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Catalog ID: WF22005
calibration can easily be performed with a PC and external software or non - supported operating systems . GammaComp â?¢ MD calibration and conformance software . Quality control and calibration / matching can also be accomplished using
Catalog ID: WB22024
directly to networked projectors without the need for additional proprietary software ° Geometric correction tool allows you to project on spheres directly to the projectorâ??s USB input . ° Flexible video / data connections , including S - video , HDMI with HDCP , composite video , two
Catalog ID: WF22005
calibration can easily be performed with a PC and external software or non - supported operating systems . GammaComp â?¢ MD calibration and conformance software . Quality control and calibration / matching can also be accomplished using
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Catalog ID: VT22140
Brand: Avocent
network . Typical applications include industrial and retail automation , console port management and IP - enabling legacy serial devices . The TS100 v2 uses its PowerPC dual CPU to transfer data from its 10 / 100BT Ethernet interface to its RS - 232
Catalog ID: VE21961
Despite its wide range of motion , the displayâ??s cable management feature is able to safely conceal video cables and power a 3 - D correction matrix stored inside the display . This data is used to compensate for the uniformity not only as
Catalog ID: VB22149
Brand: Avocent
VB22149.pdf MergePoint 5224 / 5240 Service Processor Managers IT Infrastructure Management Tools Decrease IT Operational Costs and Challenge The majority of service processor ( SP ) â?? a hardware and Increase IT Productivity software platform that operates independently from the main CPU and the
Catalog ID: UM22105
Brand: Avocent
operational while lowering operational costs has Effective out - of - band management reduces IT operational costs and risks while increasing IT asset more important . With IT infrastructures evolving to include geographically dispersed data centers nel productivity . Out - of - band management tools by Avocent
Catalog ID: UG21963
very edge of the screen and no distract - card or software utility that is VESA DPMS ing black border Asset management capability assists managers . compliant . ) ® On Screen Manager ( OSM ) puts
Catalog ID: SR22133
Brand: Avocent
Cyclades OnSite Branch Office Appliance Applications Advanced Out - of - Band Management for Branch and Remote Offices ® Cyclades OnSite branch office designed specifically for co - located remote KVM and console asset management . It may be used to access up to 16 traditional
Catalog ID: RK22141
Brand: Avocent
RK22141.pdf DSR KVM over IP Switches for the Enterprise Data Center Applications Secure , Remote Management of Servers and Network Devices ® DSR KVM over IP
Catalog ID: RI21960
considered the most Gain greater control . Our exclusive NaViSet â?¢ software ( available by down - intelligent visual display solutions to date . These OSM of using the monitorâ??s up - front buttons . This software provides animated floors , call centers , graphic arts / desktop publishing and
Catalog ID: RF22100
Brand: Avocent
access console ports of serially - managed devices . â?¢ Browser - based Management Configuration , Port Status , Loopback testing , Data scope ESP serial hubs are well suited for a wide
Catalog ID: PE22137
Brand: Avocent
Intelligent Power Distribution Unit NEMA Models Applications Integrated Remote Power Management and Distribution ® Cyclades PM intelligent power distribution units ( IPDUs and â?¢ Power control over remote IT assets from system management of IT assets . When used in conjunction with Cyclades ACS
Catalog ID: PE21974
focus and contrast while preventing dust buildup c â?¢ NaViSet software offers an expanded and intuitive graphical interface , allowing you to adjust OSM display settings via mouse and keyboard NaViSet Administrator software utilizes the monitorâ??s advanced control and diagnostics capabilities to
Catalog ID: OV21990
passing by the display , the control capabilities of the Display Data rooms far away from users ( up to 328 feet / displays are capable not only of displaying on - the - fly market data and other become the center of attention with their amazing
Catalog ID: ON22027
LCD monitor technology with a color measurement sensor and sophisticated software . The result is a highly accurate , reliable , repeatable and fea take color measurements of the display screen during calibration . The software analyzes these measurements and sends color adjustment commands directly to
Catalog ID: OK22110
Brand: Avocent
The HMX manager provides administration and connection � USB Media management control from a central location , enabling the desktop administrator to ef� ciently manage the desktop computing resource without compromising Central Management . Manage the user experience . the entire HMX solution from one
Catalog ID: OA22010
to send information from one computer to several projectors . â?¢ Data conferencing mode enables you to send information to the projector another room . Image Express Utility ( IEU 2.0 ) dedicated projector software provides unique compression RJ45 PROVIDES QUICK ° enabling smooth image
Catalog ID: MV22225
Brand: Mackie
a connector on the rear carry balanced audio and control data to other units panel . A dip switch shall be provided cable or industry standard computer cables termi - processor control and management . An RS485 port nated with DB25 male connectors . Complete setup
Catalog ID: MR22098
Brand: Avocent
support , and performance to satisfy the most demanding applications . Configuration data can be saved Parallel Port â?¢ to quickly and easily upgrade . The ELS - 16 II terminal server includes EquiView , the management software that simplifies configuration and management of terminal servers . The
Catalog ID: MN22122
Brand: Avocent
MN22122.pdf TM AlterPath BladeManager Blade Management The AlterPath � BladeManager is designed to address the  includes the following � BIOS logging and event detection / notification management features : � Console logging capability for Linux and Windows 2003
Catalog ID: LP22119
Brand: Avocent
to a TCP / IP network . Typical applications include branch office management , console port management , retail automation and IP enabling of legacy serial devices . Dual
Catalog ID: LJ22028
color the maximum possible color gamut . With Spec - calibration . The software analyzes these measure - measurement sensor and sophisticated software . traView , the video graphics adapter is not used II ments
Catalog ID: LC21985
a power - save function that puts the display in power management mode when a sync or input signal is lost , a a real - time clock for content scheduling and sleep / wake management and an image mover function . Take control of your monitor
Catalog ID: KR22093
Brand: AverMedia
â?¢ POS Integration allows for easy association of retail transaction data and corresponding video images â?¢ Integrated remote functionality allow access video footage via mobile phone or PDA â?¢ Supports Central Management System that allows for remote management and c
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