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Catalog ID: ME79987
enclosure: source location DVRs DBS satellite receivers DVD players cameras computers and gaming boxes . demarcation point. an off-air DTV antenna3 pair and RJ-45 4 pair applications: telephone fax computer modem intercom whole-house audio Cable Jacket Color Coding white
Catalog ID: JS80073
Door/Gate Access Controllers DX Format Supervised Wireless Access Control Peripherals Security System Kits Access Control Credentials SD Format Standard Digital 17 21 Door/Gate Access Controllers 22 24 Access Control Peripherals 25 26 Access Control Credentials 27 28 Access Control Accessories
Catalog ID: ME79987
enclosure: source location DVRs DBS satellite receivers DVD players cameras computers and gaming boxes . demarcation point. an off-air DTV antenna3 pair and RJ-45 4 pair applications: telephone fax computer modem intercom whole-house audio Cable Jacket Color Coding white
Size: 1 Pages ( 4410 kb )
Catalog ID: FE79975
Telephone Entry 12 Door/Gate Access Controllers 14 Access Control Peripherals 17 Access Control Accessories 22 Access Control Transmitters 29 Access be precisely tailored by capacity and capability. Locally programmable or computer-linked systems: We can provide a stand-alone system with
Catalog ID: FC79502
Brand: Pelco
control constant quality control Minimum System Requirements Processor and Memory Computer with 1Ghz 32-bit x86 or 64-bit x64 processor 800 x 600 of higher-resolution monitor with 256 colours Peripherals 100Mbits or greater network connection mouse or compatible pointing device
Catalog ID: TA77752
Brand: Armstrong
170 Lobbies/reception areas NRC 0.75 and CAC 35 Computer rooms 94% Biobased content see page 331 color Detail OtherLibraries/media centers installation time and scrap Lobbies/reception areas Computer rooms Detail Color Other Suspension Systems compatible. Refer to listing
Catalog ID: WK77460
Brand: FSR
plug in your microphone or access a cable for your computer the T3U handles it A simple push of your hand with style. side of the box. The PTB handles your computer interfaces Constructed of finely finished metals audio video data and
Catalog ID: VH6584
Brand: Hand Held
1fda7825-9fa2-4233-aa0f-d64b5270f3d5.pdf Dolphin 9500 Series Mobile Computers Premium Features Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0: Offers a user Ergonomic Designs: Facilitates comfortable single-handed Dolphin 9500 Series mobile computers deliver unparalleled data collection for extended periods of use. performance
Catalog ID: VG6595
Brand: Hand Held
9f04946c-c2db-4cf6-a791-3a8964ecad07.pdf Dolphin 7900 Mobile Computer Premium Features Optimal Combination of Durability and Usability: Featuring an PLUS Power Management: Powers scan-intensive The Dolphin 7900 mobile computer delivers unparalleled perfor- constantly connected RF applications continuously for 11
Catalog ID: PS6601
Brand: Hand Held
f74545f7-0d43-47a9-aeb1-ce3f4dd936a0.pdf Dolphin 7850 Mobile Computer Premium Features Purpose-Built Ergonomic Design: Combines an angled 3 The Dolphin 7850 is a compact pistol-grip style mobile computer Imaging Technology 5.0 reads linear and 2D bar codes
Catalog ID: MT6587
Brand: Hand Held
39743f2c-e876-4cad-aefe-d26dcb440a19.pdf Dolphin 7600 Mobile Computer Premium Features Small Ergonomic Design: Contoured narrow body with an is Hand Held Products most compact mobile Industry Standard Features computer offering a range of features and functionality superior to other
Catalog ID: FO17179
Brand: Steren
Ethernet data network in the home I Puts PC and peripheral connections in a central location I Mounts in FastHome or I Ethernet data network and connects up to 5 personal computers and peripherals Dimensions: in the home. The module supports IEEE
Catalog ID: VK22161
Brand: Avocent
switchview_0407.pdf SwitchView Desktop Switches at a Glance Users Computers Platforms Resolution Key Features SwitchView PC Single 2 PC 2048 x 1536 Multiple PS/2 Computers SwitchView PC Single 4 PC 2048 x 1536 Multiple PS
Catalog ID: UP22160
Brand: Avocent
There SwitchView SC Enhanced Secure KVM Switching Switch between multiple computers without compromising F E AT U R E S A classified and I/O processors for control KVM switching unclassified computers all from one keyboard monitor and mouse. The SwitchView and
Catalog ID: TQ22144
Brand: Avocent
DEVICE EXTENDER Extend your control up to 500 feet from computers with a single LONGVIEW EXTENDER DEVICE CAT 5 cable BENEFITS your system unit software separation of the user and the computer is a requirement. These applications include environments and sensitive data
Catalog ID: TL22155
Brand: Avocent
12vDC Power Consumption: 5W Input: 10W maximum 120v 60 Hz Computers: USB and PS/2 Video Modes: VGA compatible Local port maximum: 1600x1200 75Hz Remote port maximum: 1280x1024 75Hz Peripherals: PS/2 keyboard PS/2 mouse The SwitchView IP 1020
Catalog ID: SR21984
systems Integrated USB 2.0 hub adds exibility to your computing by easily connecting you to game controllers digital cameras and Multi-directional NaViKey allows for easy When it comes to computer technology you want only the best on your desktop. Why
Catalog ID: SD22130
Brand: Avocent
Power Consumption - 50-60 Hz WARRANTY Input - 40W Two Year Computers - USB PS/2 Sun and serial Video Modes - VGA SVGA XGA-II with adaptor 1600 x 1280 75 Hz resolution Peripherals - USB and/or PS/2 keyboards and mice Microsoft Explorer
Catalog ID: RK22141
Brand: Avocent
4 to 158 F 20 to 70 C Supported Hardware: Computers PS/2 Sun USB serial devices Monitors VGA SVGA XGA II with adaptor maximum resolution: 1280 x 1024 75 Hz Peripherals USB keyboard and mouse PS/2 keyboard PS/2 mouse
Catalog ID: RG22162
Brand: Avocent
you share printers scanners digital cameras PDAs and other USB peripherals desktop with SwitchView between multiple computers K V M S W I TC H E S
Catalog ID: QT21953
Integrated USB 2.0 hub gives you convenient connections to peripherals LCD195NXM LCD205WNXM LCD225WNXM Space-saving down-firing multimedia speakers provide compliance ensures the displays are free compatibility with today s computer systems and is on the forefront of tomorrow s digital
Catalog ID: PU22115
Brand: Avocent
connection to target provides near-zero latency with near lossless computers and a receiver that connects to peripheral devices and displays at each user desk. quality. Optimized to
Catalog ID: PT22145
Brand: Avocent
LV1000 BENEFITS EXTEND YOUR CONTROL UP TO 1000 FEET FROM COMPUTERS WITH A SINGLE UTP CABLE Multiplatform. Easily connects to PS separation USB and Sun machines. of your users from their computer/target device. Problems include physical and data security User Peripherals
Catalog ID: PO22002
including component HDMI and VGA interfaces Model AccuSync PV40 with computers DVD players and many other devices Display 40 Viewable Size Intel Core Duo 1.5 Ghz This compact and powerful computer system is powered by the Intel Core Duo Mobile Memory
Catalog ID: PO21981
Integrated USB 2.0 hub gives you convenient connections to peripherals Space-saving down-firing multimedia speakers provide quality sound Multi seamlessly in either environment. Ambix provides compatibility with today s computer systems and is NEC Display Solutions quality and reliability on
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