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Catalog ID: WP40142
WP40142.pdf Fiber Optic Instrument Adapters â?? SOC and UCI eo â?¢ SOC adapters
Catalog ID: VV39647
Brand: Belden
connectivity components costs should a component fail . â?¢ Copper and fiber optic cables Belden has been the leading manufacturer Now , factor in
Catalog ID: WP40142
WP40142.pdf Fiber Optic Instrument Adapters â?? SOC and UCI eo â?¢ SOC adapters
Size: 1 Pages ( 118 kb )
Catalog ID: TR40139
120V ( one required per handheld unit ) Requires one Snap - On Connector ( SOC ) adapter ( See pages 302 and 303 ) . to accommodate other connector types , see our SOC / UCI adapters on pages 302 and
Catalog ID: TP39880
2x SPDIF coaxial digital audio via RCA â?¢ 2x Toslink fiber - optic audio Full Feature List â?¢ 4x Stereo analog audio pair
Catalog ID: TE40040
Brand: Gefen
Input Video Signal : 1.2 Volts p - p â?¢ HDMI Connector : Type A 19 Pin Female â?¢ Link Connector : ( 1 ) RJ - 45 Shielded â?¢ Power Supply : 5V DC / Power
Catalog ID: SC40044
Brand: Gefen
SC40044.pdf DIGITAL EXTENDERS - DVI DVI RS - 232 OVER FIBER EXTENDER EXT - DVI - FO - 141 Extends a single link DVI to 1640 feet ( 500 meters ) over one strand of SC fiber optic cable HOME FEATURES : THEATER â?¢ Extends a DVI and
Catalog ID: QK39642
Brand: Belden
our warranties , or to to quality , high performance copper , optical fiber high - availability networks that meet your locate a Belden sales professionals can programs that are given by Belden - certified Optical Fiber Cable and Connectivity 11 audit , recommend / design , configure and individuals
Catalog ID: OR40129
â?¢ Easy to use quick interface fits all 2.5mm connector interfaces ( FC , SC , ST ) . â?¢ â?¢ 1.0mW output power ° C to + 50 ° C max . into smF - 28 fiber 1.0mW ( 0dBm ) storage temp . - 40 ° C to + 60
Catalog ID: OO40143
OO40143.pdf Fiber Optic Instrument Adapters â?? SOC and UCI Voi CoNNeCtor tyPe soC
Catalog ID: NS40046
Brand: Gefen
up to 1640 feet PRO A / V ( 500 meters ) using fiber optic cable . EXT - FW - 1394BP COMPUTER AUDIO / VIDEO DIGITAL SIGNAGE FEATURES
Catalog ID: NN40125
NN40125.pdf Fiber Optic Cut and Strip Kit o â?¢ Includes three basic tools
Catalog ID: LW40135
Optical Power Meter Vo â?¢ Optimized for power measurements on fiber optic systems based ic on single - mode , multimode , plastic or large
Catalog ID: LH39641
Brand: Belden
for EVAC systems . In addition , Belden represent the ultimate optical fiber network cabling and connectivity supplies audio / video cable , copper networking as application , including HD video cables , audio copper and optical fiber networking connectivity and speaker cables , cables for automated ( Ethernet and
Catalog ID: JR40043
Brand: Gefen
1650 feet ( 500 meters ) over COMPUTER four strands of LC fiber optic cable AUDIO / VIDEO DIGITAL SIGNAGE FEATURES : SPECIFICATIONS : â?¢ Extends a
Catalog ID: IW39631
Brand: Belden
9 Mini Hi - res Component IBDN â?¢ Networking / LAN Cable Fiber Optic Cables 11 Video Cables Sales Contacts 12 In addition to
Catalog ID: HR40047
Brand: Gefen
Mbps â?¢ Power Consumption : 10 Watts ( max ) â?¢ USB Input Connector : ( 1 ) Type B â?¢ Dimensions : 4.2 â?? D x â?? W x 1.2 â?? H â?¢ USB Output Connectors : ( 2 ) Type A â?¢ Shipping Weight / Unit Weight : Computer USB
Catalog ID: GK40130
GK40130.pdf Singlemode Fiber Optic Test Set Vo â?¢ Insertion loss test set for singlemode
Catalog ID: FP39484
Brand: Avocent
on RJ45 1 USB 2.0 Host on Type A connector 2 PC Card / CardBus with ejector ( dual Type II or single Type III ) PC Card Slots Supporting Ethernet , fast Ethernet ( fiber optic ) , Fiber and Memory Cards , V . 92 and ISDN modems
Catalog ID: FG39633
Brand: Belden
FG39633.pdf ® Belden Optical Fiber Catalog ® Belden FiberExpress Systems , Cable and Connectivity Belden FiberExpress Systems are the definitive choice for all your optical fiber needs . Our focus on quality and detail ensures a solid
Catalog ID: FE40127
â?¢ â?¢ Rugged outside plant instrument package . e â?¢ Universal connector interface . oic Cat . No . UPC No . DesCrIPtIoN V 525 - 30 PCX 49981 850 / 1300nm Smart Optical Loss Test Set - PC Connectors sPeCIFICatIoNs aUtotest INsertIoN Loss test Port PoWer meter measurement range
Catalog ID: FD40123
FD40123.pdf Fiber Optic Polishing Pad o â?¢ Resilient pad is perfect for PC
Catalog ID: FD40042
Brand: Gefen
500 meters ) over PRO A / V four strands of LC fiber optic cable COMPUTER AUDIO / VIDEO FEATURES : DIGITAL SIGNAGE â?¢ Extends a
Catalog ID: DO40124
DO40124.pdf Fiber Optic Hand Tools Kit Vo â?¢ Contains the most commonly used
Catalog ID: CI40134
both laser and LED based e single - mode and multimode fiber optic idsystems . â?¢ Easy to use ; three butt
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