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TM STOKKERMILL 1000 Std The most compact and low cost cable granulator of Technical Data the Stokkermill family Is Perfect for Production ( inp ut ) : 60 - 8 0 Kg / h * volumes of copper and aluminum cables Installed power : 6,5 - 7,5 kW
Catalog ID: UR61834
80 - 100 Kg / h * Perfect for treating smaller volumes of copper and Installed power : 8 kW aluminum cables Very low power consumption of only 8 KW per hour
Catalog ID: JA61835
Brand: Kramer
RU55877pdf C â?? DM / DM DVI Copper Cable Kramerâ??s DVI cables are high - performance cables with molded
Catalog ID: RU55877
KH40116pdf wwwgreenleecom ® Sidekick Plus Advanced Cable Maintenance Test Set Vo Complete metering of voltage , current and resistance on copper cables ic Patented stress balance test e Measurement
Catalog ID: KH40116
Brand: Belden
Needs Belden has been an industry leader in providing reliable cabling products for over a century More recently , our direction has signal transmission technology , has more to offer than anyone else Cable Connectivity Enclosures Cable Wireless Active Networking Copper and Copper and
Catalog ID: NP39645
Brand: Ridgid
TL81879pdf electrical Cable Cutters No 1380 Cable Cutter he d 1 80 b Cutter designed shear insulated
Catalog ID: TL81879
Brand: Amercable
GL17702pdf 37 - 430 Magnet Crane Cable Type W Two Conductor 600 - 2000 Volts Magnet Crane Cable 90 ° C Separator Application Conductors A suitable separator
Catalog ID: GL17702
Brand: Amercable
DF17700pdf 37 - 119 Flexible Power Cable DLO 2000 Volts 90 ° C Diesel Locomotive Cable EP / CPE RHH , RHW - 2 Application Conductors Flexible
Catalog ID: DF17700
VS42320pdf Broadcast Coaxial Cables Broadcast Video Cable 4 Pair 24 AWG UTP - Low Skew Cable Applications : Description
Catalog ID: VS42320
MJ64841pdf Horizontal Cable Managers Hinged Horizontal Cable Managers Conceal patch cables while providing cable strain relief with
Catalog ID: MJ64841
Brand: Amercable
LF32000pdf 37 - 102 CIRVFD ® CIR Type VFD Power Cable ® Gexol Insulated Oil & Gas Cables Three Conductor 2kV Rated 90 ° C Application
Catalog ID: LF32000
Brand: Amercable
BC32027pdf 37 - 103VFD Type VFD Power Cable ® - HF Insulated Gexol Oil & Gas Cables Low Smoke Halogen - Free Three Conductor 2kV Rated
Catalog ID: BC32027
Liberty provides the complete residential audio solution : E - AUDIO & SpEAkER CAbLES , CONNECTORS & ACCESSORIES ON UltraCap Premium Speaker Cable Home Theaters TM TM & THX Certified Non - Plenum , THX Certified
Catalog ID: WF40432
Brand: Amercable
QP86007pdf 37 - 119 Flexible Power Cable DLO 2000 Volts 90 ° C Diesel Locomotive Cable Limited Smoke ( Sizes 2 / 0 and higher ) EP
Catalog ID: QP86007
RCA , BNC , and RG59 , RG6 , or RG6 F - Connectors Quad cables a full product offering of advanced - Lightweight and engineered RCA RG6 and RG6 Part # : Perfect for RGB 25 & Quad coax cables perfectly CM - TOOL 26 AWG mini coax Designed with space
Catalog ID: QT40428
exceptional clarity 40 mm drivers with neodymium magnets and copper - clad aluminum wire voice coils Rich bass response with 3 mm ) adapter Gold - plated Ultra - flexible coiled cable with left - side entry ATH - PRO5 V PROFESSIONAL MONITOR HEADPHONES
Catalog ID: KU7803
Brand: Remee
been applied The companies ONLY liability is to replace the cable if found to be inoperable In addition to the above our website at WWWREMEECOM Packaging Identification Codes ( for copper cables only ) M1 - 1000 â?? Spool or Reel L4 - 500
Catalog ID: PG17082
Brand: Belden
L E S 193 st Microphone and Musical Instrument Cable Broadca Overview ® liance Flexible Microphone Cables Bril ® Belden microphone cable is used for connecting
Catalog ID: AL3199
Brand: Emerson
pair protector and cross - connect panel which provides pro - 1800 copper pairs in only three tection , termination and cross - connection of copper pairs on opposite sides of a single square feet of
Catalog ID: DB33420
Brand: Gefen
Catalog ID: KK40034
Brand: Belden
and explosion Belden Means Reliability Beldenâ??s wide range of cabling , connectivity Belden meets these mission - critical needs unplanned downtime , an oil recovery petroleum - related industry industrial - grade solutions comprised of cables , To ensure that your information flows reliably connectivity and active
Catalog ID: BJ39643
Brand: Gefen
WP40032pdf CABLES DISPLAYPORT CABLE Copper based DisplayPort cable for optimum resolution CAB - DP - RP
Catalog ID: WP40032
Brand: Belden
is your best choice for industrial networking , line of industrial cabling , connectivity and Belden recognizes that comprehensive know - how communications and to locate a At one time or another , switches and cabling With the Hirschmann and Lumberg Belden sales representative near
Catalog ID: LH39641
Digital Snake System to create multiple Unlike analog multicore snake cables , RSS Digital Snake systems are stage configurations such as Left remote - controllable mic pre - amps The positions Simply run Cat5e cables to FOH units in Front
Catalog ID: FI64272
Results: 1 to 25 out of 684
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