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Catalog ID: OF40163
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_05.pdf Digital Logging Meters Testing & Measurement True RMS autoranging 3-5/6-digit 5000-count easy viewing. Frequency temperature and capacitance measurements and diode and continuity tests standard. RS-232 capable may be connected to a
Catalog ID: BI50388
Brand: Amprobe
2011-12_catalog_18.pdf Electrical Testers Electrical Testers Non-Contact Volt Probes Safe economical troubleshooting Socket Testers Lights
Catalog ID: OF40163
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_05.pdf Digital Logging Meters Testing & Measurement True RMS autoranging 3-5/6-digit 5000-count easy viewing. Frequency temperature and capacitance measurements and diode and continuity tests standard. RS-232 capable may be connected to a
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Catalog ID: UU40172 1000A AC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter Testing & Measurement True RMS for the most accurate measurement when harmonics added versatility. Analog bar graph to view quick changes. Audible continuity test. Selectable Auto Off for longer battery life. Accessories included
Catalog ID: LA40159
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_01.pdf ELECTRICAL TESTERS Electrical Testers Comparison Guide Testing & Measurement FEATURE GT-95 GT-65 GT
Catalog ID: IC4622
Brand: Elenco
Auto/manual ranging method Frequency Backlit display Data hold Audible continuity Audible continuity Diode test Diode test Available continuity test Zippered case included
Catalog ID: LO42815
Brand: Triplett
Maintenance Needs The 9000 Series Three Models all CE marked. Tested to IEC 1010 Category III 600V Clamp-Ons have many User Selectable °F or °C Average AC Responding Duty Cycle Test Capacitance Ranges from 40nF to 4000 F Measurements Diode & Continuity
Catalog ID: WN50407
Brand: Amprobe
2011-12_catalog_37.pdf Battery Testers Component Testers Handheld Component Testers Battery Testers Check the batteries Component checks
Catalog ID: PL40165 Professional Plant Digital Multimeters DM-500 features: Testing & Measurement Autoranging for convenient operation and to save you time measurements. Frequency temperature and capacitance measurements plus diode LISTED and continuity tests standard. Auto power off and low battery indicator. DM
Catalog ID: CE42814
Brand: Triplett
Multimeters Model 1101-A Compact DMM with Backlit Display & Temperature Test 3 1/2 Digit w/ 1999 max. reading Backlit Display DC Voltage to 500V AC/DC Current to 10A Temperature Test Probe Included Resistance to 20M Continuity Test Diode Check 3
Catalog ID: KD1073
Brand: Water King
pre-piped and pre-wired to customer specification and factory tested prior to shipping. Standard wiring is galvanized steel conduit with using Schedule 40 Galvanized Steel Pad eyes for lifting Hydro test using certified gauges. Standard is 1 hour at 100 psi
Catalog ID: MP40169
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_11.pdf PDMM-20 Pocket Multimeter Testing & Measurement Auto-select mode for hassle-free use. Low impedance for longer battery life. Low battery indicator. Resistance measurement. Audible continuity test. Frequency measurement in voltage mode. Capacitance measurement. SPECIFICATIONS 6000
Catalog ID: WD6036
Brand: Steren
Contrast LCD Display Resistance 32-Position Rotary-Range Switch Diode-Continuity Diode and 50 Continuity Beeper Beeper Transistor Tester Overload Protected Transistor Tester 10 A
Catalog ID: AM40096
power outputs for use on open and shorted pairs. Independent continuity test function. 77GX Independent talk battery supply with higher output voltage
Catalog ID: FS70376
Brand: Calrad
in compact shirt pocket size meter. Has diode transistor and continuity tester. Has 10 amp DC current range and includes temperature probe
Catalog ID: NB40098
will catch the alarm condition and continue sounding until the tester is reset. As a tone generator the unit provides a that can be applied using the 24" red and black test leads or a convenient 6-position modular plug. Convenient magnetic
Catalog ID: NA40192
9247 International Tel: 1.815.397.7070 Selectable Warble tone Continuity testing Polarity testing talk Battery Supply two-line modular test Lead
Catalog ID: MT4620
Brand: Elenco
to 200 F Capacitance to 400 F Diode and transistor test Inductance to 40H Audible continuity Resistance to 4000M AC/DC current to 10A Logic test
Catalog ID: IP4621
Brand: Elenco
Catalog_#53_web_12.pdf COMPONENT TESTERS Digital Capacitance Meter Digital LCR Meter Model CM-1555 Model 20 000 F. DC volts 0 - 20V Zero control for test lead Frequency up to 15MHz compensation. Diode/audible continuity test
Catalog ID: GB6000
Brand: Steren
W x 81/2 H x 1 D Network Cable Tester 300-100 4-Pair-EIA/TIA568/Coaxial Cable Tester Tests local or installed cable with removable RJ45-BNC remote
Catalog ID: BJ40097
for fast identification. Detect LAN hubs & switches. Provides tone signaling continuity testing and telephone line polarity ndication combined with a modular breakout
Catalog ID: MS6035
Brand: Steren
x 13/8 D 602-102 Analog VOM and Transistor Tester 90 Arc Mirrored Scale Voltage 0.1-25K VDC/0 ON /OF DC Current V F 200 Diode and Transistor Tester Diode-Continuity nF uF Resistance Overload Protected Beeper DC NP
Catalog ID: WM42880
Brand: Steren
BNC Connector Crimp Kits Thread Protectors Cable Preparation Tools Cable Continuity Testers Security Shields Security Tool A16 A16 A15 A16 A16 A16
Catalog ID: BP4196
Brand: Fluke
Fluke 1587 and 1577 Insulation Multimeters combine a digital insulation tester with a full-featured true-rms digital multimeter in a you with your tasks. Large display with backlight Capacitance diode test temperature Min/Max frequency Hz 1587 only Insulation test 1587
Catalog ID: FN50383
Brand: Amprobe
VolTect non-contact voltage detection. Easy one-touch button control Continuity beeper 15XP-B is the right choice for electronics engineers and field service Oversize easy-to-read digital display Diode test technicians featuring TTL logic test for digital circuits diode test
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