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Catalog ID: QK428
passes through a negative pressure in the eye of a centrifugal Air Infiltration: The leakage of air into a house pump 100 . Atmospheric Pressure: The weight of a column of Central Fan System: A mechanical indirect system air one square inch in
Catalog ID: NL487
Brand: Innovent
to mount one unit with outdoor air and exhaust air fan. Requires the exception of threaded rods to be supplied a 1/2-inch insulation. Outdoor air and exhaust air discharges Fans and Motors: Fans shall be double width double inlet shall
Catalog ID: QK428
passes through a negative pressure in the eye of a centrifugal Air Infiltration: The leakage of air into a house pump 100 . Atmospheric Pressure: The weight of a column of Central Fan System: A mechanical indirect system air one square inch in
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Catalog ID: LS894
FW0074 CJ101-CJ103.pdf FW0074 0707 Supersedes CENTRIFUGAL 0107 PUMPS Featuring Flint & Walling s Service Plus Motor Model any one of four positions for horizontal or vertical positioning. CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS SUCTION LIFT TO 25 FEET - PRESSURES TO 95 PSI
Catalog ID: FE904
Plus Double Zinc Clad Capacitor JET PUMP MOTORS Ball Bearings Fan Access Cover Governor Switch Overload Governor 100% Dynamically Zinc Clad away from the switch Zinc clad steel shell and cooling fan resist mechanism. All electrical components are protected corrosion and dissipate
Catalog ID: EF916
Line Supersedes NEW Overview 4 & 6 Submersible Pumps Jet Pumps Centrifugal Pumps Specialty Pumps Sump Pumps Utility Pumps and Sewage Pumps Motors Double Sealed Zinc Clad Access Cover Capacitor Ball Bearings Fan Governor Switch Overload Governor 100% Dynamically Zinc Clad Copper Windings
Catalog ID: CL913
High Cap Centrifugals.pdf FW0724 0707 HIGH CAPACITY Supersedes 1005 CENTRIFUGAL & SPRINKLER PUMPS Straight Centrifugal Pumps Electric Motors Heavy Duty Straight Centrifugal Pumps High Head
Catalog ID: UL2032
Brand: Energenics
outside of the unit. Water will be recirculated by a centrifugal pump. A tubeaxial booster fan to equalize airflow shall be included with unit. The two
Catalog ID: NT15235
a peeling or knifing effect. high percentage of WhisperWheel SM fan system which operation throughout the United This high volume air diameter and are driven hydraulically. type air filter with a centrifugal safety and reliability. Commercial Their free-floating design allows them
Catalog ID: LT15236
an 8.4 cubic yard hopper patent-pending Whisper- WheelSM fan system and a 220-gallon capacity water system. Sweeper is 7 821 mm w/ Hand Hose Dust Separator ....... Self-cleaning centrifugal Wheelbase ..................... 153.5" 3 886 mm PICKUP HEAD: Lifting ..................... Twin
Catalog ID: LN15143
Brand: Madvac
to other machines steel frame built to last Lifetime Warranty Fan Patented No litter touches fan technology eliminates wear tear and down time. FAR LEFT Access
Catalog ID: KG15239
tube. To sweepers in existence the blast pending WhisperWheel SM fan assure debris transfer with minimal Schwarze A8000 is an ideal pavement and gutter while a type air filter with a centrifugal mounted on standard production spring impact protection system commercial chassis
Catalog ID: JD15238
world. what is called a blast orifice. This pending WhisperWheel fan system sm To ensure debris transfer with Because of its hydraulics may be used to raise the a Sy-Klone centrifugal precleaner. A similar to those currently utilized in sweeping head
Catalog ID: HW15240
the sweeping head that a high percentage of heavy metals fan system which lets Schwarze air in the world. The 9 spring impact protection system dry type air filter with a centrifugal allows A9000 sweepers to travel enables an inward swing of
Catalog ID: ED15243
head and lifts Air Quality Management District pending WhisperWheel SM fan system A7000 is an ideal choice for use in a cally. Their free-floating design type air filter with a centrifugal safety and reliability. Commercial allows them to follow the contour
Catalog ID: PA15294
Brand: Vac-Con
performance prominent with power-conscious features like our 3-stage centrifugal compressor 27 Corten steel fans in compressor Articulating hose reel 2-engine design allows totally
Catalog ID: WH23013
AC inverter duty motors meet Forest/Paper loads such as centrifugal pumps and fans certification requirements. where HP varies as the cube of the
Catalog ID: WG23087
overspeed protection on mechanical starting torque with all mechanical and centrifugal starting switch. electrical features listed above. RPM App. F.L diameter of 11/8" with standard key. 2 AGRICULTURAL MOTORS FAN DUTY SINGLE AND THREE PHASE TWO-WINDING VARIABLE TORQUE SINGLE
Catalog ID: UO22936
test facility is one of the industrial equipment such as fan drives Banbury most advanced in the world. The result is provides a smooth brush-riding sur- face under thermal and centrifugal forces thus assuring maximum brush life. Longitudinal thru-studs permit
Catalog ID: UN22962
from almost short-circuit condition to an open-circuit v Fans and Blowers condition with infinite external resistance. By modifying the The unit s high quality carbon multi-layered to withstand centrifugal and magnetic forces. brushes feature a large cross-sectional area
Catalog ID: TS23161
Brand: Weg
Applications CHEMICAL AnD PETROCHEMICAL PLASTIC AnD RUBBER PAPER AnD PULP Fans / Exhaust fans Extruders Dosing Pumps Centrifugal Pumps Injectors / Blowers Process Pumps Dosing
Catalog ID: TB22956
bar vibrations and ensure long motor life. End rings are centrifugally cast to ensure uniform void-free high-integrity construction. For turned to M the TECO-Westinghouse PAM motor to drive fans pumps compressors Banbury mixers or any other equipment where changing
Catalog ID: RH23074
Catalog ID: RC22989
lifting plates bolted on the 10 frame of totally enclosed fan-cooled enclosures simplify motor lifting per NEMA requirements. Provision for motor specifically built for into every Reliance Vertical XE motor centrifugal pumps sump pumps vertical service into your application produced. The
Catalog ID: QM23219
Brand: Siemens
energy savings in applications such as premium electrical grade steel centrifugal and turbine pumps. laminations and copper electrical magnet wire to sparking Hazardous Duty HIGH EFFICIENT gasketed and rotatable in 90 fan is locked and keyed to the shaft. Its Frame & End
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