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Catalog ID: DB30700
E DarQuest Lightweight Hose S All that stands between the firefighter and a fire is time and the right equipment . O Darley Lightweight Hose is the answer with a durable
Catalog ID: QN30989
23 PM Page 298 S P M U P STANDARD EQUIPMENT ® 13 HP twin impeller Darley Davey pump with Briggs Vanguard up bed Solid pump performance for both grass and structural firefighting Attack 1 Theoretical Friction Loss in 100 ' of 1 " Booster
Catalog ID: DB30700
E DarQuest Lightweight Hose S All that stands between the firefighter and a fire is time and the right equipment . O Darley Lightweight Hose is the answer with a durable
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Catalog ID: BV30776
11 / 19 / 08 2 : 20 PM Page 89 TU A . Firefighter Two - Tone Duffel R Oversized , extreme gear bag with many extra features . Outside vent pockets N to allow wet equipment to dry yet remain easily accessible . Each side has zippered
Catalog ID: NK30971
Gear SBag Compartments Pen and Easily Carry All Your Files & Equipment Together E Pencil Holders I ® Tough , water - resistant Cordura the most popular seat organizer on Be sure that all firefighters are accounted for ! the market . The form - fitting pockets Custom
Catalog ID: GS30869
R Fire Department Ventilation Chain Saw Kit ES The TEAM Equipment - â?? Shark â?? C Advanced Features and Performance Result in oil , 2 - cycle oil , gasoline stabilizer , bar and chain protector , equipment Ship . wt . 50 lbs . carrying sling and instructions . AR232 Complete
Catalog ID: FN30943
D C Grip Clip An invaluable tool for recognizing downed firefighters . Features â?? Auto S D LEDs On â?? that provides for Velcro guidelines for personalized hanging and an ID window . equipment . Darley Mask Paks It fits all current SCBA masks . are
Catalog ID: TV30782
08 3 : 32 PM Page 95 W ® FB - 1 Firefighter Mask Brush Pro Mask & The Xcaper I ® ® L The Respro FB - 1 dust mask is provided to protect firefighters from ® D made of Advance Nomex and contamination from
Catalog ID: LF30993
â?? 250 Pumper â?? 250 Wildland â?? 50 , 250 STANDARD EQUIPMENT Stainless steel check valve Venturi Fast Foam 50 Panel mounted of one button ! Versatile ! This is of real value to firefighters and to OEM's with crowded building requirements . The AutoValve
Catalog ID: CN30947
you concentrate on the job at hand , not your S equipment . This unit combines the latest pneumatics with a time - tested plate is adjustable to fit the torso length of any firefighter . The unique 3 - position height adjustment feature allows the wearer
Catalog ID: TM30797
documenting location , inspection , repair , etc . Ideal for use on electrical equipment , R EPA , FAA , U.S . Coast computers , vehicles , laboratories and aircraft rescue firefighting . P Guard , NFPA approved . Bracket included . Cat # Size UL Rating
Catalog ID: PU30748
of twisted hose Integrated all 1000 gpm monitors in the firefighting Stream Shaper industry . The MercuryMaster1000 â?¢ will Akronâ??s ball Attack Monitor is the newest innovation in fire fighting . 8 equipment . This monitor is smaller than any other portable ground monitor
Catalog ID: JJ30714
of the top mounted drying rack where hose and other equipment dries A O 1 3 2 4 / " to 1 / " naturally 839.95 B . Mobile Hose Dryer With the Mobile Dryer , equipment dries naturally and quickly with fresh air , prolonging the life
Catalog ID: IA30945
cannot rest in the bracket unsecured , preventing accidental damage to firefighters and equipment The SCBA is easily secured into position with one hand
Catalog ID: FR30861
material to be cut Easy - to - Use - With Sure Cut equipment , all you need is an ignition source ( welder , 12 or will prevent rust and protect . 8 with the input of firefighters and USAR members . Hundreds of fire tools without leaving a
Catalog ID: FA30764
in extremely dangerous conditions is one of the reasons a firefighter's job is so unconventional . Add to that situation the carrying up to 100 extra pounds of protective gear and equipment and it's O easy to understand how fatigue can
Catalog ID: EO30708
130.95 Milwaukee Strap Hose and Accessory Bag Constructed with firefighters in mind . Made of durable 22 oz . reinforced vinyl . Double Safety is your number one responsibility . How secure is your equipment when the apparatus is in motion ? A loose length of
Catalog ID: VQ30964
to Decontaminating Gear T Dirty turnout gear not only exposes firefighters to biohazards and carcinogens , it ignites and I conducts electricity cleaning turnout gear , firehouses can extend N gear life , improve firefighter health and safety , and prevent the accidental contamination of the
Catalog ID: JS30790
level without any operator assistance . 80 To increase safety of firefighter personnel , the apparatus should be equipped with an automatic 0 allows for automatic or 24 manual valve control . 4 | Standard Equipment w Operator control and placard with Weather - Pac connectors w
Catalog ID: GA30693
with four points labeled A - B - C - D , corresponding to firefighters â?? current labeling system for each side of a U diameter 4 specifically to be used with gloved hands , allowing firefighters to easily and quickly Ship . wt . 2 lbs . orient the
Catalog ID: HK30856
device is the most efficient means of removing a downed firefighter or victim from the â?? Hot Zone â?? . The S quick . Constructed with â?? TUFF BOTTOM â?? , this 3 lowering equipment into confined spaces , collecting debris to 2 durable bag is
Catalog ID: FO30777
lbs . AC537 Mesh Turnout Bag $ 29.95 B C . Hazmat Equipment Bag A great way to organize and carry your hazardous materials clothing and ® equipment . Made of heavy - duty Cordura nylon . # 10 YKK nylon zipper
Catalog ID: LJ30766
for durability . All hardware is chrome plated brass . ww Optional equipment hook and ring are easily added with secure The ultimate hands - free truckmanâ??s belt designed by firefighters . . e Ship . wt . 3 lbs . screw rivets . This lightweight belts
Catalog ID: NJ83160
Brand: Ansul
Protection for Flammable Liquids Ensure optimum concentrate performance ANSUL Proportioning Equipment combines economical and low maintenance options with the superior protection when responding quickly can mean saving lives and property . Portable equipment , like the ANSUL Mobilcart , enables firefighters to take advantage of
Catalog ID: JQ83163
Brand: Ansul
and portable extinguishers protect more types of cooking Restaurants and equipment for more customers than any other brand . Hospitality Our passion employs the design with an extremely effective ANSULEX Low best firefighting attributes of two agents . The system pH Liquid Fire Suppressant
Catalog ID: QL83159
Brand: Ansul
Fighting fire doesnâ??t stop with suppressing flames . ANSUL Proportioning Equipment combines economical Combustible vapors and nearby heat sources pose and skid , or in - line proportioner . Mobility increases Produce large quantities firefighting of expanded foam capabilities Select from ANSUL Foam Discharge Increase
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