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Catalog ID: LS30335
â?¢ NORTHFLEX LIGHT TASK â?? POLYURETHANE COATED NYLON GLOVES Mechanical protection with maximum dexterity . FEATURES AND BENEFITS â?¢ Polyurethane palm coating on the palm and finger tips provides good grip and protection for the worker from light mechanical hazards such as abrasions
Catalog ID: JM30341
power for handling a wide range of materials . Fits the hand securely and comfortably for better feel . 3 â?? dimensional stretch to reduce hand fatigue . â?¢ Rust color wonâ??t show soiling as quickly
Catalog ID: LS30335
â?¢ NORTHFLEX LIGHT TASK â?? POLYURETHANE COATED NYLON GLOVES Mechanical protection with maximum dexterity . FEATURES AND BENEFITS â?¢ Polyurethane palm coating on the palm and finger tips provides good grip and protection for the worker from light mechanical hazards such as abrasions
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Catalog ID: HH30343
cabinet glove FEATURES AND BENEFITS â?¢ Extended sleeve provides arm protection . â?¢ Cotton liner in glove and sleeve absorbs perspiration . T14413228 ® NORTH POLAR â?? INSULATED LEATHER PALM GLOVES High performance protection from the worst of winter weather . FEATURES AND BENEFITS Â
Catalog ID: GA30293
horizontal movement at heights and One important aspect of fall protection is a custom designed up to 15 ° from the then the user simply increases or decreases the tension by hand until the ideal tension is The Saf - T - Line lifeline
Catalog ID: EJ30342
pdf ROUGH TUFF â?? LAMINATED NATURAL RUBBER GLOVES * Heavy duty protection for the toughest jobs . FEATURES AND BENEFITS â?¢ Heavy seamless purpose applications . FEATURES AND BENEFITS â?¢ Knuckle strap provides additional protection for the back of the hand . â?¢ Safety cuff allows
Catalog ID: DH30344
added sensitivity and productivity â?¢ Reinforced knuckle band provides additional protection â?¢ Leather palm is reinforced to add additional strength and resistant bi - color Clarino â?¢ Padded palm patch provides additional protection â?¢ Blue stretch Spandex backing for comfort & fit â?¢ Velcro
Catalog ID: CG30363
to be made from nitrile , for superior comfort and better protection . FEATURES AND BENEFITS â?¢ One piece design is more convenient nitrile formulation offers a great combination of chemical resistance , mechanical protection and wearer comfort . â?¢ Nitrile provides good protection from a
Catalog ID: BK30391
allows you to write all important information such as names , HANDS OFF dates and expected completion time as well as any BEFORE EQUIPMENT WORKING EQUIPMENT â?¢ Informed operator supervisor about TO PROTECT BEFORE work to be done . â?¢ Prepared equipment for shutdown
Catalog ID: BB30359
oils and acids . 8F2032 â?¢ Soft and flexible feel reduces hand fatigue and enhances worker comfort . â?¢ Solvent based , multi - dip results in a glove of superior quality . â?¢ Ambidextrous and hand specific styles available . North glovebox gloves can be customized â
Catalog ID: WO30257
PRINT , CAMOUFLAGE , AND FLAME RESISTANT NAVY . ® SUPERCOOL SUNSHIELDS Extra protection for outdoor workers is provided by SUPERCOOL sunshields designed to AVAILABLE IN ROYAL BLUE AND FLAME RESISTANT NAVY . BUGOFF SKIN PROTECTION KIT Prevention of outdoor skin injuries is possible if appropriate
Catalog ID: TW30236
be used as a secondary inner glove . Allows worker maximum protection in heavy - duty jobs where the dangers of mechanical damage solvents without dissolving . Superior resistance to PCBs . Curved finger and hand design provides better fit for greater worker comfort . Available in
Catalog ID: VM30811
Brand: Cordova
open back styling " provide excellent coolness and flexibility , which minimize hand fatigue , thus TM increasing productivity . Already known for its performance bullet resistant vest , offers the high assurance of cut resistant protection . Oil Resistant TM Unlike similar gloves available in the market
Catalog ID: QR30339
FULLY COATED GLOVES Full nitrile coating provides all - over mechanical protection but is also breathable for comfort . FEATURES AND BENEFITS â when recycled . â?¢ Ambidextrous design can be worn on either hand . Longer wear because of the four wearing
Catalog ID: RF30259
RF30259.pdf Hand Protection ® ® Worknit HD Gloves Viton Glove Nitrile coated Worknit
Catalog ID: NC30237
NC30237.pdf Hand Protection NITRI - KNIT SUPPORTED NITRILE GLOVES High nitrile content offers superior
Catalog ID: SB30875
Abrasion resistant materials have been strategically placed to maximize S hand protection and supply superior grip and dexterity . Our quality C craftsmanship
Catalog ID: QO30336
â?¢ ECO KNIT GLOVES Economical general purpose gloves for basic hand protection . FEATURES AND BENEFITS â?¢ 4 hand sizes available . â?¢ Reversible
Catalog ID: MH30239
MH30239.pdf Hand Protection â?¢ NORTHFLEX RED â?? FOAMED PVC PALM COATED GLOVE â
Catalog ID: TV30345
cut resistant glove that offers a great compromise between mechanical protection and wearer comfort . FEATURES AND BENEFITS ® â?¢ Seamless Dyneema Suited to applications requiring a moderate to high level of protection from cut hazards combined with a high degree of dexterity
Catalog ID: NM30347
NITRILE PALM COATED ARAMID / STEEL GLOVES Provides heavy duty mechanical protection without the bulk and restriction of â?¢ movement that you form - fitting and comfortable and provides surprisingly little resistance to hand movement . â?¢ The foamed nitrile coating provides impressive grip on
Catalog ID: MU30698
to Ccuts and punctures , while providing the best liquid penetration protection against U blood , body fluids , and common accident scene chemicals 95 AT Super EGloves A New Era in Fire Fighting Hand Protection F & True 3 - D hand - shaped styling with staggered
Catalog ID: HE30325
with a snug knit - wrist , and provide minimal resistance to hand movement for exceptional wearer comfort . â?¢ Foamed PVC coatings , are X â?¢ features an extended knuckle coating , for additional wearer protection . â?¢ The back of the glove is un - coated , for
Catalog ID: HC30348
and longer life . â?¢ Seamless liner offers superior comfort , lessens hand fatigue and does not irritate hands . â?¢ 100 % Kevlar liner provides protection against cuts , snags and
Catalog ID: GJ30349
construction provides superior comfort ( no seams for chafing ) and less hand fatigue . â?¢ Machine washable or dry cleanable . Permits easy recycling offers economical alternative . Puts Kevlar on outside for cut / slash protection and cotton / polyester on inside for worker comfort .
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