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Catalog ID: QL83159
Brand: Ansul
Fighting fire doesnâ??t stop with suppressing flames . ANSUL Proportioning Equipment combines economical Combustible vapors and nearby heat sources pose and skid , or in - line proportioner . Mobility increases Produce large quantities firefighting of expanded foam capabilities Select from ANSUL Foam Discharge Increase
Catalog ID: DB30700
E DarQuest Lightweight Hose S All that stands between the firefighter and a fire is time and the right equipment . O Darley Lightweight Hose is the answer with a durable
Catalog ID: QL83159
Fighting fire doesnâ??t stop with suppressing flames . ANSUL Proportioning Equipment combines economical Combustible vapors and nearby heat sources pose and skid , or in - line proportioner . Mobility increases Produce large quantities firefighting of expanded foam capabilities Select from ANSUL Foam Discharge Increase
Brand: Ansul
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Catalog ID: MG45689
Brand: Kidde Fire
of the Kidde Fire Fighting Organization , is a legend in firefighting hose technology . With a commitment to firefighters that is unparalleled , Angus has been at the forefront of
Catalog ID: VQ30964
to Decontaminating Gear T Dirty turnout gear not only exposes firefighters to biohazards and carcinogens , it ignites and I conducts electricity cleaning turnout gear , firehouses can extend N gear life , improve firefighter health and safety , and prevent the accidental contamination of the
Catalog ID: TV30782
08 3 : 32 PM Page 95 W ® FB - 1 Firefighter Mask Brush Pro Mask & The Xcaper I ® ® L The Respro FB - 1 dust mask is provided to protect firefighters from ® D made of Advance Nomex and contamination from
Catalog ID: TM30797
documenting location , inspection , repair , etc . Ideal for use on electrical equipment , R EPA , FAA , U.S . Coast computers , vehicles , laboratories and aircraft rescue firefighting . P Guard , NFPA approved . Bracket included . Cat # Size UL Rating
Catalog ID: QN30989
23 PM Page 298 S P M U P STANDARD EQUIPMENT ® 13 HP twin impeller Darley Davey pump with Briggs Vanguard up bed Solid pump performance for both grass and structural firefighting Attack 1 Theoretical Friction Loss in 100 ' of 1 " Booster
Catalog ID: PU30748
of twisted hose Integrated all 1000 gpm monitors in the firefighting Stream Shaper industry . The MercuryMaster1000 â?¢ will Akronâ??s ball Attack Monitor is the newest innovation in fire fighting . 8 equipment . This monitor is smaller than any other portable ground monitor
Catalog ID: NK30971
Gear SBag Compartments Pen and Easily Carry All Your Files & Equipment Together E Pencil Holders I ® Tough , water - resistant Cordura the most popular seat organizer on Be sure that all firefighters are accounted for ! the market . The form - fitting pockets Custom
Catalog ID: LJ30766
for durability . All hardware is chrome plated brass . ww Optional equipment hook and ring are easily added with secure The ultimate hands - free truckmanâ??s belt designed by firefighters . . e Ship . wt . 3 lbs . screw rivets . This lightweight belts
Catalog ID: LF30993
â?? 250 Pumper â?? 250 Wildland â?? 50 , 250 STANDARD EQUIPMENT Stainless steel check valve Venturi Fast Foam 50 Panel mounted of one button ! Versatile ! This is of real value to firefighters and to OEM's with crowded building requirements . The AutoValve
Catalog ID: JS30790
level without any operator assistance . 80 To increase safety of firefighter personnel , the apparatus should be equipped with an automatic 0 allows for automatic or 24 manual valve control . 4 | Standard Equipment w Operator control and placard with Weather - Pac connectors w
Catalog ID: JJ30714
of the top mounted drying rack where hose and other equipment dries A O 1 3 2 4 / " to 1 / " naturally 839.95 B . Mobile Hose Dryer With the Mobile Dryer , equipment dries naturally and quickly with fresh air , prolonging the life
Catalog ID: IA30945
cannot rest in the bracket unsecured , preventing accidental damage to firefighters and equipment The SCBA is easily secured into position with one hand
Catalog ID: HK30856
device is the most efficient means of removing a downed firefighter or victim from the â?? Hot Zone â?? . The S quick . Constructed with â?? TUFF BOTTOM â?? , this 3 lowering equipment into confined spaces , collecting debris to 2 durable bag is
Catalog ID: GS30869
R Fire Department Ventilation Chain Saw Kit ES The TEAM Equipment - â?? Shark â?? C Advanced Features and Performance Result in oil , 2 - cycle oil , gasoline stabilizer , bar and chain protector , equipment Ship . wt . 50 lbs . carrying sling and instructions . AR232 Complete
Catalog ID: GA30693
with four points labeled A - B - C - D , corresponding to firefighters â?? current labeling system for each side of a U diameter 4 specifically to be used with gloved hands , allowing firefighters to easily and quickly Ship . wt . 2 lbs . orient the
Catalog ID: FR30861
material to be cut Easy - to - Use - With Sure Cut equipment , all you need is an ignition source ( welder , 12 or will prevent rust and protect . 8 with the input of firefighters and USAR members . Hundreds of fire tools without leaving a
Catalog ID: FO30777
lbs . AC537 Mesh Turnout Bag $ 29.95 B C . Hazmat Equipment Bag A great way to organize and carry your hazardous materials clothing and ® equipment . Made of heavy - duty Cordura nylon . # 10 YKK nylon zipper
Catalog ID: FN30943
D C Grip Clip An invaluable tool for recognizing downed firefighters . Features â?? Auto S D LEDs On â?? that provides for Velcro guidelines for personalized hanging and an ID window . equipment . Darley Mask Paks It fits all current SCBA masks . are
Catalog ID: FA30764
in extremely dangerous conditions is one of the reasons a firefighter's job is so unconventional . Add to that situation the carrying up to 100 extra pounds of protective gear and equipment and it's O easy to understand how fatigue can
Catalog ID: EO30708
130.95 Milwaukee Strap Hose and Accessory Bag Constructed with firefighters in mind . Made of durable 22 oz . reinforced vinyl . Double Safety is your number one responsibility . How secure is your equipment when the apparatus is in motion ? A loose length of
Catalog ID: CN30947
you concentrate on the job at hand , not your S equipment . This unit combines the latest pneumatics with a time - tested plate is adjustable to fit the torso length of any firefighter . The unique 3 - position height adjustment feature allows the wearer
Catalog ID: BV30776
11 / 19 / 08 2 : 20 PM Page 89 TU A . Firefighter Two - Tone Duffel R Oversized , extreme gear bag with many extra features . Outside vent pockets N to allow wet equipment to dry yet remain easily accessible . Each side has zippered
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