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Catalog ID: FR30861
areas with the use of Airgun 40 is an ideal confined space tool. Ship. wt. 31 lbs. a 12v battery Faster - Sure
Catalog ID: JA30555
Brand: Junkin
halves together. Four 60" web straps are standard. Stores in space 44" x 12" x 24". Break-Away Plastic Stretcher JSA lengthy foot travel is mandatory. The stretcher breaks into two Confined Space Stretcher JSA-300-CS halves which can be back
Catalog ID: FR30861
areas with the use of Airgun 40 is an ideal confined space tool. Ship. wt. 31 lbs. a 12v battery Faster - Sure
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Catalog ID: BA30718
x19" this lightweight compact design is perfect for tight and confined spaces such as on board ships and vessels. Ship. wt. 127
Catalog ID: SE30804
negative positive pressure or large AC937A 12"x10' 479.95 confined space ventilation. Requires a 20 amp AC937B 12"x20' 649.95
Catalog ID: JJ30877
lb. responders in every USAR application from high angle to confined space rescue. The outer shell of the USRX is made of
Catalog ID: HR30884
their design allows easy removal when using the harness for confined space entries. The front waist D-Ring allows a comfortable stable
Catalog ID: HM30746
National Standard Portable or hose line Use on vehicles and confined spaces hose thread/female brass safety-lock coupling Portable Models - Specify
Catalog ID: HK30856
needed quick. Constructed with TUFF BOTTOM this lowering equipment into confined spaces collecting debris to durable bag is extremely lightweight. The outside
Catalog ID: GQ30940
provides a high-quality heavy-duty ladder ideal for attic confined space trench and emergency situations. Tested to meet the stringent NFPA
Catalog ID: AN30896
halves together. Four 60" web straps are standard. Stores in space Universal Head Immobilizer 44" x 12" x 24". Stretcher Bridle 41/2"H Folded: 431/2"Lx22"Wx31/2"H. confined spaces. Immobilizes head neck and torso Ship. wt. 14 lbs
Catalog ID: WR45808
Safe Offshore platform access Tripod/Davit Arm Bracket Optional 9 Confined space Ladder Bracket Optional Saltwater environments Snap Hook Patented Dirty environments
Catalog ID: EG29532
representative for more detail. 15 Re neries Applications SHUT DOWNS & CONFINED SPACE Fall protection challenges Shutdowns can be in one section or
Catalog ID: US29534
off point for their lanyard ing top bracket and tension confined space entry/rescue may be made of different or self retracting
Catalog ID: PQ45862
Mast: The UCL Fold-up Mast is ideal for general confined space entry/retrieval applications. The mast fits into the optional Platform
Catalog ID: LT29536
XP harnesses feature breathable lining that wicks moisture away from CONFINED ENTRY/ your body so you re always dry and comfortable each shoulder strap to facilitate upright retrieval from con ned spaces or IMPACT INDICATOR frontal attachment. Some harnesses include impact indicators
Catalog ID: JU30894
in a poly bag keeping poletop retrieval to tunnel or confined it clean and ready to use at any space rescue automobile extrication time. Made of laminated urethane fireman s
Catalog ID: HA30895
Shape 574.95 RediBoard is an ideal board for tight spaces such as helicopters and Scoop Stretcher basket stretchers. Angled side Specify Color: Blue Narrow foot-end frame for handling in confined areas Red Yellow Green Orange Easy-to-clean surface is
Catalog ID: RF45850
bro_9700090_multipurptankcss.pdf Multi-Purpose Tank Confined Space System Fall Arrest and Rescue System that Mounts Directly to
Catalog ID: FP31161
Catalog ID: RB30288
Fall_Protection_split_31.pdf Confined Space Rescue Kits FP6600 Series Tripod Stored Extended Personnel Material Part
Catalog ID: TE30887
pdf SKED-EVAC CSR Kit Skedco Rescue System RESCUE TOOLS Confined Space Rescue System This litter is designed for use in mass
Catalog ID: RI60632
Brand: Hurst
Rescue Lifting Bags Airshore Rescue Tools Trench Rescue Vehicle Stabilization Confined Space Operations Heavy Lift Operations Structural Collapse Lifting Bags Utility Trench
Catalog ID: LM45858
UCL Advanced Pole Hoist is an extremely versatile piece of confined space entry/retrieval and rescue equipment. Simply carabineer the universal bracket
Catalog ID: HU30287
built tough to provide a safe and secure anchorage for confined space entry exit rescue and/or suspension work. Installation of your
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