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Vendor: Universal
Brand: Felker
WN50176pdf corrosion resistAnce cHArt SPeCiFiCationS * Pitting occurs under some conditions 52 CORPORATION corrosion
Catalog ID: WN50176
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Felker
WN50176pdf corrosion resistAnce cHArt SPeCiFiCationS * Pitting occurs under some conditions 52 CORPORATION corrosion
Catalog ID: WN50176
the surface and maximum coat is allowed to air dry resistance to scu ng dents moisture chemicals and 6 CampbellRhea snormal use Smooth surface resists soiling and is easily cleaned Resistance of inorganic chemicals Light weight and easy to handle Handy
Catalog ID: RJ103130
or diameter liquid lines charge adjustments are required per the chart above ChargingFormula : Linesetoz / ftx totallength factory chargeforlineset chargeadjustment Example1 : Systemhas15ftoflinesetusingexisting1 the indoor and outdoor units For Air Conditioner systems the chart below shows when an application is considered Long Line ACWITHPURONrREFRIGERANTLONGLINEDESCRIPTIONft
Catalog ID: FE102221
Brand: Steriflow
with simple disassembly and reassembly V Chromatography Buffer Steel baked corrosion resistant coated multi - spring a SIP / CIP Systems Clean Steam v Parenteral filling WFI e sure requirements while providing excellent corro - s sion resistance during washdown Steriflow by Jordan Valve 3170
Catalog ID: TN100595
Brand: Steriflow
based material which provides excellent chemi - Adjusting Screw n cal resistance extremely long life in steam service Far Standard : machine finish 144 18 3 / 4 " 0 4 05 Corrosion resistant 1 " 52 1 56 2 64 5 0 4
Catalog ID: QV100582
Brand: Steriflow
internal and Hard - coated anodized as standard finish Ra external corrosion 1 - 15 Stainless steel for corrosive environments - micro - inch Ra 45 - 50 micron optional High corrosion resistance Anti - blowout design standard Special finishes epoxy - coated - optional
Catalog ID: EE100600
the pen to travel to a full stop on the chart At least one minute 2 Local Gravity 979628 Gals and observe the Weights 980665 Gals reading on the chart for about two or more minutes 6 If no leaks
Catalog ID: TD101920
Brand: Stancor
volute - type centrifugal pumps the Stan - Cor pump excellent abrasion resistance uses a unique concentric design that provides a constant Concentric water area of most pumps is the focal point for corrosion and erosion It is the place where abrasives first attack
Catalog ID: KJ101601
a broad safety glass options available G038312 spectrum of chemical resistance They are available dry MOVEMENT : Geared movement with components of corrosion - with a dampened movement or liquid filled from the fac
Catalog ID: AK101877
Brand: TLV
All parts made from stainless steel with high durability and corrosion resistance for long Air Trap Selection service life The DC7 separator
Catalog ID: IC99861
Brand: Cla-Val
Break Dry Break surfaces are anodized or coated to prevent corrosion No copper zinc or alloys thereof are used in construction durability to withstand the toughest most abusive environments Reduced flow resistance was a focus throughout the design of the nozzle and
Catalog ID: BD100129
24 City of New York MEA 363 - 83 - M Puncture Resistance TAPPI Test T803 Beach Units FSK facings : 25 ASJ facings index not exceeding 50 Corrosiveness ASTM C665 Will not accelerate corrosion of aluminum steel or copper AK FLEX Temperature Limit : 850
Catalog ID: DH98802
Brand: Ruskin
millimeters 2 Consult brochure FOVB - 495 for chemical resis - tance chart Frame " D " Blade 3 Damper includes angle stops when blade to airstream contaminants Two part shall be through out both corrosion liner and structural layers epoxies shall be utilized for additional
Catalog ID: VI97667
Brand: Ruskin
081 " 21 formed aluminum with end dams Pressure test chart provided with each individual louver FINISH Closely spaced vertical blades 500 MINIMUM SIZE Aluminum construction for low maintenance and high resistance 12 " w x 20 " h 305 x 508 to corrosion
Catalog ID: TK97709
Brand: Ruskin
4 1 1 2 Consult brochure FOVB - 495 for chemical resistance 6 thru 9 152 - 248 / 8 / 4 chart 1 1 10 254 10 / 8 / 4 3 Construction based
Catalog ID: PC97666
Brand: Ruskin
Consult brochure FOVB - 495 for chemical resis - Frame " D " tance chart Blade Axle Inside Diameter Flange Web 3 Damper includes angle permanently fastened to the blade shall be through out both corrosion liner and structural layers centerline by using 316 grade stainless
Catalog ID: MJ97668
Brand: Metal Aire
thermal performance and the higher the cost Generally insulation erosion resistance is stated with respect to UL 181 erosion test Insulation core material FOIL - FACED FIBERGLASS INSULATION In situations where erosion resistance above that of dual density is required foil - faced insulation
Catalog ID: DJ97171
Brand: Acutherm
control thermostat set must be oriented correctly to properly Enclosure Corrosion resistant point the heating coil is energized vent the heat The discharge air thermostat in senses radiant heat of the chart Determine the required heater is built in the AZON - I
Catalog ID: DD97646
Type " B " 2 TWIN CITY FAN - CATALOG 820 CONSTRUCTION FEATURES Corrosion Resistant Cast aluminum construction requires no painting Easy Duct Connections a 12 " pipe at 1 280 FPM with 02 " resistance per 100 feet Doubling the velocity while maintaining the same
Catalog ID: SQ98582
EPQ and EPQN can be made out of aluminum when corrosion resistance is required OSHPD Seismic Certification Models EPF EPFN EPQ and
Catalog ID: OV98539
I TCTS I TCVSSH I TCTSSH For applications requiring extensive corrosion resistance or opera - tion at higher temperatures than standard the Arrangement
Catalog ID: MV98576
Brand: Data Aire
Outdoor Type Model GHRC 4 Model Identification 4 Condenser Selection Chart 5 Condenser Capacities 6 Condenser Electrical Data 7 3 EC close meshed steel wire phosphated and coated in plastic for corrosion resistance All Data Aire GHRC type condensers are ET
Catalog ID: MG98168
21 design facilitates quick and easy replacement simplifying maintenance Replaceable corrosion resistant shaft sleeve incorporates a " built in " slinger to deflect the amount of power available to drive the pump System Resistance is the pressure on the pump discharge resulting from the
Catalog ID: IE98290
Results: 1 to 25 out of 166
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