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Catalog ID: ML35506
cabinet with the discreet look of a low - profile wall mount , creating a versatile , stylish piece that can virtually fade into the woodwork . These wall - mounted AV stands feature adjustable tempered - glass shelves and generous cable
Catalog ID: LV35519
LV35519.pdf ® VISIONMOUNT DESK MOUNTS Full - Motion Desk Mounts are as versatile as they are strong Our full - motion
Catalog ID: ML35506
cabinet with the discreet look of a low - profile wall mount , creating a versatile , stylish piece that can virtually fade into the woodwork . These wall - mounted AV stands feature adjustable tempered - glass shelves and generous cable
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Catalog ID: LO35521
carpet spikes and polyester or Large integrated wire path or concealed rubber feet isolate speaker stand to reduce wire channel organizes THEATERS 0º 22º 22º 30º 30º 90º 90º 110º 110º Mounting and positioning the speakers correctly can be more important to
Catalog ID: KN35517
VISIONMOUNT ® 70 Model MF215 - B1 shown ® VISIONMOUNT SMALL MOUNTS « Mounting brackets feature multiple VESA patterns « Built - in cable management
Catalog ID: IJ36138
IJ36138.pdf Engineered Wood & Structural Composite Lumber Connectors FACE MOUNT HANGERS U / HU / HUC / HUCQ I - Joist & Structural Composite Lumber strength , longevity and d safety factors . W HUCQ â?? Features concealed flanges so it can be installed oo close to the
Catalog ID: HU35508
fluted glass and a full - width cable management channel to conceal and route complex AV systems . JFA36e | HTB4 « Unique fluted hardwood oak veneers in an espresso finish « Hardwood backdrop mounts directly to the back of « Sliding glass doors and
Catalog ID: GK35516
EB1 and Euro Speaker Foundations model EF28b ® VISIONMOUNT LARGE MOUNTS â?¢ â?¢ « ProSet height and level adjustments ensure TV be positioned directly behind TV and easily clicked protects and conceals cables â?? even through the onto mount , so they stay
Catalog ID: FT35514
and include features such â?¢ as adjustable height and a concealed wire management path . Plus , Hover Foundations include both straight and on any surface be placed at optimum listening level « Concealed wire path hides wires from view « Includes top plates
Catalog ID: FD35736
Brand: Amina
Series Commercial 100V / 70V Line Invisible Loudspeaker LFi4T Application : Flush mounted into walls and ceilings ( Gypsum board or solid construction types E S L t d Architects and Engineering Specification : The concealed loudspeaker shall be a high power device for The active
Catalog ID: EP35728
Brand: Amina
high power vibrational element flat The AIW1X is an affordable , concealed sound source for Broadway theatres , from centres of worship to by Lifestyle Technologies of Yarm , the client O through the mounting hole at down between the edge of the loudspeaker and
Catalog ID: ED35523
ED35523.pdf WHATâ??S INSIDE SUPER SLIM MOUNTS TAKE A AV RACKS HDMI CABLES HD PRO CLOSER LOOK . NEW PRODUCT GUIDE 2009 ® NEW VISIONMOUNT FULL - MOTION MOUNTS Our two new full - motion mounts feature post - installation height
Catalog ID: DV36206
8 : 12 . The VGT is also available with one flange concealed for attachment to trusses with no tail . VGT The Face Mount Girder Tie - Down ( FGTR ) is a non - pitch specific girder
Catalog ID: CJ35901
Brand: USG
with horizontal shaft or texture rig - type mixer with paddles mounted on a horizontal shaft . Mixing method To ensure uniform product breaks and boundaries to â?? frame â?? pattern edges and conceal seams . For average thickness measurement , take a blunt - tipped object
Catalog ID: BV35515
BV35515.pdf Model LMT15 - B1 in use ® VISIONMOUNT MOTORIZED MOUNTS Change the position of your TV without leaving your seat Motorized mounts offer fully automated movement by remote control , making it easy
Catalog ID: BP36199
L Hangers HU and HUC products are heavy duty face mount joist hangers made from 14 gauge 1 ?? ?? " galvanized steel . ??The HUC is a concealed flange version of the HU . Concealed flange hangers have the
Catalog ID: AN35513
board . Add to that features like ABS plastic spikes , a concealed wire path and neoprene speaker isolation pads , and you've surface perfectly placed for a custom audio experience « Patented concealed wire path hides « Neoprene speaker isolation pads even the
Catalog ID: AF35731
Brand: Amina
and Engineering Datasheet : Invisible Plaster - over Loudspeaker AIW5X Application : Flush mounted into walls and ceilings ( cavity or solid construction types ) and Engineering Specification : class 1 surface spread of flame requirements . The concealed loudspeaker shall be a high power , full range device producing
Catalog ID: VK37199
Brand: Knauf
â?¢ The aluminum grip flanges of the jointing nally , and concealed above a false ceiling or visibly â?¢ 4 " w.g . ( 1000 Pa ) Positive system enables quick connection to compo - mounted . It is easily modified and repaired and can ( UL rating
Catalog ID: SC36788
to intumescent needed anywhere in the opening of pairs is concealed in the meeting edges . This means meet all the following on the door frame either ! â?¢ UBC 7 - 2 ( 1997 ) Concealed intumescents have the following advantages over the adhesive backed , frame
Catalog ID: SC36318
Brand: On-Q
networK centerS Product Part # deScrIPtIon dImenSIonS advanced network center , Surface mount 364398 - 02 19 " H x 7 " W Distributes incoming video 11 telephone outlets with up to four phone lines . Surface - mount design is ideal for retrofit applications . Network center features two
Catalog ID: PA36635
3 / 4 " steel cylinder test is conducted by swinging a mounted to a ram . Weights are leather bag loaded with steel 3 Execution sistent with methods described BRAND Joint Tape and concealed selecting construction designs ® in Applicable Standards . For best with
Catalog ID: OJ36351
Brand: On-Q
cable , video , phone , data and speakers . 3.5 " D It conceals messy wires behind the wall and features universal keystone insert with â?¢ Source a bracket for new construction , lyriQ Input Mounting Plate , and a cover for seamless installation . aCCESSoriES ProduCT ParT
Catalog ID: LQ37215
Brand: Knauf
F ( 0.033 at identical products per ASTM E 84 mounted and A . Drawings and general provisions of the Contract , 24 be minimum 0.020 " thick PVC jacketing , may either be mounted in direct contact with 12 " on center . insulating cement with
Catalog ID: GK37202
Brand: Knauf
less . Sound Absorption Coef� cients ( ASTM C 423 , Type A Mounting ) 1 / 3 Octave Band Center Frequency ( cycles / sec . ) Type Facing that has data is subject to normal manufacturing variations . The concealed areas . been exposed to water . If it shows any
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