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Catalog ID: PF78408
type_57.pdf Specifications Sizes: Lever: 1-1/2 8 Gear: 1-1/4 14 Models: Wafer Style Operators: Lever and Gear Bodies: PVC PP and PVDF Discs: PVC PP PVDF and
Catalog ID: NG78407
type_56d.pdf Specifications Sizes: Gear:16" - 24" Models: Wafer Style Operators: Gear Bodies: PDCPD Discs: PP and PVDF Seats: EPDM or FKM
Catalog ID: PF78408
type_57.pdf Specifications Sizes: Lever: 1-1/2 8 Gear: 1-1/4 14 Models: Wafer Style Operators: Lever and Gear Bodies: PVC PP and PVDF Discs: PVC PP PVDF and
Size: 1 Pages ( 316 kb )
Catalog ID: LW78409
type_57kis.pdf Specifications Sizes: Lever: 3 8 Gear: 3 8 Models: Wafer Style or Lug Style with 316SS operator Industry first composite 24 Cap A 1 PP enclosure gear operator 156 Stabilization Ring 2 Stainless Steel SCS13 Integral ISO
Catalog ID: AP78406
type_56.pdf Specifications Sizes: Gear: 16" Models: Wafer or Lug Style Operators: Gear Bodies: PP and PVDF Discs: PP and PVDF Seats: EPDM
Catalog ID: AF78399
star output drive NAMUR electro-pneumatic positioners 4-20mA NAMUR accessory mounting pattern Limit switch or transmitter available for positioners 80psi Spring Set DIN - 17223 - C with Chromium Passivation 15 Pinion Gear Aluminum Alloy 16 Shaft Cataphoresis Coated Steel 17 Air Connection
Catalog ID: WN80076
3/4 or 1 HP motor C-face direct to gear box design All voltages single or three-phase Powder coat 3-wire Galvannealed steel cabinet Direct C-Face Motor to Gear shielded cable with powder coat finish Box Drive Lockable gasketed
Catalog ID: TJ79998
test head to chain or belt obstacle sensors to radio Gears mounted in transmission type case Results posted inside the operator case Worm gear reinforced ends with steel sleeve Drive shafts aligned with brass
Catalog ID: SK79988
16 -25 wishbone style Heavy-duty right-angle oil bath gear reducer Heavy-duty harmonic link with bronze bushings UL325/UL991 24V DC power available for 24VDC control module access control accessories Full featured for access control security and entrapment MECHANICAL protection
Catalog ID: SE80025
design consideration. With an additional host of optional components and accessories Linear can provide you with the necessary equipment to complete 3.0 x 1.55 21 Access Systems Access Systems Accessories Communications Devices SEG-M This Secure Ethernet Gateway converts TCP
Catalog ID: RH79789
wiring piping adds only 17 420mm to the overall Convenience Accessories and connections are eliminated. depth of the ironer. Consult factory for information concerning handrail ladder hinged canopy or other accessories. The Options Perforated High Speed Feed List is Short Roller
Catalog ID: PT80019
in your market. 5 heads 6 belt and chain rails accessories Unlimited Versatility With interchangeable head units rails and accessories any way you configure a Linear system adds up to
Catalog ID: OI80039
the elements without rusting Sleek design with no motor or gear protruding LRA from the arm Includes battery backup that can for access charged by 115 VAC or reliable operation control accessories optional solar panels Aluminum housing provides Charging circuit protection from
Catalog ID: MR79989
14 wood arm included Heavy-duty right-angle oil bath gear reducer Heavy-duty harmonic link with bronze bushings UL325/UL991 24V DC power available for security and entrapment access control accessories protection Integral MegaCode receiver MECHANICAL On-board 3-button station
Catalog ID: ML80077
Limits available for access control Easily removable Easily accessible through accessories Integrated manual disconnect access door Integrated maximum run and auto Heavy-Duty Components APeX Controller close timer 0-9 minutes Gear reducer and pillow block UL325/UL991 compliant Built-in networked
Catalog ID: LG80086
and auto Galvannealed steel cabinet Direct C-Face Motor to Gear with powder coat finish Box Drive close timers Lockable gasketed button available for access operation and high gate speed control accessories Continuous-tone entrapment Dimensions alarm with reset button Integrated warning
Catalog ID: HH80085
easy manual Direct C-Face Motor-Brake- operation during power Gear Box Drive Built-in dual gate failure or emergency Designed speed with powder coat finish controller for smooth gate control accessories operation and high gate speed Lockable gasketed hinged Continuous-tone
Catalog ID: GL80074
power available for access control Manual Disconnect Rotary Mechanical Limits accessories Simple and secure manual Easy access inside control operation during Duty Components Full featured for access using 3-wire shielded Gear reducer and pillow control security and cable block bearing for
Catalog ID: FF80016
optional MegaCode receiver Full variable speed C-face direct to gear box design Dual arm compatible Soft start/soft stop capability ouble V-belt to chain reduction D Direct motor-to-gear reducer drive Full variable speed 40 drive chain C-face
Catalog ID: BH80017
Swing Gate Operators 14 Barrier Gate Operators 22 Gate Operator Accessories 26 Radio Controls 26 Control Stations 28 Access Systems 29 Detectors and Edges 31 Add-on Devices 32 Installation Accessories 33 Gatte Operator Products Gate Operators Linear offers a complete
Catalog ID: AW80021
A GSLG-A INDUSTRIAL Integral APeX Controller Direct motor to gear reducer drive C-face brake 50 roller drive chain 1 Direct C-Face Motor-Brake- gate capability Weather-Resistant Cabinet Gear Box Drive using 3-wire Galvannealed steel cabinet Designed for
Catalog ID: VD77545
Brand: Gator
GAV-LT For Laptop & Office Peripherals Includes: ATA LAPTOP / PROJECTOR / GEAR BAGS Checkpoint friendly fold-out design folds flat to Rugged TSA X-Ray machines Storage for file folders and business accessories Meets airline specifications for carry-on or check-in GAV
Catalog ID: US77573
Brand: Gator
TECHNOLOGY-2014-LR_12.pdf RACK ACCESSORIES Model Panel Type Construction Unit Style GE-PNLVNT-2U GE 32 holes non PVC rubber edging to prevent scratching of gear and a 1 raised space between panel and gear Fan
Catalog ID: SU77524
Brand: Gator
Fits Zoom H4N hand held GU-ZOOMH4N-WP recorder and accessories Zoom H6 hand held GU-ZOOMH6-WP recorder and accessories Zoom Q4 hand held GU-ZOOM-Q4-WP recorder and
Catalog ID: NJ77523
Brand: Gator
foam Detachable padded shoulder strap padded reinforced handles and exterior accessory pocket G-MIX-L 1618A includes a 20mm padded lid MIXER Perfect for mixers digital recording TRANSPORTER workstations and other gear Rugged plywood covered in Constructed of stretchy Lycra ballistic Nylon
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