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Catalog ID: CO40148
Screwdrivers.pdf Crimping/Stripping Combination Tool Hand Tools Two die positions permit the KP1022 to crimp both
Catalog ID: DO40124
SPLIT_VoiceDataVideo_tools_48.pdf Fiber Optic Hand Tools Kit Voice Data Video Contains the most commonly used fiber
Catalog ID: CO40148
Screwdrivers.pdf Crimping/Stripping Combination Tool Hand Tools Two die positions permit the KP1022 to crimp both
Size: 9 Pages ( 1961 kb )
Catalog ID: GG40199
Stripping_&_Crimping.pdf CUTTiNG sTriPPiNG AND CriMPiNG TOOls Hand Tools Pro Wire Strippers Strips the outer jacket off both
Catalog ID: LE40147
Pliers.pdf Hand Tools Pliers High Leverage Side-Cutting Pliers High leverage pliers design
Catalog ID: JS81843
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_106.pdf general purpose hand tools Model 212 Pro Arc Saw Saws Designed to offer superior
Catalog ID: BM81842
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_105.pdf general purpose hand tools Hammers Hand Drilling Hammer Curved Claw andle Hammer Sledge Hammer
Catalog ID: ME40070
SPLIT_Hand_Tools_05.pdf iNsUlATeD Drivers Hand Tools 6-Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set Rated to 1000 V AC
Catalog ID: RE81847
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_110.pdf general purpose hand tools Shovels Model 172 Models 170/No. 170FG F Model 176
Catalog ID: HI81850
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_113.pdf general purpose hand tools Hardened alloy steel jaws are designed and manufactured to assure
Catalog ID: QV40072
SPLIT_Hand_Tools_09.pdf PVC Cutters Hand Tools 861 Cuts PVC conduit plastic pipe and rubber hose up
Catalog ID: OM81845
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_108.pdf general purpose hand tools RIDGID Heavy Duty tape measures feature an innovative design incorporating
Catalog ID: KK81839
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_102.pdf general purpose hand tools Vises F-Series Vises The F-Series vises are constructed
Catalog ID: BN81841
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_104.pdf general purpose hand tools Levels Aluminum Level Top-reading extruded aluminum level. Milled top
Catalog ID: VL81844
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_107.pdf general purpose hand tools No. 606 Standard Shape with Tray Tool Boxes Padlock provision
Catalog ID: TR81846
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_109.pdf general purpose hand tools Professional quality tools precision crafted for ultimate balance high strength
Catalog ID: TP81849
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_112.pdf general purpose hand tools Model 25 Screw and Pipe Extractor Set Screw Extractors Model
Catalog ID: MR40157
SPLIT_Hand_Tools_11.pdf Mini Magnetic Bubble Level Hand Tools Professional grade level with bending offset aid. Mini torpedo design
Catalog ID: KP40158
SPLIT_Hand_Tools_12.pdf Electrician s Hammer Hand Tools Elongated neck and narrow striking face for use in boxes
Catalog ID: GD40071
SPLIT_Hand_Tools_08.pdf Retractable Saw Set Hand Tools 6" blade retracts into the handle for convenience and safety
Catalog ID: JT81848
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_111.pdf general purpose hand tools Screw Extractors Max. Flute Length Weight Screw Diameter Use Drill
Catalog ID: RI40153 7-Piece Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set - Metric Hand Tools Compact reversible switch allows a 15° offset of the box
Catalog ID: IU40152 7-Piece Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set - Standard Hand Tools Compact reversible switch allows a 15° offset of the box
Catalog ID: NP82127
Brand: Viega
Viega_2016_Catalog_USA_English_PEXPress_PEXCrimp_24.pdf PEX Press Viega PEX Press starter tool set Quantity Part No for d Wt lb DG - Equipped 2889.2US 56000 12.591 1 6 Viega PEX Press hand tool Part No 50020 50040 Model 2880.2 Viega PEX
Catalog ID: MU40155
SPLIT_Hand_Tools_07.pdf Cable Cutter Hand Tools Easily cuts heavier copper and aluminum cables up to 2
Catalog ID: EF40150
SPLIT_Hand_Tools_01.pdf ADjUsTAble & rATCheTiNG wreNChes Hand Tools Composite Handle Adjustable Wrench Patented lightweight ergonomic design reduces user
Catalog ID: WQ81840
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_103.pdf general purpose hand tools XF45 and XF50 Quick Acting Vises Vises The RIDGID XF45
Catalog ID: QM40154
pdf 7-Piece Insulated Nut Driver Set Hand Tools Rated to 1000 V AC/DC. Meets the IEC 60900
Catalog ID: JM40151 9-Piece Folding Hex-Key Set - Standard Hand Tools 9 piece set for convenience and versatility including sizes 5
Catalog ID: HC82090
Brand: Viega
from direct digital control DDC system - Modulating Model 2877.81 Tools Viega PEX Press hand tool Part No d Version Wt lb Quantity DG - Ratcheting
Catalog ID: BI40156 Flex Splitter MC Flexible Cable/Conduit Cutter Hand Tools Cut steel or aluminum metal clad cable or conduit in
Catalog ID: WR82146
Brand: Viega
1 - For ice maker - High density polyethylene HDPE Model V5052 Tools Viega PEX Crimp hand tool Part No for d Wt lb Quantity DG Full
Catalog ID: EE78482
Brand: Viega
ProRadiant systems can reduce energy costs by 30% and our hands-on technical support team is there to help prepare you Plates Tracks and Mats 145 Mixing equipment 149 Valves 151 Tools 152 Accessories 156 Spare parts 160 131 4.1 Tubing
Catalog ID: KF82126
Brand: Viega
maker 97102 0.150 1 6 - Plastic Model 2873.7ZL Tools Viega PEX Press hand tool Part No d Version Wt lb Quantity DG - Ratcheting
Catalog ID: PT78475
Brand: Viega
96 Lav adapters 97 Closet adapters 97 Outlet boxes 97 Tools 98 Accessories 100 3.1 81 Tubing ViegaPEX tubing Wt 6 Note 99675 1 1 0.276 5 6 ProPress tool and jaw required 99680 1 1 0.445 5 6
Catalog ID: HN81802
Brand: Ridgid
is catalog no. 95407. For additional wrench parts see RIDGID Hand Tool Parts Catalog. 1.10 product_id: HN81802 supplier: Industrial Fittings and
Catalog ID: SA81817
Brand: Ridgid
the cut of a hacksaw. No need for a second tool to deburr this cutter automatically deburrs in parallel to cutting Cutters The RIDGID Foam Core Cutter is the ONLY dedicated tool that cleanly cuts cellular FOAM CORE ABS and FOAM CORE
Catalog ID: LJ78474
Brand: Viega
121 Lav adapters 121 Closet adapters 122 Outlet boxes 123 Tools 124 Accessories 125 3.2 107 Tubing ViegaPEX tubing Wt ports " or " - turn Components Red valve blue valve valve removal tool T-handle valve key Model 2870.91 T-handle valve
Catalog ID: WO81887
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_98.pdf cutting & drilling Tapping Tools RT1000 Tapping Tool The Model RT1000 Mini Tapping Tool is ideal for branching
Catalog ID: UP81826
Brand: Ridgid
OF INSERTS F/COATED PIPE 0.20 22638 Clip-On Tool Tray 6 2.70 1452 Nipple Chuck 1/2"-2 w/1 Gal. Premium Thread Cutting Oil 22638 - Clip-On Tool Tray 41855 - Power Drive Only 75075 - Power Drive Only 96945
Catalog ID: UE81941
Brand: Ridgid
and reverse at full throttle. Spring-loaded throttle control is hand operated. Varies rod speed within range. Returns engine speed to kg Rodder Machine includes: B-3542 Rod Driver A-2704 Tool Driver A-3567 Drive Pin R-0 Rod Turner A
Catalog ID: SJ81818
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_48.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation Reamers Deburring Tools 127 Inner-Outer Reamer Handy for quick clean and easy Stainless Steel Tubing - 2 12 - 50 0.56 1 Deburring Tools Deburring Tool for plastic pipe and tubing. Made of high
Catalog ID: RQ81939
Brand: Ridgid
11/4" Cable Three A-8 Cable Carriers A-3 Tool Box Eight-Piece 11/4" Tool Package 120V-60Hz Machine with A-1 RIDGID Drain Cleaning
Catalog ID: RA81936
Brand: Ridgid
Key. A-14-6 Rear Guide Hose. A-1 Left-Hand RIDGID Drain Cleaning Mitt. 13.26 drain cleaning a ssor 10.7 m w/Bulb Auger 3.8 62250 Left-Hand RIDGID Drain Clean- 1/2 59205 A-1 0.2
Catalog ID: QW81938
Brand: Ridgid
Feet Two A-8 Cable Carriers Nine-Piece 11/4" Tool Set Machine with A-1 Mitt A-12 Pin Key Feet Two A-8 Cable Carriers Nine-Piece 11/4" Tool Set Machine with A-1 Mitt A-12 Pin Key
Catalog ID: QS81858
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_122.pdf bending & forming Flaring Tools Heavy Duty Flare Tools Recommended for aluminum and soft copper. Also flares steel stainless
Catalog ID: PN81925
Brand: Ridgid
professional's choice for many years the Model K-25 Hand Spinner offers premium quality. It's the ideal tool for the user who demands the best. Premium-quality precision
Catalog ID: OP81838
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_92.pdf cutting & drilling HC300 Hole Cutting Tool Hole Cutting Tools The RIDGID Model HC300 Hole Cutting Tool is designed to
Catalog ID: NG81931
Brand: Ridgid
the drum. Cable drum's quick-release and built-in hand-holds allow easy cable change and transport. Maximum drum capacity down automatically to deliver more power and enhance operator control. Tools connect to cable in seconds. Optional heavy duty AUTOFEED system
Catalog ID: MK81954
Brand: Ridgid
blower delivers the powerful suction and powerful blower in one tool. The large capacity rugged construction and excellent mobility is ideal an integrated detachable blower for maximum versatility. This is 2 tools in 1. Top of the line 6.5 Peak Horsepower
Catalog ID: KO81800
Brand: Ridgid
LED Basin Wrenches The RIDGID Basin Wrench is an ideal tool for use in tight spaces and under sink applications. Spring-loaded jaws of forged alloy steel provide fast one-hand ratcheting. Tension plug holds head in any position up to
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