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Catalog ID: LT29536
web loops . Leather insulators behind metal hardware reduce static energy transfer . Meets ASTM F887 - 05 40 cal / cm2 arc � ash NO - TANGLE DESIGN Donning a harness incorrectly can mean the equipment may � � not work properly . The patented Delta Pad
Catalog ID: FN29548
Brand: SpillTech
with regs from OSHA , EPA , DOT and more . NEW Technology & Equipment ! For Bigger , Better Products Because SpillTech is always looking forapart from becoming detached when pulled or positioned and contaminating equipment , under equipment . tools or parts . Absorbent Inner Layer Multi - Perforations
Catalog ID: LT29536
web loops . Leather insulators behind metal hardware reduce static energy transfer . Meets ASTM F887 - 05 40 cal / cm2 arc � ash NO - TANGLE DESIGN Donning a harness incorrectly can mean the equipment may � � not work properly . The patented Delta Pad
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Catalog ID: CF29707
Brand: Justrite
liquid with accuracy for no - glug , Accommodates spill free liquid transfers . oil additives for two cycle engines Compliance with Department of Safety Cans â?? ideal when remote usage of gas fueled equipment is needed . Because there is only one multi - task spout
Catalog ID: TV30782
could be contaminated by A Both carry a 1050 ° heat rating . certain types of invisible dust particulates . The FB - 1 firefighters Ship . wt . 1 lb . storage . face and prevents the transfer of radiant heat to the skin . The Brush Pro mask
Catalog ID: OA30560
Brand: Junkin
unload Evacuation â?¢ Multiple level adjustment for bed to cot transfer Chairs â?¢ Two locking swivel wheels â?¢ Comes with heat sealed mattress and two restraint straps Backboards DIMENSIONS : 78 " L
Catalog ID: WE31839
uses : uses : â?¢ Basement draining â?¢ Basement draining â?¢ Water transfer â?¢ Water transfer â?¢ Dewatering â?¢ Dewatering â?¢ Effluent transfer SPeCIfICATIONS SPeCIfICATIONS Pump
Catalog ID: UD31850
pdf A - 307A ® Air Management Bell & Gossett for Hydronic Heating and Cooling Systems ® Rolairtrol Air Separators B High Capacity Remove entrained air to protect system Pressure Products for Commercial Heating Reducing Valve against damage . â?¢ Eliminate noise caused by air
Catalog ID: RS31793
assembly shall have 1 . Maintenance - Free Pump and Motor Design heating systems as indicated on the through 1 HP shall be 2 . Improved Hydraulic Performance connect to a cast bronze impeller . Equipment Schedule drawings . the pump curve and shall meet Impeller shall
Catalog ID: PT31816
preci - ing , core work and Vitra - Glass sion turbine pattern equipment . enameling are closely supervised The result is consistent casting for an extensive list of options versus other deep well pumping equipment systems . Advanced engineering designs and experience now assure units for
Catalog ID: OW31820
OW31820.pdf Bulletin C - 115E Bell & Gossett Tank Heaters For Heating Water with Steam or Water Part of the Equipment Selection
Catalog ID: NP31745
NP31745.pdf Bulletin A - 50L ® ® Hydronic Heating and Plumbing Products ® Bell & Gossett Table of Contents Page JR ( Enhanced Air Separator ) 14 Tanks HFT Pre - Charged Hydronic Heating Tanks 15 Plain Steel Compression Tank 15 ® ATF ( Airtrol
Catalog ID: NB31822
Bulletin C - 130.1D Bell & Gossett Type â?? WU â?? Heat Exchangers â?¢ Liquid to Liquid Heat Transfer â?¢ â?? U â?? tube design Part of the
Catalog ID: MS31851
® Gossett Packaged Systems For : â?¢ Variable Speed Pumping â?¢ Heat Transfer â?¢ Pressure Boosting True Unit Responsibility And Optimized Performance From
Catalog ID: JP31871
Ex c hangers BP X â?¢ High Performance Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers â?¢ High performance . BPX Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers offer the highest level of thermal efficiency and durability
Catalog ID: JO31767
VSCS Pumps â?? Technical Bulletin Part of the Bell & Gossett Equipment Selection Program VSC / VSCS Construction Materials STANDARD SEAL CONFIGURATION PART On closed systems cooling is accomplished by inserting a small heat exchanger in the flush line to cool the seal flushing
Catalog ID: DJ31815
is built and backed by our outstanding get fast , precise equipment selection , pump result in overly extended shafts customer service and performance curves , automatic calculations of payback and annual operating costs , equipment that flex , thereby decreasing Your local Bell & Gossett representative is
Catalog ID: CW31819
CW31819.pdf Bulletin C - 50G Bell & Gossett B & G Heat Exchangers A complete line of efficient heat exchangers â?¢ â?? OC â?? and â?? OF â?? ( straight
Catalog ID: CV31824
CV31824.pdf Bulletin C - 204B Bell & Gossett Model CHXS Heat Exchangers Fixed tube sheet stainless steel heat exchangers â?¢ Liquid to Liquid â?¢ Liquid to Gas â
Catalog ID: CD31758
CD31758.pdf Bulletin C - 315 Heat Exchanger Bell & Gossettâ??s PRO Services Center offers high quality heat exchanger service and repair . Regasketing and repair of plate heat
Catalog ID: NE32528
unit with inlet and outlet check valves . are designed to transfer liquids , normally condensate , without S Simplex : One Pumping unit with â?? Pump tank options include 304L for condensate from process equipment when positioned close to applications in harsh environments . ofile units
Catalog ID: JH32527
are required when draining Cover Gasket Garlock condensate from process equipment positioned close to the Cover Bolts Steel ground which limits 40 Rc FEATURES Mechanism Yoke 304 Stainless Steel Mechanism incorporates heat - treated stainless steel â?¢ Ball Float 304 Stainless Steel for
Catalog ID: HG32942
effective 1 Hz for exceptional performance drive - to - drive parameter transfer access to multiple parameter levels and storage without a PC drives require a + 24VDC - 3.5A power supply for the heat sink fans not 1 SK6602 150 144 110 125 125
Catalog ID: UR33920
FIN COIL RECOVERY SERIES The FCR is a custom - designed heat exchanger which can be applied in confined areas , and is drops . COMBUSTION SOURCES Steam boilers , hot water boilers , hot oil heaters , combustion sources with round stack diameters 4 â?? - 36 â
Catalog ID: LJ33376
Brand: Emerson
â?¢ Available in Type 1 ( indoor ) and Type 3R ( outdoor ) Transfer Switches . enclosures . â?¢ Manually - operated SERIES 165 Transfer Switches are Time Delays also available .
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