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Catalog ID: PT31762
shall be split - coupled in - line , single - stage design , for motor . The motor bracket shall contain a carbon steel coupler installation in a
Catalog ID: NP31745
NP31745.pdf Bulletin A - 50L ® ® Hydronic Heating and Plumbing Products ® Bell & Gossett Table of Contents Page Free Wet Rotor ) 6 Series PL â?¢ ( Maintenance - Free Dry Motor ) 7 Series LR â?¢ ( Compact Maintenance - Free ) 8 Pump Accessories
Catalog ID: PT31762
shall be split - coupled in - line , single - stage design , for motor . The motor bracket shall contain a carbon steel coupler installation in a
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Catalog ID: NL31798
Series 1510 Centrifugal Pumps â?? Technical Bulletin â?¢ For hydronic heating and cooling systems , industrial , pressure boosting and general pumping applications provided as standard with an integral - assured , while piping and motor remain undisturbed . Extended ly cast volute foot located directly beneath
Catalog ID: ND31794
Mounted Centrifugal Pumps Advantages Applications â?¢ Close Coupled â?¢ Hydronic Heating â?¢ Space Saving & Cooling Systems â?¢ Long Life â?¢ Industrial needed . 250 # and 300 # working pressure designs . CONVENIENT TO INSTALL MOTOR BRACKET In - line mounting eliminates the need for special pads
Catalog ID: MS31851
® Gossett Packaged Systems For : â?¢ Variable Speed Pumping â?¢ Heat Transfer â?¢ Pressure Boosting True Unit Responsibility And Optimized Performance requires . â?¢ Ideal for existing building using existing pumps and motors , or new buildings where access to mechanical room is limited
Catalog ID: JO31767
On closed systems cooling is accomplished by inserting a small heat exchanger in the flush line to cool the seal flushing liquid
Catalog ID: ET31801
cast iron volute construction for 175 PSI seal face lubrication , heat dissipation and debris working pressure . removal without vulnerable , external flush be used for construction purposes unless certified . 1 Varies with motor manufacturer . PUMP DIMENSIONS FIGURE 2 â?? INCHES ( MM ) SIZE OF
Catalog ID: DM31853
Catalog ID: PD32869
Brand: MTH
little maintenance . the rotor is perfectly centered in Sealless Canned Motor Pumps Simply change the bearings during the stator , the magnetic the operation . True secondary con - Because these units have no motor magnetic �elds induces a voltage tainment design makes it
Catalog ID: LQ33918
Full operating basic sections : steam pressure from â?¢ finned tube heat transfer section a cold start in less â?¢ steam flash temperature water from the steam flash drum assembly to the heat transfer core assembly . Btu is transferred from the exhaust to
Catalog ID: SG34364
Brand: Grundfos
saving pump solutions . Sanitary Pressure boosting Industrial Cooling and air Heating and hot Dosing / Disinfection Environmental Sewage and Domestic water Groundwater and multi - ing systems for lubricants , and cooling and air heating systems cooling and heating , contaminated of applications in compact systems
Catalog ID: RO34362
Brand: Grundfos
technology that support sustain ­ ability . For example : > Permanent - magnet motors ( ECM Technology ) reduce energy consumption by up to 78 % over smallest improvement in efficiency can translate to sizeable savings . ML motors for centrifugal pump applications are designed and manufactured by Grundfos
Catalog ID: JL34369
� Paint systems � Humidi� ers � Process / Plant Water Heating , Ventilating and Air Conditioning ( HVAC ) � Boiler feed � Heat exchangers � Cooling towers and systems � Chillers CAR WASH
Catalog ID: NP39645
Brand: Belden
optical fiber structured cabling systems , systems , en , racks , wireless mobility exchanges and cable and racks pa cntbutions , at cable hmanagemetrinitores , management Optimax field connectors for optical cable wirele mo C ® exchanges , alarm landes , - IBDN System 10GX ( 10 Gb ) copper cable , climate
Catalog ID: OF44662
OF44662.pdf Exhaust Steam Generator Series â?? ESG1 Heat Recovery Silencer U - Tube Heat Recovery Heat Recovery Silencer Radial Series â?? HRSR Series â
Catalog ID: TB46917
TB46917.pdf Bulletin 1600IEC PERMANENT MAGNET DIRECT CURRENT MOTORS & GEARMOTORS IEC Frames NEMA Frames Small Frames LEESON â?¦ Your Complete Source For Quality DC Motors And More Todayâ??s LEESON offers one of the industryâ
Catalog ID: MK46914
Brand: Danfoss
range of products Pressure transmitters , temperature sensors , switches , industrial valves , motor Take control of your equipment starters and contactors , and electronic Danfoss innovations are proven daily in our ARI - certified laboratories . Motor Controls Sensors and Transmitters Valves Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers MCX
Catalog ID: KO46942
Brand: US Motors
KO46942.pdf Product Data Sheet Horizontal A.C . Motors Open Dripproof Energy & Premium Efficient â?¢ Open Dripproof â?¢ Energy 1800 , 1200 rpm 200 , 208 - 230 / 460 & 575 volt ® Motor Quality System â?¢ ALLGUARD © Emerson Motor Company , 2003 ; All
Catalog ID: DP46540
Brand: Baldor
DP46540.pdf Severe Duty Motors ormation eneral 661XL / IEEE 841 , G nf 5 thru 75 Phase , Applications : Petroleum , chemical and other industries with belt driven heat TEFC , 460 Volts , nt rs exchangers requiring premium efficient motors
Catalog ID: CD46946
Brand: US Motors
CD46946.pdf Horizontal TITAN ® A.C . Motors Totally Enclosed Tube Cooled � 400 thru 2000 HP hertz Product Overview The TOTALLY ENCLOSED TUBE COOLED TITAN ® motor type JT has a cast iron and heavy fabricated steel
Catalog ID: BI47128
Brand: KSB
BI47128.pdf Waste Water Submersible Motor Pumps KRT 40 to 700 02 Features KRT Submersible motor pumps for Versatile Applications Fields of application : KRT submersible motor
Catalog ID: SF48157
include custom â?¢ Gasketed Extended Coil Connections and Drain fan , motor drive and vibration isolation mounted and fac - Pan Connections that re providing est efficiency at a reasonable first cost basis . heated or cooled air to the intended space and not to
Catalog ID: NI47884
probe controller . When hot gases or vapors are handled , the heat transfer to the SIMPLEX UNIT MULTI JET NOZZLE NOZZLE BODY one moving part , the centrifugal pump impeller directly coupled to motor shaft . . . no close tolerances . . . no wear adjustments . . . no pistons . . . no
Catalog ID: NE47886
Condensate Transfer Equipment CONDENSATE RETURN UNITS BOILER FEED UNITS VACUUM HEATING UNITS LOW NPSH PUMPS INDUSTRIAL VACUUM UNITS points . larger on request ) , Series CMHD units include cylindrical Vacuum Heating and Industrial / Clinical Vacuum Units
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