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Catalog ID: RB22952
RB22952.pdf N3 AC Drive z Sensorless Vector AC Drive z PID Control with Sleep Mode z Simple Full Featured
Catalog ID: QH23059
High peak torque capability Yes Speed regulation with low end drives 2 % Speed regulation with high end drives 0.1 % Rotor Inertia Low C - Face with rigid base
Catalog ID: RB22952
RB22952.pdf N3 AC Drive z Sensorless Vector AC Drive z PID Control with Sleep Mode z Simple Full Featured
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Catalog ID: PF23241
Brand: Siemens
or three complete converter units to 28 MVA . with isolated DC links are operated in parallel . SINAMICS GM150 converters in IGCT converter consists of cabinet units for the Basic Line Module drive solutions that can be matched to customers â?? specific and
Catalog ID: NM22965
½ � � / The multi - purpose Industrial AC Drive that solves 90 % of all stand - alone and system variable or more complex applications such as web processing systems where DC performance or better is required , the GV3000 / SE will meet
Catalog ID: ML23030
ML23030.pdf ® REGAL - BELOIT SpinMaster AC Adjustable Speed Drives ES Volts / Hertz Constant Torque , Micro Inverter DRIV Applications : Constant torque or constant horsepower applications . Typical applications AC
Catalog ID: ML23018
IEC motor . Leveraging extended top speeds using optimum pole Reliance DC motors for generations . our knowledge of variable speed DC motors technology the RPM AC motor combines square frame design
Catalog ID: KC23016
Co height of 6.25 inches . â?¢ Easily replaces any DC or larger NEMA frame AC Aggregate / Cement â?? motor â as totally enclosed , IP54 , and â?¢ Encoder provisions - machined opposite drive end washdown ( IP55 ) bracket and tapped shaft for stub shaft
Catalog ID: JI23058
provides for power matched performance with all manufacturers of AC drives . ® Automotive Duty Motors exceed EPAct and NRCan The Blue C - Face kits , and power matched performance with all AC drive manufacturers . These industry work horses provide excellent value and dependable
Catalog ID: HI23014
Drip - Proof Guarded more compact and lighter weight than most DC Force Ventilated motors offer the ideal solution . Petro / Chem â applications that require lower Unit / Baggage any motor AC or DC . surface and winding temperatures , the RPM AC â?? Handling Extruder
Catalog ID: HD23168
Brand: Weg
in the industry . Among other equipment , they are used to drive machines and equipment that require either variable or constant torque other manufacturers machines , specialized applications within the following scope : g DC traction motors and generators ( AC ) ; g Squirrel cage and slip
Catalog ID: GW22963
GW22963.pdf Reliance Electric SP200 AC Drive Compact , Easy to Use , and Featured Just Right For Variable Design for Basic Variable Speed Applications The Reliance Electric SP200 drive provides OEMs and users with attractive opportunities in which to
Catalog ID: FS23239
Brand: Siemens
Operation with converter 3 / 2 Overview 3 / 2 Variable - speed drive systems for 400 V and 500 V 3 / 2 Benefits With the motor - converter combination ( selection and ordering Variable - speed drive systems for 400 V and 500 V data ) , the drive
Catalog ID: FB22939
pdf NEW Available August â?? 06 â?? Sensorless Vector AC Drive â?? PID Control â?? Simple Full Featured Operator with Speed WEIGHTS 115 V 1 - Phase Input / 3 - Phase Output HP DRIVE AMPS DIMENSIONS ( Inches ) APPROX . MODEL NO . CT CT HEI GHT
Catalog ID: ED22947
need to memorize parameters - the user can set up the drive without an instruction manual ! Straight forward monitoring of drive status through the operator is also available , which simplifies set
Catalog ID: CS22969
CS22969.pdf SP120 AC Drives Compact , Cost - Effective 3 - Phase AC Drives 1 / 4 - 5 HP The Reliance Electric SP120 AC drive
Catalog ID: BJ23150
Brand: Weg
BJ23150.pdf VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES HP FRACTIONAL CFW08 PLUS GENERAL PURPOSE The WEG CFW08 Plus â?¢ Single and Three - phase input voltage MOT PU control , DC braking , torque â?¢ Conveyors â?¢ 200 - 240V or 380 - 480V
Catalog ID: BB23061
03 1 : 40 PM Page 1 â?¢ SpinMaster AC Micro Drives Driven to be the Best â?¦ SpinMaster â?¢ and SpinMaster â?¢ Plus AC Drives REGAL - BELOITâ??s SpinMaster â?¢ AC drive is designed for
Catalog ID: AW23162
Brand: Weg
120V AC input voltage will produce three phase 230V to drive motors up to 1HP and single phase 230V AC will produce three phase 230V to drive motors up to 2HP . Increased �exibility and decreased costs
Catalog ID: AI23151
Brand: Weg
Catalog ID: AB23172
Brand: Weg
Regulator Multi - pump controller Remote Keypad Speci� cation Table CFW08 DRIVERS Maximum Applicable Motor Dimensions Supply Power ( mm ) Dynamic Weight ( Kg bit RISC Microcontroller Regenerative inverter EMC Filters FieldBus Communication , DeviceNet Drive Pro� le , Metasys N2 Johnson Controls and RTU Modbus ( optional
Catalog ID: WT23623
11.4 20 9.0 / 4.3 - 4.5 23 DRIVES 1200 115 / 208 - 230 56C T12C3JCR $ 532 DS - 3F 1 Protector Note LA Limited Availability Note 25 Non - protected DIRECT ( DC ) CURRENT 19 RPOSE PHASE PU LE General
Catalog ID: WP23482
Brand: Siemens
A A kW A mm Size see " SINAMICS S120 ( HP ) drive system " . 5 ) 5 ) 5 ) 7 7 1FN3050 - 1NE . . . 2.9 short traverse paths . 3 ) Velocity values refer to a converter DC link voltage of 600 V DC . 4 ) No precision cooler
Catalog ID: WK23726
1.00 64.9 4700 94.5 220 / 126 55 DRIVES MOTORS BRAKE RAME TORS Note 54 Counterclockwise ( CCW ) rotation facing opposite drive end O ( FODE ) F M U Note 55 Class F
Catalog ID: WF23465
Brand: Siemens
WF23465.pdf Operator - Friendly and Favorably Priced SINAMICS G150 Drive Converter SINAMICS drives Answers for industry . SINAMICS â?? the optimum drive
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