See pg 35 See for details for details for details for details IPINTT5 Traditional Camera WDRT6 VLINTT5 HTINTT5 Uses C/CS Lenses Intensifier Wide Dynamic
Catalog ID: NC40742
VIDEOCAT2010_4.pdf Video Digital Recorder VDR The missing link between VCRs and DVRs Finally display rate / 60 fps record rate 4 or 8 BNC camera inputs / 1 BNC video output Full stop / overwrite HDD record
Size: 1 Pages ( 68 kb )
Catalog ID: ME40739
VIDEOCAT2010_37.pdf 650 Series Dome Cameras Vandalproof High Resolution Weatherproof Color Dome Camera with IR LEDs 10x Optical/ HT650IRVFHQS silver 10x Digital HT650IRVFHQW
Catalog ID: KL40775
MPEG4 HYBRID Pentaplex DVR iPhone Supports Both Analog and IP Cameras Compatible PC PRO Series DVRPC8P24 8 Channel PC Based Pentaplex 25 L 2.5RU H True hybrid DVR provides IP camera support Remote control and rack ears included on most popular
Catalog ID: IQ40753
channel with audio gravitational forces on X Y Z axis Digital Watermark support Daylight savings time Smooth reverse playback AVI File or Network for remote access RS-485 port for PTZ camera support NIC 10/100 mbs Optional Accessories: AC Power Adaptor
Catalog ID: HJ40717
VIDEOCAT2010_17.pdf Intensifier Series Cameras Traditional Box Weatherproof Tamper Resistant Includes video test connector Includes Gain Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AGC-L AGC-H AGC-M OFF selectable Digital Noise Reduction . . . . . . . . . . . ON / LOW / MIDDLE / HIGH Privacy Function . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ON / OFF
Catalog ID: EO40765
audio signals to RF Isolated left & right inputs improve audio Digital phase lock loop tuning eliminates performance for multiple audio inputs 3-4 status of the leads changes Connect a video camera to a and can be used to trigger an alarm
Catalog ID: DU40709
PC compatible software available for system settings and PTZ 485 camera control via download network connection Analog BNC DDNS AD422 Fastrax DynaColor JVC NIC 10/100 mbs Automatic camera detection Plug & Play Power Consumption: Start up 80 Watts Running
Catalog ID: CG40725
VIDEOCAT2010_24.pdf Wide Dynamic Range Cameras For Your Toughest Lighting Situations Pixim s patented Digital Pixel System DPS technology marks a fundamental breakthrough in imaging
Catalog ID: AC40721
VIDEOCAT2010_20.pdf Specodome Indoor/Outdoor High Performance PTZ Dome Camera The CVC927PTZ dome camera and accessories make up the building blocks of your most
Catalog ID: TW43378
Brand: Elmo
CO-10specsheet.pdf Document Camera Speci cations Pro le All dimensions in mm inch CO-10 Model CO-10 i-Pochette Camera Image pick-up device 1/4" CMOS sensor Total pixels
Catalog ID: SO43392
Brand: Elmo
every 128MB by overwriting from old le Continuous overwrite recording Camera head Horizontal angle of view 53.4° Max. 10 patterns Korean Language Minimum illumination 2 lx 300cm : 3lx 500cm : 4lx Camera section DC 3.7V Battery charging Power supply White balance
Catalog ID: PC43394
Brand: Elmo
projection screen Draw on the live image of a document camera Easily Control the document camera and use its functions Easily create lesson materials containing real
Catalog ID: JC43391
Brand: Elmo
ever turning around or missing a beat. Flexible free-angle camera arm Broaden the view and heighten your impact. The flexible camera arm lets you capture your subjects from any angle and
Catalog ID: GS43385
Brand: Elmo
Visual X G SPECIFICATIONS PROFILE All dimensions in inches mm Camera Image pick-up device 1/3" progressive scan CCD 850 W selection Provided 27 1/2 697 Pause mode Provided Digital zoom Provided 2x Scroll Gamma adjustment Provided OSD on-screen
Catalog ID: EF43386
Brand: Elmo
PRESENTATION NEEDS. Model CO-10 CRP - 22 / CRP - 26 Projector Camera Image pick-up device 1/4" CMOS sensor Brightness CRP lines Number of Pixels 2 359 296 Optics Zoom 6X digital Contrast Ratio Full on / o 500:1 Lens F3.0
Catalog ID: AB43390
Brand: Elmo
per second real time image Frame rate 16x Optical 8x Digital Total 128x Zoom Auto / Manual Focus Image rotation Image save True color reproduction crisp clear Note: image Flexible free-angle camera and SKU 1309 Upper light arms Optional Base light available
Catalog ID: RR74885
Brand: Sony
and the Skype service.5 Simply plug in a compatible camera and you re ready to start communicating. iPhone/iPad and screen or listen to your favorite music. Simply connect your digital camera USB-enabled MP3 player or USB storage device. Dolby
Catalog ID: EQ74886
Brand: Sony
living room using Skype .9 Simply plug in a compatible camera and you re ready to start communicating. Super Bit Mapping Specifications 3D BD/DVD/CD/ Dolby DTS USB/DLNA non Digital bit- Yes Photo Yes secured stream out Coaxial Streaming Yes
Catalog ID: QP76949 Visual Presenters VP20M 572.50 Visual Presenter Document Camera with Built-In Mic The perfect choice for Built in 3D objects on any projector screen 20 long flexible gooseneck camera with 360 ° head rotation 1.0 lux low light level
Catalog ID: IB76941
1000 Nits High-Bright 3 times the brightness of conventional digital signage displays The All-in-One Digital Signage Product for Dynamic High Brightness Behind Window Displays DSGBIBS32SU
Catalog ID: FN76939
iPads Hamilton Buhl s ISD-MAG3 is a high resolution digital microscope that works with your iPhoneTM or iPadTM via WiFi video to your device. WiFi 500X Microscope with stand Features Camera type: 1600x1200 1/5 CMOS Works with iOS devices via
Catalog ID: IH76936
2014HBFINALREPRINTLO-RES_31.pdf 33 Digital Cameras CAMERA-DC2 147.50 5 Megapixel Digital Camera Image stabilization
Catalog ID: QG80368
Brand: Tamron
AF Minolta AF-D Nikon AF-D and Pentax AF cameras. Tamron's 28-300mm now features "Di" design for extraordinary film and digital photography for extraordinary Model A061 E
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