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Catalog ID: SF40847
Brand: RGB
combines images from two high resolution computer sources or image generators into a composite image . The two signals , one foreground and color . In a typical aircraft or helicopter simulation , one image generator produces the background , an out - the - window display , and a
Catalog ID: QU40510
Brand: Phonic
output with adjustable crossover LED indication on all important switching functions for easy status frequency identification + 15 dB to - oo input Relay - controlled bypass RF and Subsonic input filters Channel - link function High precision components and potentiometers ensure excellent Balanced inputs and
Catalog ID: SF40847
combines images from two high resolution computer sources or image generators into a composite image . The two signals , one foreground and color . In a typical aircraft or helicopter simulation , one image generator produces the background , an out - the - window display , and a
Brand: RGB
Size: 2 Pages ( 247 kb )
Catalog ID: MM40761
sources on one screen while â?¢ Built - in time date generator along with 8 character recording full - screen images on a VCR . camera title function . â?¢ Adj . gain control in VCR playback mode â?¢ On
Catalog ID: LF40506
Brand: Phonic
digital PAA6 tester offers nine critical audio and signal analyzer functions all accessed through a color touch - screen with computer connectivity significantly improved versions of real time spectrum analyzer , RT60 , tone generator , LEQ , EQ setting and Phase checking from the PAA3 . Moreover
Catalog ID: KR40904
Brand: Symetrix
processor . Applications : Installed Sound , Broadcast , Studio . â?¢ Mixer , Routing , Noise Generator , Delay . â?¢ Compressor / AGC , Limiter , Gate , Parametric , Shelf EQ , plus front panel ) controls . The Processor shall perform all signal processing functions in the digital domain utilizing 24 - bit digital word lengths
Catalog ID: WM43233
Brand: QVS
WM43233.pdf Dual ?? Output SDI / HD ?? SDI Video Pattern Generator User Manual ( VPG ?? SDI ) All information is subject to change The VPG ?? SDI Dual ?? Output SDI / HD ?? SDI Video Pattern Generator has been tested for conformance to safety regulations and requirements
Catalog ID: VG42507
Brand: ASHLY
ers overall system cost , occupies less space , improves energy efficiency , generator and both speeds and simplifies system installation and programming . Four Stand - By mode activation via con MIC / LINE / TEL - PAGE functions on channel 1 , full control of ducking priorities , tact closure
Catalog ID: OP42883
Brand: Steren
Use Standard color - coded conductor jackets keep track of cable functions Flame Retardant PVC Jackets 22 AWG Copper Conductors UL or 810 Cable Locator Tone - Test Set Amplifier Probe and Tone Generator Helps locate , identify , trace cable - pairs , individual conductors in electrical
Catalog ID: OF42503
Brand: ASHLY
on every for Level , Logic I / O and Program - mable Functions channel , sinewave , pink noise , and white noise generators . â?¢ Third party control friendly All programming is accomplished using
Catalog ID: NP42886
Brand: Steren
1000 VDC / VAC Sensitivity 2000Ω / Volt Current 0 - 250mA DC Functions : Functions : Resistance Rx10 Rx100 Rx1k Ω â?¢ AC / DC Voltage â
Catalog ID: JM42499
Brand: ASHLY
have its own dynamics control , gain 2400 700 1200 2400 functions , graphic and / or parametric EQ , Hi - pass / Lo - pass filters , time delay , metering , and test signal generator . A mixer section with assignable routing allows any input to
Catalog ID: FF42812
Brand: Triplett
Volt / Ohmmeter DC and AC Volt / Ohmmeter ????17 Frequency Multitone Generator ( 2 are user selectable ) ??17 Frequency Multitone Generator ( 2 are user selectable ) Bridged or Terminated Input @ 600 or
Catalog ID: OF44662
OF44662.pdf Exhaust Steam Generator Series â?? ESG1 Heat Recovery Silencer U - Tube Heat Recovery from General Mitchell International Airport . exhaust heat recovery INTRODUCTION SYSTEM FUNCTION This catalog covers the Cain Industries Product lines for the
Catalog ID: TW46287
Brand: Alfa Laval
mounted in the connection are marked with both number and function and cable metering pipe . This voltage is proportional to the to water . The microprocessor in the transmitter controls the current generator keeping the magnetic field constant . The voltage across the electrodes
Catalog ID: EO46905
Brand: Danfoss
l Starting air compressors l l l l l l Generators l l l l l Winches l l l l G2 G1 / 2 â?? G3 / 4 G3 / 8 â?? G1 Function NC / NO NC / NO NC / NO NC / NO Orifice size
Catalog ID: AB46912
Brand: Danfoss
is the perfect solution for â?¢ Meeting IEEE519 recommendation â?¢ Generator powered installation â?¢ Installation with Generator Backup â?¢ Soft power grid â?¢ Installation of HP - drive
Catalog ID: SI47973
Brand: ASCO Power
direct connection of both achieved passively , without control of engine generator set . sources . Therefore , no additional control wire runs are required LED Type ) for load disconnect position . the ATS and engine generator set governor . Plus , protective relaying may not be required under
Catalog ID: PO47980
Brand: ASCO Power
ASCO Medium Voltage Power Transfer Switchesas those used for ASCO generator paralleling control switchgear , under UL File # E231663 . The 973 model structure , controls , circuit breakers and potential transformers . They provide basic function - ality at the nominal amper - age and voltage . The 977
Catalog ID: KH48182
Brand: Titus
integral to the motor on the GE unit , provides two functions . First it switches the DC magnetic fields that make the figures below illustrate the difference in energy use , as a function of watts , between a PSC and ECM motor on a
Catalog ID: EO47972
Brand: ASCO Power
Digital microprocessor - based technology stream ­ lines and simplifies total generator load control and engine management . The entire control system fits voltage , amps , watts and frequency . It also includes protective relay functions as standard features . Drawout insulated - case circuit breakers that parallel
Catalog ID: WC50434
circuits with HI - Z circuits . It can also be used functions . It includes a â?? 500 " style handset and two form insta - mount â?? tape . Transformer is shielded communication , and signaling functions . Contact switch to minimize induced hum . Unit includes a phono
Catalog ID: NM55962
Brand: Kramer
The SP - 10D is a broadcast quality video processor that functions as a ProcAmp , a TBC , a format converter and a Option - Synchronizes either to external reference or internal genlock sync generator . â?? Multi - Format Capability - Selected input is simultaneously output as
Catalog ID: GD55963
Brand: Kramer
The SP - 11D is a broadcast quality video processor that functions as a ProcAmp , TBC , format converter and standards converter for 1Vpp / 0.7Vpp / 0.7Vpp ) / 75Ω ( or internal genlock sync generator . S RGB / S ) on BNC connectors ; 1 SYNC â?? Looping
Catalog ID: QS60733
Electric Hybrid Configuration Engine Gutter Broom Electrical System Electrical Electrical generator , electrical drive Cummins 6 cylinder injected diesel , turbocharged Overload Motor qt ( 36 L ) capacity , swing - away coded wires , numbered and function System designed radiator . labeled every 12 in . ( 305mm ) ; se
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