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Catalog ID: PA36635
NGC Gold Bond BRAND Hi-Abuse XP & Hi-Impact XP Gypsum Board Systems Guide Table of Contents SECTION PAGE Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Why
Catalog ID: GH36642
110947.pdf 09 29 00/NGC Gold BondBRAND XP Gypsum Board Gold Bond BRAND Technical Data PHYSICAL PROPERTIES XP Gypsum Board
Catalog ID: PA36635
NGC Gold Bond BRAND Hi-Abuse XP & Hi-Impact XP Gypsum Board Systems Guide Table of Contents SECTION PAGE Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Why
Size: 16 Pages ( 1016 kb )
Catalog ID: PS69286
Brand: Panel Rey
Regular_Gypsum_Board_Panel_Rey.pdf Regular Gypsum Board Gypsum Board Description Panel Rey s Regular Drywall is a
Catalog ID: NL69279
Brand: Panel Rey
Fire_Rey_Gypsum_Board_Panel_Rey.pdf Fire Rey Gypsum Board Gypsum Board Description Panel Rey s Fire resistant drywall is
Catalog ID: CK69287
Brand: Panel Rey
regulargypsumboardpanelrey.pdf Regular Gypsum Board Gypsum Board Description Panel Rey s Regular Drywall is a
Catalog ID: CA69288
Brand: Panel Rey
waterreygypsumboardpanelrey.pdf Water Rey Gypsum Board Gypsum Board Description Panel Rey s Water Resistant Drywall is
Catalog ID: BP36678
pdf 09 29 00/NGC Gold Bond BRAND Sta-Smooth Gypsum Board Alignment Sta-Smooth DESCRIPTION board with its unique edge either
Catalog ID: TN69280
Brand: Panel Rey
Fire_Rey_Type_C_Gypsum_Board_Panel_Rey.pdf Fire Rey Type C Gypsum Board Gypsum Board Description Panel Rey s Fire rated drywall Type
Catalog ID: BN69278
Brand: Panel Rey
Exterior_Rey_Gypsum_Board_Panel_Rey.pdf Exterior Rey Gypsum Board Gypsum Board Description Panel Rey s Drywall for Exterior Coating
Catalog ID: CC36657
SHAFTWALL SYSTEMS TECHNICAL DATA DESCRIPTION and 5/8" Fire-Shield Gypsum drywall shaft FUNCTION AND UTILITY Sound Transmission. STC Gypsum Board face panels. construction has become ratings of 40 to
Catalog ID: QA36647
certification requires a higher standard of quality and performance. National Gypsum is focused on providing innovative solutions for sustainable design and purple Children & Schools including both ASTM G 21 and National Gypsum is the first color provides the building and Certification ASTM
Catalog ID: NJ36780
Shaftwall/Stairwell Systems Product Overview Coated Fiberglass Mats Moisture Resistant Gypsum Core DensGlass Shaftliner 2009 Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC DensGlass Shaftliner has fiberglass mats for superior mold and
Catalog ID: MO36779
Area Separation Walls Product Overview Coated Fiberglass Mats Moisture Resistant Gypsum Core DensGlass Shaftliner 2010 Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC DensGlass Shaftliner has fiberglass mats for superior mold and
Catalog ID: JV36799
specialty panels provide more abuse and impact resistance than traditional gypsum boards. MOISTURE- AND MOLD-RESISTANT HIGH-PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS DensArmor Plus Abuse
Catalog ID: UJ77821
Sundance Film Festival. The project was selected for Saint-Gobain Gypsum s International Trophy Competition held in London in 2012. CertainTeedroofing siding fence decking railing trim Decking & Railing 73 insulation gypsum and ceilings for both Trim 79 residential and commercial applications
Catalog ID: JN36813
ToughRock joint compounds Ceiling Texture system products from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum you have a creamy consistency that applies freely ToughRock Regency you might realize. Georgia-Pacific creating smoother surfaces. Texture/Polystyrene Gypsum has a full line of joint systems and textures PearlCote
Catalog ID: FB36778
Setting Compound Product Overview Fire-Halt Sealant is a noncombustible1 gypsum-based fast-setting compound developed for use as a firestop Standard Specification for Joint Compound and Joint Tape for Finishing Gypsum Board. The product conforms to the requirements of major building
Catalog ID: NP36633
110705.pdf 09 72 00/NGC Durasan BRAND Prefinished Gypsum Board Beautiful Walls Don t Get Any Easier Than This Santa
Catalog ID: EN36634
110787.pdf 09250/NGC High Flex BRAND Gypsum Wallboard High Flex BRAND Gypsum Wallboard Description Composition High Flex BRAND Wallboard panels Manufactured panel
Catalog ID: RR36656
H-STUD AREA SEPARATION WALL SYSTEM The fire-protection of gypsum-based Area Separation Walls is demonstrated in dramatic fashion by may be built up to members. When a 3/4" Gypsum Board products SEPARATION WALL a maximum of 66' high. air
Catalog ID: BG36801
532492.pdf Georgia-Pacific Gypsum All the products you need to complete your project on which of our products you use Dens Brand fiberglass mat gypsum panels new ToughRock Brand treated-paper gypsum boards or traditional
Catalog ID: QD36784
such as laundry rooms bathroom walls kitchens basements. Moisture Resistant Gypsum Core DensArmor Plus High-Performance Interior Panel 2009 Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC DensArmor Plus High-Performance Interior Panels have fiberglass mats
Catalog ID: MJ77805
Design NAHB Standard Design pgs 16-27 INTERIOR PRODUCTS Ceilings Gypsum Insulation pgs 28-39 EXTERIOR PRODUCTS Fence Railing and Decking and disclose that information in 10 Health Product Declarations School Board Baroque Fine Fissured Vantage 10 Sand Micro Directional Fissured WeatherBoards
Catalog ID: MN69283
Brand: Panel Rey
Mold_Rey_Gypsum_Board_Panel_Rey.pdf Mold Rey Gypsum Board Description Mold resistant drywall made by Panel Rey is specially
Catalog ID: CO36655
Wallboard panels trim almost immediately. consist of a fire-resistive gypsum core encased in The gypsum core will not heavy natural-finish paper on support combustion
Catalog ID: BJ69284
Brand: Panel Rey
Mositure_and_Fire_Resistand_Drywall_RHX.pdf Moisture and Fire Resistant Drywall Gypsum Board Description The Moisture and Fire Resistant Drywall from Panel Rey
Catalog ID: PO36645
variety of finishes. Introducing e XPTM Extended Exposure Sheathing National Gypsum has developed Gold Bond BRAND e XPSheathing a moisture and for exterior assemblies. It s the latest addition to National Gypsum s XP family of mold resistant products incorporating the active
Catalog ID: HA36667
mfhousingcguide-3_10.pdf GOLD BOND BRAND GYPSUM WALLBOARD 48" AND 54" WIDE PANELS TE 1/2" x and consistent quality of ASTM permissible variations: Gold Bond BRAND gypsum In the nominal thickness of wallboard make it the first
Catalog ID: QP36636
110831.pdf PermaBase 09 28 00/NGC BRAND Cement Board Construction Guide PermaBase BRAND Cement Board Description PermaBase BRAND Cement Board is a rigid substrate made
Catalog ID: BM36632
110554.pdf 09250/NGC High Strength BRAND Ceiling Board High Strength BRAND Ceiling Board Description High Strength BRAND Ceiling Board is a specialty gypsum
Catalog ID: WA36653
Wallboard Horizontal Wall and Ceiling Application Description Features/Benefits National Gypsum wallboard comes Vertical Application standard with GridMarX guide In a framing members behind the and help to quickly identify fasten- gypsum board eliminating the er lines for studs and joist framing
Catalog ID: OB36652
Catalog ID: WV36654
pdf 12TH EDITION 06 16 43/NGC Gold Bond BRAND Gypsum Sheathing & e XP 2 Extended Exposure Sheathing 06 16 43 27 GOLD BOND BRAND GYPSUM SHEATHING DESCRIPTION TECHNICAL DATA Gold Bond Brand Gypsum and as
Catalog ID: OL36786
102750.pdf DensShield is an ideal tile backer board for high moisture areas because it has a built-in Products Coated Fiberglass Mat Built-in Acrylic Coating Moisture Resistant Gypsum Core DensShield Tile Backer 2010 Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC DensShield
Catalog ID: OI36659
WIDE PANELS GENERAL INFORMATION FEATURES/BENEFITS 5/8" Fire-Shield board is Fire-Shield wallboard was required for certain types of with 1" crown and to structural members pro- Strength Ceiling Board will Fire Hazard Classification 1-1/2" legs must be
Catalog ID: JJ36782
102261.pdf The unique construction of DensDeck Roof Boards has been shown to withstand delamination deterioration warping and job site damage far more effectively than paper-faced gypsum board and other conventional roofing products such as wood fiberboard
Catalog ID: HQ36785
on the drywall. It s that simple. And that revolutionary. Gypsum Board Sheathing Cladding Winter INSIDE OUTSIDE Wall Cavity Glass Mat Homeowners
Catalog ID: GW36658
BRAND ALLBOARD W STA-SMOOTH Alignment Sta-Smooth GENERAL INFORMATION board with its unique edge either configuration allows Sta-Smooth is tapered-edge wall- tion. It can be used in any board. The taper is scientifi- gypsum drywall system cally designed to
Catalog ID: DP36648
of meet strict standards set by the ASTM D 3273 gypsum board. GREENGUARD Environmental ASTM G 21 Institute GEI a globally ProForm
Catalog ID: JQ36790
180 may be achieved as in large empty rooms. A gypsum expectations may vary from one by using an L/240 32 OSB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.0 Tough-Glass Plus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.4 8 gypsum board each side . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.0 5 23 32 OSB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Catalog ID: PP69281
Brand: Panel Rey
a product that has a non-combustible core made of gypsum and covered on both sides with 100% recycled paper. The mm Decoration: The designer contractor or owner must review the Gypsum 1/2 12.7mm 10 - 0 3048 mm - Association GA
Catalog ID: VB36676
pdf SEASPRAY BRAND HI-STRENGTH MVR CEILING PANELS Fire-resistant gypsum core GENERAL INFORMATION panels are UL labeled and meet HUD housing ceiling installations. Seaspray Easy installation. Ceiling Hi-Strength MVR gypsum panel and vapor retarder in ceiling panels provide an one
Catalog ID: RV36787
While drywall. especially in areas of a structure that cement boards and fiber cement 5 8 DensShield is a Type X are intended to get wet regularly such boards themselves are water durable board and does not require as
Catalog ID: IU36666
mfhousingcguide-3_09.pdf 1/2" HIGH STRENGTH BRAND CEILING BOARD TE 1/2" x 12' OARD 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 12' TE H IGH STRENGT BRAND CEILING BOARD H 1/2" x 12' TE TH HIGH STRENG BRAND
Catalog ID: TT69285
Brand: Panel Rey
exterior joint tapes and as base coat for either r gypsum or cement base exterior boards. It also has been designed to wet thoroughly exterior reinforcement
Catalog ID: UG77799
use with Base Sheet on Light Weight Insulation Concrete Poured Gypsum When applying Flintlastic SA on slopes exceeding 1" in 12 Figure 5-3: Insulation fasteners and plates used with rigid board insulation appropriate roll width 1/3 or 1/2 roll
Catalog ID: QN77775
FM Base Sheet Fasteners Twin Loc-Nail Base sheet recovery board and insulation to lightweight insulating concrete structural wood fiber and poured gypsum Standard lengths 1.4" 1.8" 2.8" 3.8
Catalog ID: PF77778
wood fiberboard or DensDeck which eliminate the need for cover boards and reduce installation labor CertainTeed FlintBoard polyisocyanurate roof insulation products PRODUCTS AND SYSTEMS: ROOFING SIDING TRIM DECKING RAILING FENCE FOUNDATIONS GYPSUM CEILINGS INSULATION PIPE CertainTeed Corporation Professional: 800-233-8990 P
Catalog ID: NQ77822
general information about these items which include: Samples Traditional Sample Boards HDi SwatchBoards Sample Folders Printed Sample Folders Sample Sleeves Commercial Sales Support Group: 800.233.8990 samples A. Traditional Sample Boards The traditional tool for selling roofing shingles. CertainTeed offers sample
Catalog ID: KD77763
SIDING TRIM DECKING RAILING FENCE FOUNDATIONS Valley Forge PA 19482 GYPSUM CEILINGS INSULATION PIPE Professional: 800-233-8990 Consumer: 800-782 damp or dry surfaces. Finally FlintCoat-E contains no plywood gypsum board metal and concrete solvents so it will not deteriorate
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