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Catalog ID: DU29924
Brand: Lyon
72" Light Fixture Assembly 60" Tool Hanger Assembly No. 79307 frame assembly. rolls across entire width of 60" Header Bar No shelves to support books etc. swivel tray and keyboard tray. frames. panels included for 60"w or 72"w frames. Chrome
Catalog ID: BP36196
C-2009_ADD_S_070.pdf Plated Truss Connectors VTC2 Valley Truss Clip This product is preferable to similar connectors because of a VTC2 for different sheathing thicknesses or when attached directly to framing. U.S. Patent 6 840 020 CODES: See page 12
Catalog ID: DU29924
72" Light Fixture Assembly 60" Tool Hanger Assembly No. 79307 frame assembly. rolls across entire width of 60" Header Bar No shelves to support books etc. swivel tray and keyboard tray. frames. panels included for 60"w or 72"w frames. Chrome
Brand: Lyon
Size: 1 Pages ( 183 kb )
Catalog ID: NJ36780
construction practices Dens Brand gypsum products provide increased mold Door Frame Details . . . . . . . . . . 10 resistance compared to standard paper-faced wallboard. Wall Frame Details . . . . . . . . . . 11 DensGlass Shaftliner is listed as a GREENGUARD microbial
Catalog ID: GI36298
Brand: Ramset
the architect and engineer the following suggested Plywood to Metal Framing or Truss language and helpful information for Part Number PLY138 and a length of 1-3/8-inches. Track or Clip to Steel Beam Part Number 1503K Exterior Track Fasteners used
Catalog ID: AL40077
earth at the location of the faults. With the A-frame mounted receiver a visual analog meter points the way to of repair. Extra-long test leads feature heavy-duty alligator clips for use on multiple cable types. Includes a rechargeable transmitter
Catalog ID: NT64744
that easily expands to fit any AV system. Wire management clips secure loose cables for a sleek appearance and adjustable casters EFA31-B1 / EFSatb Open architecture ensures constant Heavy-gauge steel frame offers airflow to keep components cool incredible strength and rigidity
Catalog ID: HO86374
Black or Warm Cherry fits comfortably in almost any decor. Framed wooden doors with integrated mullions and glass panes complete the airy designed to house today s electronics. High legs open framed Smoked Glass Doors and wide speaker cavity with drawer in
Catalog ID: MH81898
Brand: Ridgid
Fast Efficient Res lts. Capt re still images and video clips directly to a uSB th mbdrive and generate high q H.264 30 FPS. A tolog MPEG4 H.264 Variable Frame Rate. Image JPEG. A dio Integrated Microphone and Speakers. Transfer
Catalog ID: KU7803
the working DJ incredibly comfortable intensive research and testing each clip-on headphones for active listeners pair of Import Series headphones a completely natural sensation Lightweight honeycomb aluminum casing and magnesium frame structure Large-aperture 53 mm drivers with neodymium magnet systems
Catalog ID: US15107
Brand: Hustler
year warranty parts and labor Lifetime warranty on the tractor frame Lifetime warranty on the leading edge of the deck FasTrak 13 x 5.0 6 rib tread Mulch Kit Recycles clippings under deck allowing clip- suspended at the corners. Includes deck
Catalog ID: PS22180
Brand: Mackie
Sensitivity shall have a 2-part main Control adjustable from frame which accommodates 4dB to 40dB 4dB to 10 Unbalanced and PC & MAC FORMAT DISK IN anced Main Left Output 1 frame shall have 2 Stereo POPULAR WORD Balanced/Unbalanced Main Bus
Catalog ID: NJ22090
Brand: AverMedia
Loop Output n/a Display Rate 960 fps CIF Recording Frame Rate 960 fps VGA Recording Frame Rate 480 fps D1 Recording Frame Rate 320 fps DVD
Catalog ID: LC22089
Brand: AverMedia
Loop Output n/a Display Rate 960 fps CIF Recording Frame Rate 480 fps VGA Recording Frame Rate 240 fps D1 Recording Frame Rate 160 fps DVD
Catalog ID: DF22163
Brand: Mackie
external power unit that shall con- nect to the expander frame via a 7-conductor cable terminated in an appropriate connector sub connectors. Note: The level d one unbalanced separate expander frame is line-level direct output via not available for the
Catalog ID: IK23815
varnish Full fact nameplate is laser etched on the motor frame no for extra moisture-resistance. separately attached nameplate to trap Rated Insulation System Endshields are O-ring sealed to the frame. provides extra protection and long life especially in inverter-driven
Catalog ID: UB29941
Brand: Lyon
is installed between Wedgewood Blue in stock All steel components frame assembly. two back-to-back benches. Add prefix BB to Includes 15-20 amp switch Mount along length or width Clip on Tote Bars to load All are 1" high to
Catalog ID: NT30063
Brand: Tennsco
time-consuming hardware. The unique Systems Shelving is the Logic Clip allows you to add more logical choice. With its shelves removing or changing other shelf levels. Matching adjacent patented Logic Clip shelves shelf levels is a snap as well because Arctic
Catalog ID: AH29923
Brand: Lyon
instruments and other items at different angles. Tote bars providing clip rails for removable plastic bins that hold a variety of above the work surface. NOTE: Catalog numbers shown are for frame or frame packages only and do NOT include modular drawer
Catalog ID: LF36669
walls control joints resistance should be installed every 30'. Masks framing components and Where dissimilar plaster bases mechanical service areas adjoin non-com- plaster on metal lath forms a mem- of framing alignment. bustible and act to prevent passage brane as in
Catalog ID: CH36681
application of veneer plasters. time. A bonding agent must be Framing spacing is limited and applied to monolithic partition heights are performance and finished job constructions including wood or quality. steel framing or furring and masonry. One-Coat System For both residential
Catalog ID: FG39633
Brand: Belden
SFF optical fiber connector connectors. It has dual swing-out frames to that requires no epoxy ease front access to connectors rugged mini patch panel and a flange and a metal clip for panel mounting at the other end a factory installed
Catalog ID: HC42887
Brand: Steren
Adapters Test Probes Universal AC-DC Converters Alligator and Battery Clips Alligator Clip Sets AC-DC Converters H13 H12 H13 H12 H12 H13
Catalog ID: LJ48558
3 9.1 11.3 9.1 11.3 Ceiling Clips - Spiral CSI Pin 3/4 - - - - 700 1 000 700 1 4 300 475 - - 325 525 350 725 - - 350 725 Ceiling Clips w/ 0.300" 19.1 1.3 2.1 1
Catalog ID: AV53862
Vendor: Universal
suffixes that meet the requirements of your project. door and frame. A diversity of door styles is All Potter Roemer extinguisher applied thermally-fused recoatable white polyester finish. METAL DOOR AND FRAME MATERIALS Door material is determined by the series and / or
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