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Vendor: Universal
Brand: American
V-Bio-Brochurepdf V - Bio Enhanced Polyethylene Encasement and Corrosion Control V - BIO ENHANCED POLYWRAP Three layers of co - extruded surface is infused with an antimicrobial compound and a volatile corrosion inhibitor GENTLE ON OUR PLANET Ductile iron pipe is made
Catalog ID: LQ88389
Vendor: Universal
Polyethylene coating is extruded directly onto the copper providing consistent corrosion protection Eliminates the need for on - site tape wrapping or
Catalog ID: QP50949
Catalog ID: OU87909
industrial blend of hydronic circulator The oil contains oxidation and corrosion inhibitors oil The oil contains oxidation and corrosion for maximum protection
Catalog ID: JO61419
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Mueller Co
550 Series Full - Seal Clamps provide ecomomical repairs and resist corrosion MUELLER Full - Seal clamps provide an economical repair Lightweight all machine - welded then passivated in welded area to restore full corrosion - resistance 304L STAINLESS STEEL GAP BRIDGES - recessed in and cemented
Catalog ID: EP88464
Brand: Hach
samples and program progress for quick and easy troubleshooting Resists Corrosion The All Weather Refrigerated AWR sampler base is designed to Refrigerated Sampler AWRS Cabinet IP24 low - density polyethylene with UV inhibitor Refrigeration Corrosion protected with conformal components and coating all exposed
Catalog ID: NL87220
life All NEMA frame bear - tandem single - row ) and spherical protection features are available in ODP , WPI , WPII 100 - 700 447 mechani - NEMA LP motors are designed HP & LP THRUST CAPABILITIES protection against high thermal and cal package especially designed to L
Catalog ID: RC22989
Brand: Steren
Mounting Tabs with Screws â?? Cast - In Ground Block Anti - Corrosion Nickel - Plated Zinc - Alloy Cast Housing 3 â?? 8 Ë Surge Protector 16 15 13 @ 5 - 950 , Provides lightning protection for 6 @ 950 - 2000 10 @ 950 - 2000 satellite receivers , CATV
Catalog ID: DK42881
Brand: US Motors
USDA approved non - toxic white epoxy paint , which helps provide protection and resistance to chemicals , humidity and severe conditions commonly found shaft end 303 stainless steel shaft to resist moisture and corrosion Moisture resistant sealer on interior components , Stationary grease seal on
Catalog ID: NM46970
Brand: Mesan
shall be film type , rigid , corrugated PVC sheets with UV protections Pulley is cast iron with dynamic tested to guarantee MCR use high grade unsaturated polyester resin with U V inhibitors gel - coat with imported color pigment , it provide s superior
Catalog ID: JE48284
High - grade epoxy blue - green paint with non - toxic rust inhibitors Extended Life Designed for low maintenance and provides protection against harsh industrial environments ( Wash - extended life , RPM XL motors
Catalog ID: RP22997
together or transitioned to other materials with flanges , mechanical connections , corrosion resistance , and ease - of - handling and or transition fittings installation natural gas & brine , or produced liquids Tolerates most downhole corrosion inhibitors , inclement weather , and the in - cab cooling system in
Catalog ID: WE39235
resistant cabinet construction Unique Zero Bypass Dual Cabinet Design Protection against contaminated air bypass Menu - Driven , Touch Pad Controls High - visibility color LCD & 5 airflow settings Password Protection Secure , tamper resistant controls Tested & Certified 9999 % Metal
Catalog ID: UR83228
Brand: Steren
60 ° Radial Compression Precision Machined Annealed - Brass Construction Anti - Corrosion Nickel - Plated Finish 1 1 Quick - Easy Installation â?? â to - Cable Attachment Constructed of Precision Machined Annealed Brass Anti - Corrosion Nickel - Plated Finish Connectors include six color - coded bands for
Catalog ID: WM42880
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Elkhart
â?? diameter potable water systems Deep cup offers deflection protection Gasket seals tubing True â?? O - ring â?? design secured Potable water system ï¬? ushing chemicals Chilled water with corrosion inhibitors Hydronic heating Rainwater / greywater Fitting Socket Depths End cap
Catalog ID: CN49895
change filter â?? indicator lamps ; 25 â?? power cord ; GFCI - protected receptacles ( 2 ) Three standard filtration stages : 1 â?? MERV â?? & â?? change HEPA â?? indicator lamps ; hour meter ; GFCI - protected receptacles ( 2 ) Three standard filtration stages : 1 â?? MERV
Catalog ID: UH83226
through the cooling liquid , they can be totally sealed to protect the sensitive electronics from even the harshest conditions In addition in and out connections are located for easy access and protection against accidental leakage Uses standard size 10 , SAE 37
Catalog ID: QG22977
° C ) ( 204 ° C ) Specifications 316 Stainless Steel Best corrosion resistance of the stainless steel Ordering Information grades Good corrosion resistance in H2S Subject to damaging carbide precipitation 900 Â
Catalog ID: GS40644
formulated PVC compound that contains impact modifiers and UV ( Ultraviolet ) inhibitors These modifiers and inh i bitors provide higher impact strength and requires no solvent welding , butt fusion welding , bolting , Fire Protection Lines wrenches , or specialty equipment Temporary Potable Water & Fire to
Catalog ID: TN17980
Brand: Greenheck
Mining / Minerals Processing Pickling and Galvanizing Lines 3 ® Corrosion Resistance Interior â?? C â?? Veil or Nexus One oz oz chopped strand material â?? C â?? Glass Veil UV Inhibitor Top Coat Standard Lamination Sequence Exterior Corrosion Resistance and Temperature
Catalog ID: LN48479
Brand: Simplex
� re rated , by pipe run or pump size conditions protected designs Filtration tank designs Both digital and analog controllers Low 155 - 400 gallons , UL2080 or UL2085 - Critical low protected design , double wall - High construction , rectangular design - Critical high - Leak
Catalog ID: WA70984
fans have a higher first cost , but are more efficient , inhibitor Fan shafts are selected to have a maximum op - quieter will select the appro - Blenders / air mixers help to provide protection for coils priate blender / air mixer for the ap
Catalog ID: SF48157
Results: 1 to 22 out of 22
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