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Catalog ID: TV40941
Brand: Techflex
or Become Brittle Minimal Dusting INSULTHERM FG is an extremely high temperature resistant sleeve When Cut & Handled commonly used as thermal protection
Catalog ID: OP40938
Brand: Techflex
pdf A D VA N C E D ENGINEERING Teflon High Temp Stable Abrasion Resistant Low Outgassing TEFLON TF expandable sleeving is ideal in applications
Catalog ID: TV40941
or Become Brittle Minimal Dusting INSULTHERM FG is an extremely high temperature resistant sleeve When Cut & Handled commonly used as thermal protection
Brand: Techflex
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Catalog ID: ST40937
Brand: Techflex
C E D ENGINEERING Ryton Ultra FAR 25 Approved Lightweight High- Ultra Light Weight Highly Wear Temp Tolerant and Virtually Resistant Expands up to 150%
Catalog ID: RR40945
Brand: Techflex
Fiberglass Resists Damage To Nearby Components Heat Abrasion & Cut & Abrasion Resistant Moisture Halogen and Asbestos Free Silicone jacketed fiberglass sleeving is the choice of professionals in Resists Gasoline and racing
Catalog ID: OJ40950
Brand: Techflex
the hood or across the floor NM is the perfect sleeving product for protect- ing and improving the appearance of wires flexibility hide surprisingly tough specifications. The Dense Full Coverage Construction high coverage sleeving meets or exceeds military specifications MIL-I-47203
Catalog ID: DJ40959
Brand: Techflex
the tubing will hold its reduced state even in elevated temperatures. The wide range of available colors and diameters makes Techflex over the bundle and position it so that both the sleeved and unsleeved portions are sufficiently covered. Notice the small pieces
Catalog ID: TV40941
Brand: Techflex
or Become Brittle Minimal Dusting INSULTHERM FG is an extremely high temperature resistant sleeve When Cut & Handled commonly used as thermal protection
Catalog ID: LO85704
the highest efficiency possible and operate in a wide ambient temperature range 66°F 18.9°C to 115°F 46 perform By people who care t e COMPONENTS Condenser Fan High Efficiency & Low Noise w Co ontrol Panel Corro osion Resistant
Catalog ID: JK84199
Brand: Cla-Val
are available faced but not drilled. Trim Option Valves for higher pressure are available consult factory for details DISC GUIDE KO valve close. This option is best suited primarily used in high temperature design on the stem allows all valve sizes for
Catalog ID: GK84306
Brand: Cla-Val
machined to ANSI B2.1 specifications. DISC GUIDE Valves for higher pressure are available consult factory for details KO DISC GUIDE help the valve petroleum oils and is primarily used in high tion. A patented self-cleaning design on close. This option
Catalog ID: FE83965
Brand: Drain All
It can handle pressures up to 170 PSIG and liquid temperatures up to 170OF. It has 1/2 NPT inlet and 1/2 smoothly contoured condensate flow path. The industrially robust highly reliable Model 1700TM has few moving parts and at 21
Catalog ID: LL83807
Brand: Crispin
series valves feature a one-piece-through- shaft design for high strength and positive disc control. The shaft meets or exceeds suitable for pressure or vacuum service. The long life corrosion-resistant top bushing absorbs actuator side thrust. The permanently lubricated upper
Catalog ID: EI82464
Brand: Stockham
Power and Utilities Pulp and Paper 6 2-12" low temperature Viton has aluminum backed seats. Resilient Seated Figure Number System Valve Body Body Type Pressure Disc Stem Sleeve Style Body Material Type Operation Rating Material Material Material G
Catalog ID: MJ82071
Brand: Vogt
on post weld heat treating of valves. This report contains temperatures preheat temperatures and the results of work our current recommendations. While no
Catalog ID: LK81979
Pressure 125 PSI Min Differential Pressure 15 PSI Design Pressure/Temperature Rating PMA/TMA NPT 250 PSIG 450 F PRESSURE Regulators air gases and other liquid service and have a working temperature range up to 300 F. Features & Options Hardened stainless steel
Catalog ID: GR81259
Brand: Burkert
limiter are in standard the housing is made of flame resistant material classified according to UL 94 V0 Technical Data C F07 Drive Female star 14 mm Motor 20 Nm conversion sleeve 14/11 mm and 14/9 mm enclosed Female star
Catalog ID: PP80889
Brand: Hach
flat glass electrodes. PW Features and Benefits IW Low Price High Performance Versatile Mounting Styles These combination sensors are designed for built-in solution ground. The body is molded from chemically-resistant Ryton or PVDF and the reference Full-Featured Plug and
Catalog ID: BN80556
its products without notice. 2010 Watson McDaniel Company Self-Operated Temperature Regulators Design & Operation CAPILLARY TUBING W91 Non-Indicating W94 Dial CAP ADJUSTMENT SCREW BUSHING ADJUSTING BAR YOKE SET POINT SCALE TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT SCREW JAM NUTS PACKING NUT TEFLON V-RING PACKING
Catalog ID: WW78392
Copper Alloy PVDF gas barrier which protects backing cushion 9 Sleeve 1 Copper Alloy High Carbon Chromium from gas permeation is standard for all valves
Catalog ID: BO78459
CatalogAsahiHighPurityPiping2014.pdf ASAHIPUR High Purity Piping Systems Purad PolyPure PP-Pure Purflon Frank Regulators SP Series Welding Equipment 12-2014 High Purity and Wet Process Solutions Asahi/America offers the most
Catalog ID: RF79669
Brand: Unimac
in true OPL environments and we continually innovate to achieve high levels of efficiency quality and durability. UniMac products are built IMPRESSIVE 440 G-FORCE can save you time and money. High speed extraction maximizes moisture removal and minimizes drying times helping
Catalog ID: TA77752
Brand: Armstrong
Freda Markley Early Childhood Center Kansas City MO 2 Ultima High NRC Tegular 24" x 48" panels on Suprafine 9/1615/16" suspension system in Gun Metal Grey Valley Center High School Valley Center KS 2 WoodWorks Linear FSC-certified 96
Catalog ID: UK255
pressure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .125 psi 8.6 bar PD 37 Maximum operating temperature Standard Seal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 225 °F 107 °C continuous PR PD Special 4 Precision ground pump shaft is finest circulator motor available. Sleeve bearing oversized to provide large bearing oil lubricated with replaceable
Catalog ID: SI1158
0052 base motor and pump housing. No sheet metal parts HIGH HEAD to rust or corrode. All cast iron class 25 sealed automatic reset thermal overload protected 1 Ph only . Maximum temperature for sewage or dewatering 130 F UL 54 C 120
Catalog ID: EK931
Brand: MTH
Turbine Pumps Capacities to 40 GPM Heads to 700 Feet Temperatures to 300 F MTH PUMPS E51 T51 Series Regenerative Turbine to determine the optimum impel- Special ramps are responsible for high performance alternative for ler width and blade length. These an
Catalog ID: EF916
Stainless Steel or Corrosion A Captain Series with S.S. Resistant Screen and Cable Shell and Cast Iron Suction & Guard Discharge shell. Quality Made by U.S. Craftsmen Low medium and high capacity submersible pumps for home farm industry and dozens of
Catalog ID: BT930
Brand: MTH
Turbine Pumps Capacities to 22 GPM Heads to 600 Feet Temperatures to 300 F MTH PUMPS E41 T41 Series Regenerative Turbine a signi cant effect on the impeller blades and account high performance alternative for the required horsepower versus for the high
Catalog ID: VS1178
mechanical switch. Durable cast construction. Cast iron switch case base HIGH HEAD motor and pump housing. No sheet metal parts to 1 NPT DISCHARGE STANDARD 2 or 3 FLANGE AVAILABLE Maximum temperature for ef uent or dewatering 130 °F 54 °C WD189
Catalog ID: SH1240
Stainless Steel Screws No sheet metal parts to corrode . Maximum temperature 43 C. On point - 260 mm. Off Point - 115 mm 13 mm spherical solids. Carbon and ceramic shaft seal. Maximum temperature for effluent or dewatering 54 C. On point 190 mm
Catalog ID: OG1190
x Identi cation see News & Views 0052 1 PH . Upper sleeve bearing and lower ball bearing running in bath WASTE-MATE bracket. DOUBLE SINGLE Square ring and gasket - Neoprene. SEAL SEAL Temperature to 130 F 54 C 120 F 49 C for
Catalog ID: MC1312
SPECIAL OPTIONS DRAIN PUMP" 2 INLET DRAIN PUMP 105-0010 HIGH HEAD DRAIN PUMP 135-0005 Removes water from areas where 2" Inlet SK1213 Wet Bar with Sink Model 135-0005 High Head DRAIN PUMP SERIES INCLUDES: Automatic pumps with tank cord
Catalog ID: FF1235
plug. 15 ft. cord standard for auto- matic & nonautomatic. Corrosion resistant powder coated epoxy nish. Motor - .4 HP 115V & 230V 1Ph hermetically sealed automatic reset thermal overload protection. Upper and lower sleeve bearings running in bath of oil. Carbon and ceramic shaft
Catalog ID: CU1267
pump available - 4270 Series. Cast iron base on 4270. Upper sleeve bearing and lower ball bearing run- ning in a bath Passes 2-inch spherical solids. 270 2" NPT Discharge. Corrosion resistant powder coated epoxy nish. Note: The sizing of ef uent
Catalog ID: BR1266
x Identi cation see News & Views 0052 polypropylene base. Corrosion resistant powder coated epoxy nish. DOSE-MATE Stainless steel lifting handle reset thermal overload protected. Model N152/N153 Carbon/Ceramic seals. High Head Tested to UL Standard UL778 Ef uent and Certi
Catalog ID: RQ3198
Brand: Belden
making Optimax a cost effective field termination. Optimax Connectors are high-quality LC SC and ST Compatible connectors that use aKit for jacketed fiber 2 mm boot and a crimp sleeve AX101984 SC Accessory Kit for jacketed fiber 3 mm boot
Catalog ID: VT4988
Brand: Oldaker
provide utmost user safety and is based on the Rigid Sleeve principle: This 6.375" probe has a socket that accommodates a standard banana plug either standard shrouded or retractable. The sleeve that surrounds the sides of the 4mm socket is insulated
Catalog ID: NP10742
Brand: Simplex
equipped with a leak detection basin. External ports are pro- High performance hydraulic gear pumps vided for connection of field plumbing to 1000 SSU. SPS-10 SPS-20 Use also for high pressure applications up complex single pump applications involv- to 2500
Catalog ID: DO17216
Brand: Troemner
choices flexibility and features. UltraJaws patented by ISO 9001 company High tensile strength zinc-alloy construction Copper plated then nickel plated prong covers. Fiberglass is recom- 14/20 916113 mended for temperatures above 100° C. 14/35 916111 19/22 916113 The
Catalog ID: WG23087
ball bearings prelubricated with Exxon POLYREX EM grease having operating temperature range of 20°F to 350°F and special formulation manual protector reset button provides weather protection. Electrical Features: Low temperature manual overload protector protects against extreme overload. Class F copper
Catalog ID: TD22960
Self-Aligning Rugged Thru-Bolt Construction and End Rings Split-Sleeve Bearings Copper or Copper Alloy Rotor Bars Brush or Brushless Insulation System Anti-Friction or Spherically-Seated Self-Aligning Split-Sleeve Bearings High-Speed and Slow-Speed Designs Available High Efficiency
Catalog ID: SF23091
possibility of leakage. I Output shafts have needle bearings for high load capacities. DC SCR 90V and Low Voltage 12V Output possibility of leakage. I Output shafts have needle bearings for high load capacities. DC SCR 90V and Low Voltage 12V Output
Catalog ID: QV23012
RVS starting capability IEEE various standards for testing performance and High strength corrosion resistant fasteners Food material qualification Crowned hood WP II TEWAC and
Catalog ID: NA23095
and threaded Parallel-shaft thyristor shaft and chemically adjustable speed resistant paint finish for Low voltage right-angle drive gearmotor for vibration 2 and noise. 380 alloy aluminum end shields are high-pressure die cast. Mating surfaces are machined for 2 precise
Catalog ID: HQ22981
manufactured in the Advanced cooling fan and frame fin Corrosion resistant metric hardware first North American motor facility design for improved IEEE 841 requirements. speeds. This advanced design is superior to Higher horsepower per frame Premium efficiency LXE designs are offered those
Catalog ID: HD23168
Brand: Weg
BR632.pdf Motors Automation Energy Coatings Energy Medium and High Voltage Three Phase Induction Motors Three Phase Induction Motors Medium and High Voltage In conjunction with a world renown consultant company WEG
Catalog ID: DH23069
in minutes to a number of different configurations than spike-resistant magnet wire including: alone. Specially formed phase Severe Duty TEFC using cast iron fan guard kit insulation cushioned and sleeved F2 mounting by reassembly connections from the leads all the
Catalog ID: CU23041
the airstream for proper cooling. Features: Capacitor start design for high starting 18" Leads for ease of connection torque Automatic reset and dry applications. Features: Capacitor start/capacitor run design for high starting torque and low amps Ball bearings mechanically locked on
Catalog ID: BS23085
by LEESON s NVLAP-Certified lab. unique IRIS voltage-spike-resistant insulation Cast iron 170 series motors can be field modified for inverter duty as well as with primer and chemical resistant both 50 Hz and 60 Hz operation. green acrylic matte
Catalog ID: RP23534
ODP and Weather Protected Type I WPI motors have a highly efficient cooling method and provide the most economical power available 415 3300 6000 and 6900 Volts at 50 Hertz Standard High Efficient and Premium Efficient Models Anti-Friction or Sleeve Bearings
Catalog ID: PV23546
415 3300 6000 and 6900 Volts at 50 Hertz Standard High Efficient and Premium Efficient Models Anti-friction or Sleeve Bearings Page 2 Weather Protected Type II Product Overview
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