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Catalog ID: DF30828
Brand: Cordova
Pages_from_Complete_Taeki5_Brochure_6.pdf The Ultimate Total Protection. High Visibility Taeki Seamless Gloves High abrasion resistance safety gloves range is the only protection into one glove design, Abrasion
Catalog ID: RF30259
Disasters_Preparedness_split_01.pdf Hand Protection Worknit HD Gloves Viton Glove Nitrile coated Worknit HD gloves offer Viton gloves are made
Catalog ID: DF30828
Pages_from_Complete_Taeki5_Brochure_6.pdf The Ultimate Total Protection. High Visibility Taeki Seamless Gloves High abrasion resistance safety gloves range is the only protection into one glove design, Abrasion
Brand: Cordova
Size: 1 Pages ( 538 kb )
Catalog ID: WJ30466
Brand: Fire Dex
Fire_Gloves.pdf Fire-Dex Fire Gloves Fire-Dex began in the protective clothing market with gloves in 1983. The HonorTM and CourageTM Gloves were created as
Catalog ID: CR30758
071_Darley248.pdf Darley Firefighter Gloves TURNOUT GEAR Our firefighter gloves are designed with a liner/moisture barrier system that Shop
Catalog ID: AM30362
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_36.pdf Controlled Environment Gloves HYPALON SHORT GLOVEBOX GLOVES Short glovebox gloves with outstanding abrasion resistance and superior resistance
Catalog ID: AE30262
pair of latex velcro belt loop with 1 pair of gloves. gloves and 1 box of 10 alcohol wipes. Description Part Number
Catalog ID: DH30344
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_18.pdf General Purpose Gloves MECHANIC S GLOVES Long lasting gloves for the trades professional. FEATURES AND BENEFITS
Catalog ID: BQ30760
073_Darley248.pdf TURNOUT GEAR Elk/Pig NFPA Gloves Split elk hide and Shelby abrasion- Heavy-weight resistant brushed pigskin Fire retardant Gore RT7100 glove barrier fabric Shelby Black Line NFPA & CE compliant Nomex wristlet
Catalog ID: MJ30332
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_06.pdf Liquid &Chemical-Resistant Gloves SILVER SHIELD GLOVES Resistant to a broader range of chemicals than any other
Catalog ID: VB30233
2008_Focus_Catalog_split_14.pdf Government BUTYL GLOVES Butyl gloves exhibit the highest permeation resistance to gas or water vapors
Catalog ID: QO30336
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_10.pdf ECO KNIT GLOVES Economical general purpose gloves for basic hand protection. FEATURES AND BENEFITS 4 hand sizes
Catalog ID: NV30331
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_05.pdf Liquid &Chemical-Resistant Gloves NORTH BUTYL/NEOPRENE GLOVES Ideal for refueling operations. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Offers the gas
Catalog ID: QC30759
072_Darley248.pdf Fire-Dex Leather Fire Gloves TURNOUT GEAR OSHA Compliant Gloves Made with double-chromed tanned Two-ply Nomex knitwrist heat
Catalog ID: JM30341
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_15.pdf General Purpose Gloves WORKNIT NITRILE COATED GLOVES Super tough nitrile coating outwears fabric and ordinary impregnated gloves
Catalog ID: BG30326
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_splitA_5.pdf Liquid &Chemical-Resistant Gloves 11 NITRIGUARD PLUS UNSUPPORTED NITRILE GLOVES High performance nitrile gloves in a broad range of styles
Catalog ID: TU30822
Brand: Cordova
Nitri_Cor.pdf Nil Soft, Form-Fitting Nitrile Gloves ^ Snag & Puncture Resistant Formulation ^ Textured Finish for Extra Gripping Power Nitrile Disposable Gloves ' ^ Rolled Cuff, 9.5" Length, Ambidextrous #4097S-XL ^ Safe for
Catalog ID: SB30875
165_Darley248.pdf RESCUE TOOLS Impact-X Gloves Abrasion resistant materials have been strategically placed to maximize hand ergonomic design provide for unprecedented comfort during extended wear. Mechflex gloves are highly functional comfortable and fashionable. Ship. wt. 1 lb
Catalog ID: TC30327
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_01.pdf Liquid &Chemical-Resistant Gloves NITRI-KNIT SUPPORTED NITRILE GLOVES High performance supported nitrile gloves with numerous comfort and protection
Catalog ID: RU30351
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_25.pdf CHEMSOFT CE UNSUPPORTED NITRILE GLOVES Cleanroom-ready disposable glove. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Cleanroom packaged for protection against airborne contamination
Catalog ID: MI30324
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_splitA_1.pdf Disposable Gloves 9 Disposable Gloves DEXI-TASK EXAM AND INDUSTRIAL GRADE NITRILE DISPOSABLES Durable latex
Catalog ID: ES30352
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_26.pdf Controlled Environment Gloves SK CLEANROOM CHEMICAL RESISTANT GLOVES Nitrile clean-room chemical resistant gloves. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Nitrile
Catalog ID: RM30358
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_32.pdf Controlled Environment Gloves BUTYL GLOVEBOX GLOVES Highest resistance to permeation by gases and vapors. FEATURES AND
Catalog ID: TW30236
2008_Focus_Catalog_split_17.pdf FOCUS PRODUCTS 2008 SILVER SHIELD/4H GLOVES Resistant to over 280 different chemicals: alcohols aliphatic aromatics chlorines ketones esters. Low cost disposable gloves do not have to be recycled and can be readily
Catalog ID: RS30330
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_04.pdf NORTH BUTYL UNSUPPORTED GLOVES The glove of choice for military disaster preparedness and industrial users the
Catalog ID: KT30356
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_30.pdf Controlled Environment Gloves HYPALON/NEOPRENE GLOVEBOX GLOVES Combines the flexibility and dexterity of neoprene with the ozone
Catalog ID: FJ30350
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_24.pdf Cut-Resistant Gloves NITRI-KOTE KEVLAR NITRILE FULLY COATED KEVLAR GLOVES Fully coated yet breathable Kevlar glove provides cut and wear
Catalog ID: CG30363
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_37.pdf Controlled Environment Gloves NORTH NITRI-BOX NITRILE GLOVEBOX GLOVES The first one-piece glovebox gloves to be made from
Catalog ID: AW30773
086_Darley248.pdf Glove Strap Add-A-Clip TURNOUT GEAR Never Lose Your Gloves The fast and easy method for Velcro Fastener Keeps gloves
Catalog ID: WV30333
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_07.pdf General Purpose Gloves NORTHFLEX-COLD GRIP WINTER GLOVES Winter lined version of the popular NorthFlex Red FEATURES AND
Catalog ID: TV30345
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_19.pdf Cut-Resistant Gloves NORTHFLEX LIGHT TASK PLUS 3 PU PALM COATED DYNEEMA GLOVE Medium-weight cut resistant glove that offers a great compromise
Catalog ID: OP30334
_split_08.pdf NORTHFLEX DURO TASK NATURAL RUBBER COATED POLY/COTTON GLOVES Versatile and economical work glove with the grip of natural rubber. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Rubber
Catalog ID: HQ30827
Brand: Cordova
Taek 5 M The Ultimate Total Protection. Leather Taeki5v'' Seamless Gloves High abrasion resistance High cut resistance The T:eki5"A is also available in o complete range d leather safely gloves. Incorporated High heat contact resistance as an inner liner or
Catalog ID: GJ30349
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_23.pdf Cut-Resistant Gloves GRIP N KEVLAR NITRILE COATED KEVLAR GLOVES Versatile and comfortable cut resistant gloves. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Nitrile
Catalog ID: NM30347
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_21.pdf Cut-Resistant Gloves NORTHFLEX NITRI TASK C5 FOAMED NITRILE PALM COATED ARAMID/STEEL GLOVES Provides heavy duty mechanical protection without the bulk and restriction
Catalog ID: MU30698
010_Darley248.pdf Bravo Extrication Gloves NEW & FEATURED PRODUCTS Comfort and safety while operating extrication tools against blood body fluids and common accident scene chemicals. CROSSTECH glove inserts featuring NEW Barrier Film Technology Breakthrough in ePTFE film
Catalog ID: CW30328
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_02.pdf TRAWLER KING SUPPORTED PVC GLOVES Workhorse supported PVC gloves for tough jobs. FEATURES AND BENEFITS PVC coating provides good
Catalog ID: QR30339
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_13.pdf General Purpose Gloves SMITTY NITRILE PALM COATED GLOVES Versatile and long-lasting palm coated glove. FEATURES AND BENEFITS
Catalog ID: HE30325
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_splitA_3.pdf General Purpose Gloves 19 NORTHFLEX RED FOAMED PVC PALM COATED GLOVES Light and comfortable general purpose gloves that offer high abrasion
Catalog ID: NC30237
2008_Focus_Catalog_split_18.pdf Hand Protection NITRI-KNIT SUPPORTED NITRILE GLOVES High nitrile content offers superior resistance to cuts snags abrasions and punctures. Outperforms supported natural rubber neoprene and vinyl gloves when exposed to solvents caustics and animal fats. Interlock knit
Catalog ID: WR30355
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_29.pdf NEOPRENE GLOVEBOX GLOVES Premium quality neoprene glovebox gloves combine mechanical performance with wearer comfort. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Manufactured
Catalog ID: LS30335
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_09.pdf General Purpose Gloves NORTHFLEX LIGHT TASK POLYURETHANE COATED NYLON GLOVES Mechanical protection with maximum dexterity. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Polyurethane palm
Catalog ID: CO30338
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_12.pdf GRIP N DOUBLE NITRILE COATED GLOVES Heavier shell gives additional protection without sacrificing comfort and dexterity 12 pairs 72 pairs GRIP N HOT MILL NITRILE COATED GLOVES Glove-within-glove design provides protection against high heat. FEATURES
Catalog ID: RJ30874
164_Darley248.pdf 911 Barrier Extrication Gloves RESCUE TOOLS Waterproof and breathable Hipora barrier to protect hands size: S M L XL XXL BD141 911 Barrier Extrication Gloves 58.95 Rescue Gloves Featuring Patented SuperCuff Technology with Protection
Catalog ID: MH30829
Brand: Cordova
pdf Taeki5lr` The Ultimate Total Protection. Coated Toekt5rr'i Seamless Gloves High abrasion resistance High cut resistance TaekiY'M is also fiber properties allow to build the widest high performance safety glove coated High comfort range on the markei, \ 1hatever your requirement
Catalog ID: HH30343
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_17.pdf General Purpose Gloves LSB SAND BLASTER SERIES SUPPORTED NEOPRENE WITH ATTACHED SLEEVES LSB Durable and comfortable sand blasting cabinet glove FEATURES AND BENEFITS Extended sleeve provides arm protection. Cotton liner
Catalog ID: EJ30342
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_16.pdf ROUGH TUFF LAMINATED NATURAL RUBBER GLOVES Heavy duty protection for the toughest jobs. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Heavy seamless cotton blend knit glove ultra resistant to wear. Can be laundered with minimal shrinkage
Catalog ID: BQ30329
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_03.pdf Liquid &Chemical-Resistant Gloves NLS SERIES SUPPORTED PVC GLOVES WITH ATTACHED SLEEVES Chemical protection for lower and upper arms
Catalog ID: MH30239
2008_Focus_Catalog_split_20.pdf Hand Protection NORTHFLEX RED FOAMED PVC PALM COATED GLOVE NorthFlex Red and Red-X are light and comfortable general purpose gloves that offer high abrasion resistance and exceptional grip. They feature
Catalog ID: IO30898
188_Darley248.pdf Derma-Lite Nitrile Gloves Darley First Aid Kit EMERGENCY MEDICAL SUPPLIES Keep It Anywhere tear resistant as natural rubber environments with up to latex gloves of the same thickness. The great feel and contour shape
Catalog ID: IM30361
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_35.pdf LEAD-LOADED HYPALON GLOVEBOX GLOVES Outstanding abrasion and chemical with radiation attenuation. FEATURES AND BENEFITS artificial light and sunlight. Very high abrasion resistance provides long glove service life. 8YLY3032 White Hypalon surface will not hide contamination
Catalog ID: BB30359
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_33.pdf VITON GLOVEBOX GLOVES Excellent resistance to permeation by chlorinated aliphatic and aromatic solvents dip manufacturing process provides multiple layers of polymer like a glove within a glove which results in a glove of superior
Catalog ID: UH30882
172_Darley248.pdf SMC 2" Prusik Minding Pulleys Lightweight Rappel Gloves RESCUE TOOLS Often copied never equaled Leave it to the minding pulley is the to come up with the best gloves for ropework. Lightweight perfect choice for rigging with 7/16
Catalog ID: UA30357
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_31.pdf HYPALON DRYBOX GLOVES Outstanding abrasion resistance and superior resistance to ozone and oxidizing artificial light and sunlight. Very high abrasion resistance provides long glove service life. White Hypalon surface will not hide contamination and
Catalog ID: HW30360
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_34.pdf Controlled Environment Gloves LEAD-LOADED HYPALON NEOPRENE Flexibility and chemical resistance with radiation sunlight. Hypalon also offers improved abrasion resistance to further extend glove service life. Different colored neoprene lead-loaded orange and Hypalon
Catalog ID: VK30825
Brand: Cordova
Pages_from_Complete_Taeki5_Brochure_3.pdf Tae Th.= i m . Heavyweight TaekiTM Seamless Gloves Ffi rasion r- r a ^ - - -;vista _ If-or tough palm porch, Also great solution as an H ig leather glove inner liner. Lint free A heavyweight design, this glove pr
Catalog ID: NP30823
Brand: Cordova
pdf Taeki5 M The Ultimate Total Protection. Lightweight Taeki5'' Seamless Gloves High abrasion resistance High cut resistance A complete selection of abr, sion, cut and heat contact resi3tance. Lint free This glove mode d 100% Taeki5TMprovides UV resistance lightweight protection. A good
Catalog ID: LE30824
Brand: Cordova
M The Ultimate Total Protection. Mediumwe ght Taeki m Seamless Gloves High abrasion resistance High cut resistance A mediumweight construction for wide pallet of indLI trig) application, int free This rnediumweighi glove is made from -1,- ce 100% Taekir yarn. Ideal for
Catalog ID: DB30337
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_11.pdf General Purpose Gloves GRIP N PVC COATED GLOVES Low profile coating provides minimal interference for superior feel. FEATURES
Catalog ID: TM30340
Hand_Catalog_(March_2009)_split_14.pdf WORKNIT HD SUPPORTED NITRILE GLOVES Nitrile coating withstands abrasion better than most leather palm gloves yet is flexible. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Heavy-weight cotton lining
Catalog ID: NA30818
Brand: Cordova
be the most comfortable and flexible Latex Coated Machine Knit Gloves on the market today. A special foaming process produces a coating with a very dense, texturized finish. Our Foam Latex Gloves provide superior wet Et dry gripping power along with solid
Catalog ID: HC30348
_split_22.pdf NORTHFLEX NITRI TASK PLUS NITRILE PALM COATED KEVLAR GLOVES 100% Kevlar with the superior abrasion resistance of nitrile. FEATURES pairs 72 pairs GRIP N KEVLAR HOT MILL NITRILE COATED GLOVES Protection from cut hazards at elevated temperatures. FEATURES AND BENEFITS
Catalog ID: JD30261
to clean up blood and body fluid spills including gown gloves shoe covers and face mask with eye shield. Description Part and efficient. Contains two ounces of chlorinated absorbent beads latex gloves germicidal towelette antiseptic hand cleaner red biohaz- ard bags shovel
Catalog ID: UW30238
2008_Focus_Catalog_split_19.pdf FOCUS PRODUCTS 2008 NORTH POLAR INSULATED LEATHER PALM GLOVES 3M Thinsulate liner provides warmth waterproof vinyl liner prevents hands OF THE 3M COMPANY. GRIP N HOT MILL NITRILE COATED GLOVES Provides protection against intermittent heat up to 400° F. Nitrile
Catalog ID: UM30265
Disasters_Preparedness_split_07.pdf Protective Clothing Silver Shield Apron Silver Shield Gloves Protects against splashes and spills. Lightweight flexible laminate The apron 11/12 Description Part Number Description Part Number Silver Shield glove SSG/size Silver Shield apron SSA Silver Shield Coat Apron
Catalog ID: QC30235
Hat - white T18000 Norton 180 Eyewear - clear 2370LPBI Leather Palm Gloves BASIC TRADESMANS KIT WHITE This kit contains a complete set a white hard hat eye protection hearing protection and work gloves. This kit is designed for use by tradespeople such as
Catalog ID: DE30757
95 AM090 Aluminized Hood Non-NFPA 417.95 AM091 Aluminized Gloves Non-NFPA 63.95 AM089 Red Suspenders 31.95 FIREWALL ARFF Gloves Crosstech Direct Grip glove liner Breathable Aluminized PBI/Kevlar knit
Catalog ID: WF30346
APPLICATIONS: These sleeves are intended for use with cut resistant gloves and are ideally suited to applications where cut hazards to Sleeves NORTHFLEX NITRI TASK KL NITRILE PALM COATED KEVLAR/LYCRA GLOVES Provide cut and abrasion resistance without compromising dexterity tactility and
Catalog ID: VA30897
dressing tape 1 - Penlight with pupil gauge 5 - Pair of gloves 1 - Burn trauma pad 1 - Certi-Gel Plus w/flip Thermal rescue blanket 2 - 5"x9" Abdominal pads 4 - Latex gloves 25 - 1"x3" Adhesive bandages 1 - Instrumental pack AA714 Water
Catalog ID: NK30971
on both sides of the case are great for notebooks gloves maps and much more. The three differently shaped open compartments front easily opened while side passenger seat to keep wearing gloves. it secure as well as accessible to the driver. What
Catalog ID: JP30710
and torque A rings and is easily opened with a gloved hand. The 42" long straps have the capacity to hold hose. Adjustable side release buckles can be used with the gloved hand and are easy-to-operate. Ship. wt. 3 lbs
Catalog ID: JI30892
1 - Penlight flashlight 1 - Tape 3"x10"yds. uncovered 4 - Gloves 3 - Triangle bandages 1 - Pair goggles 2 - Biohazard bags 10 Large side pockets allow easy quick access even while wearing gloves Reflective piping and tie-down loops for added nighttime safety
Catalog ID: IM30808
elastomer grip making it perfect for wet grip handling or gloved hands. Features rubber face cap for impact and shock resistance 114.95 AF231 Replacement Bulb 7.95 product_id: IM30808 supplier: Interport Trading Corporation brand: W.S. Darley doctype: catalog docname: 121_Darley248
Catalog ID: IK30893
1 - Dixie combo CPR mask w/NRV 2 - Pairs of gloves 1 - 4"x4" burn stop pad 1 - Thumb dressing 51 1 - Tape 1"x10 yds. Uncovered 20 - BZK Towelettes 4 - Gloves Vinyl 1 - Triangular Bandage 40"x40" 2 - Disposable Cold Pack
Catalog ID: EW30778
Hook & loop closures at wrists for a tight fit at gloves Medium 38"-40" 5'8"-6' R Double back D Fire Wildland Pack 4 lbs. 102.95 product_id: EW30778 supplier: Interport Trading Corporation brand: W.S. Darley doctype: catalog docname: 091_Darley248
Catalog ID: ER30765
com/boots 1.800.323.0244 Sweet 16 Boot and Glove Dryer Have you ever faced the daunting prospect of putting or unheated air for fast drying. Approximate dry time for gloves or boots is 1-2 hours. 120 V AC On
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