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Catalog ID: NL30747
coverage. 21/2" inlet can take 21/2" or 3" hose. Takes nozzle with 11/2" swivel. Constant flow nozzle flows Nozzle 3 451.95 The Apollo Hi-Riser Elevates Your Fire Fighting Power The Apollo Hi-Riser eliminates the need for
Catalog ID: MU30982
and diesel models 100 gpm 240 psi Storage containers Suction hose troughs with straps and footman loops Fuel tanks Suction and discharge hose with nozzles Applications: Ask abo Industrial variety o ut our
Catalog ID: NL30747
coverage. 21/2" inlet can take 21/2" or 3" hose. Takes nozzle with 11/2" swivel. Constant flow nozzle flows Nozzle 3 451.95 The Apollo Hi-Riser Elevates Your Fire Fighting Power The Apollo Hi-Riser eliminates the need for
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Catalog ID: MO30968
a 25' deluxe remote and onboard microprocessor a built-in hose adapter and a replacement RCT capillary tube kit. Ship. wt Unit holds one gallon of smoke fluid. UL listed. For Fire Training and Testing Sewer/Water Mains Ship. wt. 32 lbs
Catalog ID: LM30929
Out Valves Designed for the harsh realities of today s fire service when water contaminants challenge a valve s sealing capabilities with 4" 41/2" 5" or 6" male or female hose. Valve body and flanges are made of lightweight aluminum flanges
Catalog ID: KQ30946
solutions are easy-to-use environmentally friendly and cost efficient. Fire departments and industrial safety facilities throughout the country depend on down handles recessed control panels rounded cart corners quick-release hose racks and many other features. For complex air distribution applications
Catalog ID: KC30799
112_Darley248.pdf Transfer Safety Cans Dual Opening Transfer Cans A FIRE PROTECTION Safe and Economical These Type II cans have two flammable liquids to be poured into 9" long flexible metal hose ideal for smooth containers with wider openings. Heavy-duty premium
Catalog ID: JF30783
096_Darley248.pdf VesTank Portable Fire Pump Back Pack System WILDLAND Wears Like a Vest and extinguisher Thermo-welded flexible water tank It s a portable fire pump that you wear like a vest making it ideal
Catalog ID: IW30726
Swivel ADAPTERS & FITTINGS Suction Elbows Allow Carrying Pre-Connected Suction Hose Female to Male Angle elbows are used on the discharge gate of a pumper to relieve Ideal for fire apparatus strain and prevent kinking of hose. Suction elbows allow
Catalog ID: IQ30980
electric start recoil rope back-up 6-gallon fuel tank hose and adapter. Options: Dual remote controlled panels adapters and caps used for everything from filling tankers initial attack to brush fires. The new HE34BSD has been the answer for quite a
Catalog ID: HM30746
Piercing Applicator Nozzle through concrete blocks revolving action for attacking fires in mobile homes etc. Designed to get water or foam Chimney Nozzle This nozzle has been designed for all hidden fires such as high-beam fires and fires in false roofs
Catalog ID: GW30791
in new or existing apparatus No foam goes through the fire pump Delivers 0.1 to 1.7 gpm of concentrate pattern Includes 50' of 11/2" rubber lined single jacket fire hose with lightweight 11/2" NST couplings Includes 3"x16
Catalog ID: GH30744
roofs doors walls floors and even foundation blocks to extinguish fires from attic to basement. It gets you to the source of a fire quickly. In just seconds one or two firefighters can insert
Catalog ID: FW30800
113_Darley248.pdf Chimney Snuffer Kit Salvage Covers and Runners FIRE PROTECTION Canvas Covers: Treated with Easily operated by one person this amazing chimney fire a fire and water resistant extinguisher features an aluminum nozzle
Catalog ID: FR30861
service 6 000 - 350 psi Hex key 7/32 32' hose Hex key 3/16 Bit 10" curved metal cutter Storage with the input of firefighters and USAR members. Hundreds of fire tools without leaving a sticky surface to attract dirt like
Catalog ID: EO30708
020_Darley248.pdf Hose not Milwaukee Strap Hose Pack HOSE included This highly durable hose pack constructed of
Catalog ID: EL30733
take advantage of the increased flow capabilities of large diameter hose. Can supply multiple attack lines without a pumper. Brings your hydrant to the fire scene. Fabricated from lightweight high-strength aluminum alloy and is
Catalog ID: DQ30888
warm clean air for portable tents and confined space. Indirect-fired. No CO Hotter - Because it produces 70 000 BTU s Includes Regulator 2 483.95 BD066 Propane Regulator and 12' Hose Assembly for use with BD065 128.95 8" BLOWER/EXHAUSTER
Catalog ID: DL30741
054_Darley248.pdf Viper Fire Fighting Nozzle Viper Automatic Nozzles NOZZLES Ergonomic Rubber- Rubber Coated pistol grip is Large an exceptional value for in-plant fire protection Rubber or wildland firefighting. It can break apart to
Catalog ID: DA30806
designed to provide the best Hazmat p244 - 262 value for fire and industrial applications. The direct-drive design allows for a that make the blower easy to roll over large-diameter hose up stairs and over curbs. Cat Size HP Engine Dimensions
Catalog ID: BO30721
is low or as a back-up facility for municipal fire departments. It s available in nine standard sizes. Fol-Da-Tank doubles the fire fighting ability of a tanker truck at an affordable price
Catalog ID: BK30933
D&S Custom Covers produce high-quality protective products for fire trucks. Speed is of the most importance and all of of our tarps. The Teflon hooks are fastened to the fire truck by stainless steel machine screws. By using this system
Catalog ID: BJ30979
Combination The P2 is a revolutionary new tool in your fire fighting arsenal. It features the same fire fighting power as our regular portable and skid-mounted pumps
Catalog ID: BF30715
Test Kit WATER SUPPLIES Accurately Measure Flow in Hydrant Systems & Fire Pumps More cases in Darley offers its own Flow Test accuracy certified by the gauge manufacturer. The Flexible high-pressure hose have 1/4" male swivels for fast and easy connection
Catalog ID: BD30862
of emergency cutting such as: factory doors casement windows S878 fire doors and many other jobs. Release the trigger and the Completely portable and compact enough to be easily carried in fire trucks and rescue vehicles. Operated off fresh air tanks compressors
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